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When to Use a Belt Sander?

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A belt sander is normally used for the sanding process or removing materials properly in the beginning. Belt sander works very fast because of its powerful function and design. It’s also used for leveling or smoothing rough boards.

Sometimes Belt sander is also used for removing paints or finishing from wood.

Depending on the power of the motor, sanders of all shapes can perform very fast or slow. The belt sander may be handheld and moved over the material.

There are many different brands on the market offering their unique features. If you want to know in brief about when to use a belt sander. Here is more about it.

Advantages of Belt Sander

A belt sander works very quickly by stripping down large amounts of wood at high speeds. A belt sander is easy to use but a little difficulty occurs for beginners.

For smooth long edges, a belt sander is best. It provides fast action with minimal effort. When using a belt sander, the power level can be adjusted by the user to achieve the best result.

Another amazing variety is, to keep the work area clean during the process of sanding the attached bag collects dust. It is suitable for both hard and soft metals.

Types of Belt Sanders

There are various options for belt sander available in the market. Some types of belt sander are given below:

Stationary Sander also named Bench Sander

These are used to shape wood or sharpen tools. They are very powerful.

Random Orbital Sander

They are common sanders whose purpose is to reach those hard areas that need sanding and special adhesive sandpaper.

File or Finger Sander

These are used for very narrow areas where other sanders cannot reach.

Disc Sander

They are generally used for sharpening tools but do not provide smooth finishing.

Floor Sander

They are large in size. It is used where the drum machine cannot reach.

A belt sander is an ultimate powerful finishing tool for finishing wood, flooring, and other metals. Using the right sander saves from trouble and damages the material.

Choosing The Right Belt and Grit

Whenever it comes to choose the right belt sander just make sure about the belt wide and grit. Fitted with fine-grit sandpaper may provide a completely smooth surface.

A wide sanding belt made it more versatile.

A coarser grit is great for removing layers of material or removing varnish or strain quickly. Choosing the right sanding belt is not an easy job.

Aluminum oxide is perfect because it is a less expensive, long-lasting disposal belt which is dark brown. Aluminum oxide sanding belts are best for wood. There is also another option named the zirconia belt.

Zirconia belts are a little more expensive than aluminum belts but its features are just like aluminum belts though they last longer and have very sharp cutting edges. It’s mostly used for floor and metal.

When To Use A Belt Sander?

The belt sander is generally used for renovating furniture, the surface of the floor and sometimes removing paints from the stuff. Different slanders have different features.

If the users are known about the features and pros. of the product, it’s easy for the performance.

One should know the speed and power of the slander before using it. The perfect guidance makes the work easy.

The speed of a belt slander is measured in ft/min (feet per minute). The higher the number the faster it can spin. The power of belt slander is measured in amps and it’s around (8-11) amp motor.

The most common size of sandpaper is 3-inch in size.

Various Types of Belt Slander Are Given Below According To Their Performance And When Should Be Used

The stationary belt sander is also known as bench slander.

The using method of the slander is, bringing the material close to the sander and holding it against the sanding belt as it turns.

It’s also used as a tool sharpener which works in both metal and wood.

Among all of them, Stationary One is used for removing non-ferrous materials, Such as Aluminum. Non-ferrous metals can clog the grinding of wheels.

It is also used in

A handheld belt sander is combined with a disc sander. To use it one has to keep one hand on the trigger and the other on the forward handle and then gently ease the slender down. They are also very powerful like a stationary belt sander.

Taut –belt sander is used for adjusting the angle of the idler drum to keep it centered.

Besides all of these, Slack-belt slanders are normally used for the manufacture of guitars and other modern and medium in size wooden objects.

When To Use A Belt Sander: In Furniture

Belt sanders are best for the furniture. They are powerful in performance as a result one has to be careful when working with them.

To use it in furniture one should keep a firm hold on the sander at all times and move it constantly so that the wood should not because of damage.

They are also used for smoothing out rough edges of furniture. For furniture renovation, a stationary belt sander would be a great option.

When To Use A Belt Sander: In Wood

You should keep in mind while using a sander to avoid gouging out where there are deep spots.

For the rough work or shaping wood, a lot of materials should be removed or for final finishing coats, Random Orbital Sander or Palm slander would be a great option.

Though belt sander isn’t always providing fine woodworking. But there is always a place for a belt slander in a woodworker shop and carpenter.

Some Safety Concerns for The Users While Using a Belt Sander

Slander is a very powerful tool. For this purpose, it needs to be used with caution. The safety tips are given below-

Belt Sander Tips

Final Verdict

Whenever it comes to using a belt sander choose the right one. Why? Because it’s a very powerful machine and if one not can do the right things a lot of trouble may occur or damage the thing.

Another important thing is one should maintain safety issues.

For maintenance, one must keep the belt clean and upgrade the slander if there is an option in the shop.

While purchasing a slander the features that should keep in mind are price range, versatility, safety and warranty, size, and most importantly comfortable grip design.

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