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Wen Oscillating Spindle Sander Review

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The new Wen 6510T spindle sander has a high speed and beginner-friendly structure that can be very helpful for any woodworker. Powerful ½ HP 3.5 amp motor provides 58 OPM and 2000RPM, which makes it one of the best spindle sanders on the market. Besides, it has an attached dust collector, ultra-lightweight, different sanding rollers, and other essential features. Continue reading our Wen oscillating spindle sander review to grab a total idea of this product.

The manufacturer Wen is making spindle sanders for over 60 years. With their experience, they always try to develop technologies that are much needed for the workers. Their product wen 6510T is truly a speed master. It can perform 58 oscillations in a minute which is remarkable. Its higher number of oscillation provides a smoother finish on the wood. Moreover, it comes with six different sanding sleeves to allow for a full range of curves.

Wen Oscillating Spindle Sander Review

WEN 6510T 3.5 Amp Oscillating Spindle Sander

WEN 6510T 3.5 Amp Oscillating Spindle Sander

As a wood-artist or woodworker, you must have always tried to give more perfection to your work. But without proper tools, it is quite impossible. That’s why wen 6510T can be an excellent tool for you. It has so many significant features that can make your work easy and perfect at the same time. After knowing the essential functions of Wen 6510T sander, we are sure that it will be your new favorite.

Heavy-Duty Motor

The first thing that everyone notices about a spindle sander is the motor. Because the sanding quality depends mostly on the ability of the motor. And Wen 6510T sander is a winner in this section. The reason is, it has a ½ HP 3.5 amp heavy-duty motor that has long time workability. It can generate 58 oscillations and almost 2000 rotations per minute with a ⅝ inches stroke, which is extraordinary.

As a woodworker, you must know how vital the oscillation number is for smooth curving tasks. And with 58 oscillations per minute, you can create any curve so smoothly. So, with this sander, you don’t need to worry about the motor at all.

6 Different Sanding Sleeves

When working with wood, you can’t finish all your works with just one sanding sleeve. You will need different types of sleeves for different situations. But many manufacturers don’t provide extra sleeves with their product. That’s why you will have to buy extra sleeves if you purchase other spindle sanders.

With their long time experience, the Wen company knows the need of workers or wood-artists. That’s why they provide six different sizes of sanding sleeves with their product. These sleeves are easy to replace to match the type of work.

1.5 Inches Dust Port for Better Removal of Dusts

The place where you do woodwork becomes messy because of the sawdust. As a result, you have to clean your working place now and then. But the new Wen 6510T has the solution to the problem. The manufacturer added a 1.5-inch dust port in it, for removing the sawdust efficiently. So you can easily connect a dust collecting hosel to the dust port, which will carry all the dust. So, with this fantastic sander, you can keep your workplace clean very easily.

Oval-shaped Iron Worktable

You can not sand curves, arcs, or contours properly without a steady surface. Because you have to keep your wood piece steady in order to get a smooth curve. That’s why the Wen company added a 15 by 11.5-inch iron worktable that provides more than enough space. It is entirely suitable for larger projects also.

Onboard Storage

To keep the spindles, sleeves, table inserts, and spindle washers organized, and easily accessible, the onboard storage is a must. That’s why the company provided onboard storage with Wen 6510T sander. It is made up of side rods and disk slots that provide reliable storage for the sleeves, sanding drums, and discs.

Easy to Install

The wen 6510T is very easy to install. Even a newbie can set it up without facing any trouble. It has some pre-drilled holes at the backside of its body. You just have to screw it on the place you want to set it up. And it is completely ready to perform.


If you look at the wen 6510T precisely, you will find it a completely versatile spindle sander. Its features and quality are perfect for any woodworker or wood-artist who wants to create something more precise. It has so many advantages that are dragging the attention of many woodworkers. We have collected some such benefits for you.


Final Verdict

To finish your work in time and with more perfection, you need the best tools related to your work. Besides, perfect tools can boost up your confidence to a great level. As a woodworker, you also need the best sanding tool. Wen 6510T spindle sander is such a sanding tool that can help you succeed in your work. It has a great motor, onboard storage, extra sanding sleeves, dust collector port, rubber sleeves, etc. In a word, it holds all the features that a good spindle sander should have. So, if you are an amateur in this field and have a tight budget, you should try it.

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