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Wood Floor Repair Tips & Tricks: For Fix the Damages

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Natural wood flooring adds a distinctive aesthetics to the house like no other. Apart from durability & ease of use, the particular material increases the value. But the wood is somewhat softer in comparison to other flooring materials. As it happens, the surface remains prone to different types of damages. One particular advantage lies with easy, cheap & quick wood floor repair to solve the issues. Not to mention, you can treat problems within the damaged portion only.

Occasional accidents involving the floor tend to leave some disgusting issues behind. And the extent starts to give you a headache over time. There are lots of advantages to get from a wooden surface. As it happens, you can repair the damages without taking out the whole floor. It saves you money, time & other hassles regarding cleanup or movement. You don’t have to rush for the pro services all the time. Right here, we outlined some easy damage fixings you can try for yourself.

Common Problems with Wooden Floor

wood floor repair

Almost all types of flooring come with their respective quirks. It’s the same for wooden floors, despite the aesthetics & durability. Unfortunately, the hardwood tends to experience a wide array of damages. Extra wear & tear with heavy traffic leads to minor to severe issues over time.

Minor Damages

Scratches & Marks – It’s probably the most common issue you’ll have to encounter at some point. Not to mention, there are lots of factors to leave some scratching on the surface. The damaging extent differs according to misuse.

Discoloration & Stains – Liquid spillage is the primary culprit behind the problem. It literally includes everything from water spills to certain cleaning products. Poor finishing also contributes to the quick discoloration.

Cracks, Dents & Chips – Nailing is indeed the most common fact to cause cracks. The high pressure leads to sudden breakdown over abrupt & thin lines. Accidental fall of objects on the floor simply triggers chips or dents.

Unsighted Holes – It’s not unusual to make some mathematical errors while nailing. And unsighted holes happen to occur from former holes. Also, tiny pores previously undetected can get enlarged over time to draw the attention.

Random Knots – The problem isn’t actually nothing to do with installation or use. It directly comes from the tree truck having dead branches. You just have to stay cautious to skip such pieces during the initial installation.

Severe Damages

Warping – Constant exposure to water eventually leads to warping. It’s somewhat a result of temperature & moisture action.

Odor, Mold & Rot – Wet subfloor damage often causes this disgusting problem. Extreme exposure to liquid is another influential fact.

Termite – It’s arguably the worst occurrence for household wooden floors. With eaten away pulp, the surface gets compromised badly.

Gaps – Some noticeable void is inevitable over installation error. The issue concerns with humid expansion & dry contraction.

Cupped Edges – It’s one regular form of water damage of wood. High humidity or wet subfloor raises the cupboard edges.

Crowning Edges – Complexity from moisture action generally leads to the issue. It’s just the opposite with the raised cupboard center.

Buckling – Buckling is the ultimate outcome of severe moisture damage. Improper fastening of boards triggers considerable lifting.

Board Loosening – Defective placement of boards causes loose binding. Aside from poor rubbing pattern, it also initiates squeaking.

Not All Issues are Repairable

There’s a fine line between repair the existing board to replace the old one. You can obviously recover the minor damages through repair. But certain damages aren’t going to hold with some modification jobs. You’ll have to change the whole board right there.

Repairable Floor Damages: It includes slight scratches or stains, thinner cracks, lined gaps & holes. Simple patching, furnishing, or sanding provide excellent service on output.

Irreparable Floor Damages: Severe issues like a termite, warping, bucking, or rot falls into the category. You’ll have to anticipate replacement for the affected portion quickly.

wood floor repair

Wood Floor Repair Kits

Right tools are indeed necessary to take out the imperfections. A set of tools can recover a good number of problems. Regarding wood floor fixes, you can consider 3 types of kits.

Touch-Up Kit – It consists of stain markers or putty sticks & even urethane. You can exempt discolorations or light scratches with the kit.

Wood-Filling Kit – Colored putty sticks with some other markers or pencils are there. No more nail holes, gaps, or dents to encounter.

Pre-Made Repair Kit – It includes dowel rod, drill bit & adhesives with mechanical gears. You can pull out heavy or larger tasks with the whole bucket.

Primary Tasks Prior to Any Change

You’re basically set your mind to fix all the imperfections. But before anything else, there are some precautionary measures to take. The steps are almost essential to get the best result out of your change. It’ll help you to understand the extent of problems to decide on a perfect solution.

Differences in Wood Floor Finish

Protective exterior coating is always there to keep the wood functional. But there are certain differences in the type of finishing layer. And it affects the repairing process to a considerable extent. You’ll have to figure out the exact category you’re about to deal with.

The basic types include water-based polyurethane, oil-based polyurethane, moisture-cure urethane, acid-cure finish, penetrating oil sealer, aluminum oxide, wax, shellac & varnish.

Estimating Problem Type & Severity

Not all the problems are equal in terms of types to draw your attention. You’ll have to face certain issues like marks almost every now & then. And there are others to give you goosebumps.

Even the intensity requires your concern to recover the finish. Obviously, you won’t need heavy tools or work for light damages. Likewise, the current intensity decides the next course of action.

Proper Cleaning of Troubled Spots

Every single change has to start with the standard cleanup. You’ll have to take out all the traces of trash. Removal of dust or grimes on the surface is essential for moving to the next steps.

Use a clean cloth to rub the whole surface gently. For applying any liquid, pay attention to the details. You definitely won’t like any further damages, just trying to clean the specified spots.

How to Settle Down Repairable Damages

Strategic procedure to take out the ugly damages is never the same. It depends on the type & severity of the waste. You can take good care of minor damages on a smaller scale by yourself. It’s also possible to handle some damages on a heavy scale. But sometimes, only professional repair service remains an option. And we would like to offer the basic repairing processes for certain damages right below.

Fixing Scratches on Wood Surface

Filling the Holes & Gouges on Wood

Taking Out Water Damages on Floor

Solving Problems of Dents or Cracks

How to Patch Severe Damages

It’s almost impossible to recover any rotten or extremely damaged portion. The only viable solution lies with a replacement or patch of the section. The problem arises over managing a perfect match along with necessary mechanical tools. It seems better to leave the job for any wood-floor professional. But still, you need the basics to understand the process for better results.

Pro Service to Repair Wooden Floor

There are a large number of services out there around you. In fact, you’ll have to check the online services in the name of your area.

Severe damages often call for immediate replacement. And you’ll find it really difficult to get a perfect match. That’s where you’ll have to count on premium flooring repair services.

The repair cost tends to vary a lot, taking the whole picture into account. You’ll have to spend $150 up to $1500, depending on lots of factors.

Repair Wood Floor - Without Refinishing

Final Verdict

Hardwood flooring definitely gives warmth, charm & character to your indoor environment. And you’ll have to keep yourself ready to encounter slight but regular imperfections. It’s possible to handle the problems through easy wood floor repair tricks by yourself.

Professional services are important to get rid of severe issues. But you can save the bucks for solving minor ones at home. Unless you’re unable to make the fixes, you can attain convenient results. Therefore, your wooden floor lasts for years to represent higher aesthetic value.

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