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What is a Drill Press? 10 Types of Drill Press Explained & Its Usability

James Kelly
James Kelly

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Drill presses are well-known tools for DIY workers and experts.

Why is a drill machine required?

Simply saying, you can make any sizes of holes with accurate depth with these machines.

However, with the help of different types of drill press, you can also reaming, tapping, spot facing, and counter-striking too.

Let’s acquire more information concerning each drill press’s main features. This writing will help you to understand the functions of various drill presses.

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Drill press

Definition of Drill Press and Its Usability

The drill press is generally known as a drill machine used to make round holes or drive screws.

Nowadays, drill machines are used for various tasks like metal and woodworking. You can now make holes in wood or metals at a regular interval, as deep as you want.

You can also make holes in small to large diameters as per the features of the drill machine you are using.

Moreover, the drill can also be used for the sanding of metal and wood. But, you should keep in mind that drill machines can only work in a circular motion.

So, you need to decide using your imagination, whether it is safe and appropriate to complete your job or not.

Here we have listed some of the tasks you can do with your drill press,

10 Different Types of Drill Press

1. Portable Type Drilling Press

2. Turret Type Drilling Press

3. Sensitive Drilling Press

There are mainly two types of sensitive drilling machines.

A. Floor Mounting

B. Bench Mounting

4. Micro Drill Machine

5. Upright Drilling Press

There are two types of upright drilling press,

A. Box Column Section Press

B. Round Column Section Press

6. Deep Hole Drilling Press

There are two types of deep hole drilling press you will find in the store

A. Horizontal

B. Vertical

7. Radial Drilling Press

Radial drilling press generally has three types of presses:

A. Plain Type

B. Universal Type

C. Semi-universal Type

8. Automatic Drill Press

9. Gang Drilling Press

10. Multiple Spindle Drilling Press

Safety Rules to Follow While Using Drill

Surprisingly, different types of drill press required the same kind of safety measures. Some essential safety rules are given below, 

Final Verdict

You may have already known that drill machines are useful for both home and industrial tasks. They are very dependable and come in various types.

You will always find a drill press suitable for your projects and ideal for every occasion.

Above, we’ve mentioned different types of drill press, explaining their primary features, and some safety measures.

Safety is always crucial. But remember, it is beyond some set of information and rules to recall.

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