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Different Types of Multimeter

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If you are an electrician or a professional maintenance worker, then multimeter must be a part and parcel of your day to day life.

But do you know everything about multimeters?

You may think that multimeters are just for measuring Ampere, volt or resistance. But the interesting fact is, nowadays there are many technology-enriched versions of multimeters that can even measure continuity, decibels, RPM, and waterproof capabilities.

That’s why we have brought our article which will provide you knowledge about different types of multimeter, their workability and functions.

So, make sure you don’t miss anything.

Multimeters and Their Functions

In short, multimeter refers to a multi-functional electrical measuring instrument that can serve many purposes. It is like the go-to tools for electricians. And so, if you are planning to buy one, you should know the functions that multimeters can perform. It will help you find the right one for your project.

Common or normal quality multimeters can measure

Usually, multimeters can perform these functions. But, as our technology is developing day by day, now you can have advanced technology-based multimeters that can serve various functions. Let’s take a look at those.

If you are involved in a high technology-based project, then these multimeters can help you in a more significant way.

When choosing a multimeter, always look at the descriptions which highlight the ability of the multimeter. It will also help you find the one that is needed for your work.

Different Types of Multimeter

Mainly, there are two types of multimeters:

1. Analog Multimeters

Before Digital multimeters, these were the only instruments to measure the flow of electricity, resistance, conductance etc.

It works based on a D’Arsonval movement which moves the pointer over the scales to show the measured value. But at first, you need to connect the test leads to a circuit or a device to see the values.

These types of multimeters were popular in old times. They also cost very low.

But, because of the sensitivity problem and non-negligible error in measured value, analog multimeters have lost its popularity nowadays. But still, if you intend to buy an analog multimeter, check the sensitivity carefully.

2. Digital Multimeters

These types of multimeters are the most advanced versions of multimeters.

Usually, digital multimeters need external power sources like AC input or batteries. They have a more precise and compacted shape to provide a hundred percent workability.

These type of multimeter has an LCD display to show the result. They work on a digital algorithm system; that’s why you will get a more precise result than analog multimeters. Besides they also consume very little time in analyzing data, which is an excellent advantage for electricians.

And if you want all these digital functions, you will have to pay a bit much, because digital multimeters come at a high price than analog multimeters.

Based on their functions and workability, digital multimeters can be divided into three types:

A. Fluke Multimeter

B. Clamp Multimeter

C. Autoranging Multimeter

Analog Multimeter or Digital Multimeter: Which One is Best?

Both analog and digital multimeter has its own merits. But if you want the best one, you have to see the comparison table below because, after seeing it, you won’t need our recommendation to find the best one.

Comparison Table

You must have already found the better one between these two. Obviously, digital multimeter is a winner here. Though analog multimeter has its unique features, digital multimeters provide a lot more benefits than analog multimeters.

Safety Points for Multimeters

It would be best if you keep some safety measures in mind while using various types of multimeter. Let’s talk about those.

Final Verdict

Nowadays multimeters have become very useful for professional works as well as household works. And because of their multi-function capability, they have also gained much popularity in recent times.

If you are among those who work with circuit and electricity, you should definitely have a multimeter. But when you are about to choose the right multimeter, things get complicated as there are several types of multimeter in the market with different functions and benefits.

If you look at our article carefully, then it will be effortless for you to choose the best multimeter for your project. If you don’t have a budget issue, choose a digital multimeter for the best result.

Don’t forget the safety rules. Be careful everywhen you are near electricity.

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