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What Size Air Compressor for Framing Nailer?

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A compressor is one of the most important devices required for any air-powered tools. Like stapling guns, grinders, jackhammers, chipping hammers, sanders, etc. And it also corrects for a framing nailer. But the compressor comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. How would you know what size air compressor for framing nailer would be a proper fit for you?

To answer that question:

A pneumatic or air-powered gun does not demand continuous airflow. But they need a powerful short burst of compressed air to put the nail through the wood. For ease of reference, you will need a small compressor that comes with 2 CFM at least and 2-6-gallon tank capacity.

I know most of what I just said may make little sense to you. Especially if you are new to gun or compressor. But don’t worry, we made this entire article with every critical fact you need to be aware of, before going for a compressor. We will talk about CFM rating, HP requirement, Capacity, PSI, and so on.

I would highly suggest that you read this full article. Because this is a one-stop solution for everything, there is to know about a compressor. What more interesting is, we prepare this article in a way that you can easily understand it.

Let’s begin, shall we?

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Things You Should Look For In Air Compressor

It’s tough to know what size air compressor for nail gun is perfect for you without prior experience. But if you are just starting, here are some essential factors you should look into before buying a compressor for your gun.

Air Compressor for Framing Nailer

Air Tank Capacity

First, the size of the tank. It depends on your work.

If you need your gun for a longer duration, obviously you would want a big tank size compressor.

Larger tank means, you could work for an extended period. A compressor with a small container tends to drops air pressure quickly. If that happens, you would have to wait for the compressor engine to refill the tank, before you can use it again.

Most of the gun compressors come with tank capacities from 1-7 gallons. Though, there are compressors in the hardware store with big tanks. Generally, 1 -5 gallon is fairly sufficient if portability is your priority.

Therefore, the tank capacity is a factor that you should consider on the work you will do with it. A big tank can handle big workshop work and the small tank will do just fine in regular household work.

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CFM Rating

Besides the tank size, you should also look for a CFM rating on the compressor. For example, if your compressor has a rating of 5 CFM, it would blow a specific quantity of air at five cubic feet in a minute. Simply, CFM specifies the quantity of airflow in a minute.

You should always select a compressor with slightly higher CFM than the required level for your gun. This is to makes sure your compressor works efficiently and prevents any down performance.

A gun is a tool that requires a very low amount of CFM rating in comparison to other power-hungry tools such as, wrenches, sanders, or spray paint guns. For instance, some machine requires2 or more CFM. On the other had various nailer type tool can get away with only 1 CFM.

Although a gun doesn’t require continuous air pressor from the compressor, 2 to 4 CFM is enough to do its work fairly.

PSI Requirement

Both the CFM rating and the PSI Rating are closely associated with each other. Higher CFM guarantees the PSI needs of your compressor’s. Therefore, CFM ratings will be your work efficiency factor.

Simply get a compressor that features a higher PSI rating from the tool’s spec sheet.

Almost all the top compressor manufacturers offer adequate PSI rating to function any gun properly. So, don’t need to concern with the PSI rating that much.

HorsePower (HP)

The HP is an acronym for denoting the Horse Power of a compressor. HP shows the general capability of a compressor motor. Simply, it determines how much work your compressor can pump air into the tank at a certain time.

A small portable compressor, HP doesn’t matter much. Once you select a compressor with suitable CFM, it’ll normally match with the specified Horsepower in the tools’ spec sheet.

Understandably, a 6 HP is better than a 2 HP compressor. However, both relatively correlated. There might be times when 2 HP and 6 HP compressors may give a similar PSI reading at 8 CFM. So, it’s clear that the 2 HP compressor is efficient while the other one is pulling in necessary power.

So, more HP doesn’t equal to greater efficiency. You should consider the proper HP for the compressor alongside CFM and PSI.

Safety Features

Using a compressor regularly, and intensely may pose a threat to your compressor’s lifetime. If it doesn’t come with a cooling feature chances are it will get overheated and can cause damage to your tool. Therefore, with safety protection like overheat fuse, your tool can be safe from a lot of disasters.

Cooling Features

The cooling feature will make sure that your compressor stays cool while using it for a long time. It also helps enhances the lifetime of a compressor. Using it for a long period may cause wear due to overheating.

Small Size

The small sized compressor is easy to carry around your workshop as well as in the outdoor service call.

A big compressor will indeed power several machines for a large working place or garage. But jobs that require more flexibility on maneuvering or involve outdoor servicing, a portable compressor is the key efficiency factor you should keep an eye on.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that more extensive tools take up larger spaces in your storage. So, choosing the right size compressor is equally important alongside other factors.

What Size Air Compressor for Framing Nailer? Video Guide

Final Verdict

It takes a lot of skill and technical expertise to achieve professional grade precision. And selecting the right size compressor is just the beginning of the journey.

I hope this article helped you to understand what size compressor for framing nailer is an excellent fit for you.

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