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What to Look for in a 18V Cordless Drill?

James Kelly
James Kelly

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From drilling through a concrete wall to assembling furniture, everywhere, you will need a drilling machine. But the drilling machine that we used before was corded, so people often found trouble in drilling places far from an electric socket.

That’s why tech-companies came up with the idea of a cordless drill that runs upon a rechargeable battery and also can provide the same workability as wired drills.

But not all cordless drills are worth your money. So it’s better to keep some factors in mind before buying an 18V cordless drill.

In our article, you would find what to look for in a 18V cordless drill. So don’t miss any part of it.

Cordless Drill's Components and Working Sectors

It is a versatile power tool that works on rechargeable batteries and allows you to drill without a power cable. With a cordless drill, you are no longer bound to work near an electrical outlet.

Let’s talk about the main components of a cordless drill.

Usually, a cordless drill consists of six different parts,

If you buy one, you will get all these parts with the drill, so you won’t have to buy any extra parts for your drill machine.

Now, talk about some household works in which there is no alternative to cordless drills.

So it’s clear that cordless drills can make our life easier by contributing to a wide range of household works. But keep in mind that not every drill of the market can serve your purposes. That’s why you have to consider some factors. Let’s talk about those.

What to Look for in a 18V Cordless Drill? - Here We Go!

Cordless Drills have already shown its worth in recent times. But it is very noticeable that many people don’t know exactly what to look for in a 18V cordless drill. Let’s do something about it.


When looking for a cordless drill, always try to find one that holds a clutch with more settings. Because more settings give you full control over the drill, it also helps control the depth of the screws. So, a clutch with more settings is recommended.


Many people often neglect the importance of the grip in a drill machine. But the truth is, grip plays a more significant role than you think. A good grip helps to keep the machine steady while drilling. That’s why check the texture and contour of the grip before buying.


Lots of manufacturers use nickel-cadmium batteries in cordless drills. And some other company uses Nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) battery. Nickel-cadmium is a low-quality battery which also contains highly toxic components. It is not so durable also. On the other hand, the NiMH battery doesn’t have any contaminated material, and it is a powerful, long-lasting battery. So try to look for a drill with a NiMH battery.

Forward and Reverse Switch

Forward and reverse switch should be easy operating while working. That’s why check the forward and reverse switch before buying the machine.

Speed Range Switch

Most of the market’s cordless drills are of one speed, which is not useful when you are working with heavy metal or sturdy material. That’s why try to find one that provides dual speed option and switch. It will make your work easier.


A heavyweight cordless drill can make your work uncomfortable and painful. So it’s better to buy a lightweight model. It will make your work easy and enthusiastic.

Hand-Turn Chuck

Some manufacturers still use keys in the chuck. If you buy any of those, you will have to unlock the chuck with keys, and then you can use it. It is not a comfortable feature. That’s why find a cordless drill with a keyless chuck, in which you can open and close chuck jaws with your hand.

Final Verdict

Nowadays, it isn’t easy to finish your household works comfortably without a drill machine. And when it comes to comfort and suitability, there can be no alternative to a cordless drill.

So to make your daily life easier, bring an 18v cordless drill. If you don’t know what to look for in a 18v cordless drill, then read our article carefully. It will make you prepared for the buying of a cordless drill.

Life is full of trouble and discomfort; why not add a little comfort to it when you have the chance!

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