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What is a Right Angle Drill?

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Are you facing problems while drilling in narrow spaces?

Then you should try the right angle drill machine.

Basically, a right angle drill machine is a modified version of the traditional drill machine. It has a head that is equipped at a 90-degree angle.

Because of its lightweight, sturdy design and the same work-rate as long handle drills; many people nowadays consider using it instead of traditional long handle drill machines. It is mostly gaining favor for incredible workability in places where long handle drill machines can’t go.

So, if you want to shift yourself to right angle drills, at first, you should know all about the machine. That’s why we came up with our article in which you would find what is a right angle drill, its usage, advantages, and other things about it.

What Is a Right Angle Drill and Why is It Used For?

A right angle drill is an electric drill with a head at a 90-degree angle to the grip. A right angle drill can be an excellent choice for a lot of construction and plumbing works.

It can drill into places where regular drill machines can’t go. When you are drilling between floor joists or inside your cabinet, a right angle drill can reshape your work to be more comfortable and easy in that type of situation.

Moreover, if you are on a small project and need to drill in places where your body can barely fit, you can use a right angle drill and get your work done. Additionally, it is very easy to carry in any place.

Which One is Better? Corded or Cordless

It actually depends on the place where you work.

Because, if your working place is far from an electric source or a power socket, then you should buy a cordless right angle drill. And if your working area is near a power source, you can use a corded drill.

Generally, a cordless drill is a bit much pricey than the corded one. But You can drill at any place with a cordless drill. It has other benefits also.

If you buy a corded drill, you won’t have to spend a lot of cash. But if you are working far from the power source, you can face troubles. Because corded drills don’t work without an AC power source. Also, organizing the wires can be irritating to you.

So our saying is, whether you should buy a corded or a cordless model depends on your situation and budget.

Is the Right Angle Drill Worth the Money?

The right angle drill is definitely worth the money.

Because, if you are a construction worker or a plumber, you would not have gone a single day without a drill machine. And when it comes to drilling, right angle drill is clearly a winner against the traditional long handle drill.

Besides, you are getting an incredible number of benefits from it. It is effortless to carry; it can drill in narrow spaces or tight places, and also it has the same working ability as a long handle drill.

So, if you are a professional worker and need a drill machine, go for the right angle drill because it is undoubtedly worth the money.

Advantages of Right Angle Drill

Buying Guideline of a Right Angle Drill

If you are impressed with the benefits of the right angle drill and intend to buy one, this part is significant. Because there are some specific criteria that you should look for. Let’s talk about those.

RPM Info:

Always check the RPM information of the motor because your drill’s efficiency depends mostly on it.

Variable Speed Trigger:

Look for a model that holds a variable speed trigger; it helps change the speed according to your need.

Grippy and Ergonomic Design:

In drill works, stability plays a vital role. So if your drill machine doesn’t have a grippy design, you won’t be able to maintain the stability. So a right angle drill needs to have a grippy and ergonomic design.


The motor is a vital part of the right angle drill machine. Because it controls the drilling part, so always look for a right angle drill with a durable and heavy-duty motor.


If you buy a cordless drill, it’s very important to check the drill battery. Try to buy one that has an 18v battery.

Final Verdict

Drill machine has become one of the most used tools nowadays. From household works to construction, plumbing everywhere, you will need a drill machine.

And if you prefer comfort and decent performance, there can hardly be an alternative to a right angle drill machine. Because of its precise design, heavy-duty performance, and ability to drill in tight places, it has gained popularity in a short time.

So whether you are a professional or not, it’s better to have a right angle drill machine in the house.

If you don’t know much about the right angle drill, carefully follow our article to know what is a right angle drill, it’s importance, benefits, etc.

The right angle drill is an excellent value for money, why don’t you bring your one today!

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