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Wen Log Splitter Reviews

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Cutting any sort of wood into usable chunks with less strain calls for a log splitter. Only a reasonably powerful device can save a whole lot of effort. And WEN happens to introduce the right tool for getting your job done. In fact, it’s 56207 6.5 Ton Log Splitter is one of the best models out there. Stick with our in-depth WEN Log Splitter reviews right here. You’ll surely get amazed to learn what it has to offer.

No more delay or extreme physical stress to transform the logs into conceivable firewood. WEN is ready to arm your hand with the ultimate splitting machine within a convenient budget. And 56207 remains a top-selling gear from the beginning. Its tough & powerful action eliminates the necessity of age-old horizontal chopping. It’s definitely one equipment to suit the household as well as pro applications.

WEN Log Splitter Reviews

WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter Black Color

WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter Black Color

You’ll need a good quantity of firewood to light up an indoor log burner or fireplace. And you may need to cut down some logs into a fitting size. But traditional cutting or chopping with an ax is pretty time-consuming & physically exhausting. Log splitter seems to offer a bunch of benefits in this regard. It’s a powerful device to make short work of the targeted logs. WEN designs one great model here to satisfy the needs of occasional lumberjacks. You should look into the features in detail to get a clear picture.

Supporting Framework

The low-profile design supports your job from every aspect. You’ll have a 14.75” cylinder stroke, 16 in2 push plate, 5” wedge & facilitating wings. Also, its assembly includes one hydraulic lever, 20.5” sized main beam & 34” mounting stand. Combined action of different features triggers excellent functionality all the way.

Convenient Portability

Entire frame includes solid materials to impart extended service life. It measures a convenient 38.5” L x 28.2” W x 39.2” H from the exterior. The bulky size seems to contribute a lot to its expected weight. In fact, you’ll have to hold a massive 98 pounds of weight. Regarding the portability, you can use the included 5.5” sized bottom wheels. Besides, there’s one carrying handle integration. For the best part, the reliable wheels never get flat to dispute its transportation.

Powerful Motor Integration

Splitters are pretty powerful equipment to induce the required force. And the whole splitting force comes from its motor. You’re getting one 15 Amp motor system to produce a magnificent 2.5 HP output. Not to mention, the gear functions at standard 110V/120V electric potential. You can use it on household electricity. Even the noise remains low in comparison to gas-powered systems.

Heavy Cracking Pressure

Impressive on-site action delivers a colossal 13000 pounds of cracking pressure. The outlet power can handle logs measuring 20.5” in length & 10” in diameter/width. That’s indeed plenty of logs to split within a reasonable time. In fact, the machine can even handle up to 120 logs every hour. And it’s applicable for average size limit according to WEN itself.

Standard Cycling Time

You may get it under the term of ‘Return Cycle Time’ on several occasions. It reveals the time-span between a full extension of ram to retraction at startup position. You’re to get 20 seconds of cycling time here on average. It’s not possible for you to receive a consistent time-span all along. The period varies as per hardness & knot. Obviously, the choice isn’t suitable for heavier professional woodwork. But 20secs seem sufficient for some medium jobs.

Adjustable Travel Distance

The design includes a convenient 4” x 4” built-in push plate. It crosses a certain distance within the cycle time. You don’t have to maintain a steady distance for smaller logs there. On the backside, there’s one ram-limiting adjustment ring. Turning the knob will immediately reset the push plate travel distance. It lets you get a shorter cycling time to encourage the overall efficiency.

Auto Returning Cylinder

Retraction of ram depends on the simultaneous holding of built-in levers. And the auto-return feature can save both time & design. Not to say, WEN 56207 includes only one lever along with the technology. Releasing one lever will trigger the ram to retract automatically. It helps the system to utilize all its interior energy more efficiently.

Eco-Friendly Mechanism

Completely fume-free mechanism initiates excellent user safety. As it happens, the least polluting fume is there to disturb the ecosystem. The design prevents any production of carbon monoxides or other harmful emissions. You don’t have to inhale smokes over toxic emissions. Again, no oily leakage or spillage to mess with your space.

Accurate Wedge Splitting

Cutting, splitting, or chopping often requires an excellent level of accuracy. But the precise shaping of firewood isn’t exactly an essential need. Therefore, the 6.5-ton splitter paid less attention to ensure optimum accuracy. However, the integrated 5” wedge remains on design at a convenient 45° inclination. The sharpened wedge imparts unrivaled accuracy, even for tougher woods.

Simple Operational Use

Simply turn aside all the hassles, troubles & issues with gasoline splitters. Thanks to the corded electric system, you can enjoy a swift operational process. There’s no cold startup or clogged carburetor issue to slow you down. Two-handed usability makes the task sound & simple. You just need to connect it to a stable power source. Extension cord attachment can stretch the reach for sure. A standard 50’ or 100’ cord enables uninterrupted outdoor applications.

Good Safety Measures

Integration of a circuit breaker encourages a secure mechanical action. It prevents the motor from drawing excess electricity. There’s one fluid drain close to the adjustment ring, right under the handle. It lets you perform some maintenance tasks over time.

Easy Assembly for Parts

Pre-assembled frame covers the supporting handle & legs. But you’ll have to attach the wheels all by yourself. Complete assembly without mount will keep the system close to the ground. You better utilize the included 34” stand mount to save your back from strains. Attaching the stand will require another pair of hands to hold the machine.



Final Verdict

Unless you’re planning to do heavy pro splitting, you can count on WEN. The featured one is satisfactorily capable of handling a wide variety of woods. The whole woodwork becomes quite simple, easy, effortless & fast. You’re to receive excellent serviceability against its certain limitations.

Taking all the features into account, the machine remains available within a reasonable price. And the tag is obviously worth a roll for smart handymen. Not to mention, it’s indeed a steal for many consumers in terms of price. For keeping yourself warm in winter, you just have to remember WEN right there.

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