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Triton Oscillating Spindle Sander Review

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Triton is a worldwide famous brand for making the best Spindle sander. The Inventor of Triton has made this oscillating spindle sander to achieve smooth, flat finish to wood pieces with sandpaper. It has a 3.5A (450W) powerful motor to enhance your speed. You will get 2000 RPM and 58 OPM from it. After reading this Triton Oscillating Spindle Sander review you can understand that this can be the best choice for you.

To increase your efficiency, it will provide perfect rotating and oscillation. It consists of 6 standing sleeves with matching drums. It has a nice cast iron table to get more stability and enhanced material support. It consists of a dust port. As a result, you will get a clean and safer working environment. You can bear it easily while traveling. To use comfortably, it has a power switch with a dust cover.

Triton Oscillating Spindle Sander Review

Triton TSPS450 3.5Amp Cast Iron Top Oscillating Spindle Sander

Triton TSPS450 3.5Amp Cast Iron Top Oscillating Spindle Sander

To judge how good a product is, you need to know its features first. This product has some nice features. But here we will discuss in detail about its basic features. And once you know its major features, you can understand why this is the best one. Let’s take a view of what features it has.

Rotating and Oscillation Action

Rotating and oscillation are the most important feature for a sander. The more a sander can rotate and oscillate, the more efficient it will be. This spindle sander provides you more rotating and oscillation action. It will increase speed and efficiency.

Also, you will get the precision finish for having this action. Everyone wants to do his work efficiently with minimum time. If you want to do your job efficiently within a short time, then you may choose this one.

3.5A (450W) Powerful Motor

To get more power from a sander, you must need a powerful motor. This sander has a 3.5A (450W) powerful motor. You will get 2000 RPM oscillation speed and 58 OPM while using this product. For this powerful motor, you can finish your job more accurately.

Where there is a very weak motor in an ordinary sander, you will find a strong motor in our product. It will enhance your working speed. So, if you are searching such a spindle sander that consists of a powerful motor, then this machine is going to satisfy your hunger.

Includes 6 Standing Sleeves with Necessary Things

You will get 6 x 80-grit sanding sleeves in this tool. Also, matching rubber is included for these sleeves. During work time, these sleeves help you to achieve a smooth, flat finish with sandpaper. ½ – 3” dia with machine drums provide you extra facilities.

Also, you will get table inserts in this tool. This table inserts in matching sizes will help you to prevent gaps between table and standing surface. As a result, you won’t get any gap between the table and the standing surface.

Large Cast Iron Table

Each person wants a table in the sander for getting more stability. To keep their word in mind we are here with this spindle sander. It has a durable large cast iron table. This table gives you more stability than others. It will provide a long-time service without any damage.

You will get material support from this sander because of having this table. Without material support, you have to face some troubles while working. But you won’t face such a problem while using our mentioned product.

Includes Dust Port

The dust port is another interesting feature for a sander. Triton always tries to make eco-friendly products to keep our environment safe. It has a dust port for connecting to an extraction system. For this feature, this is one of the best sanders in the current market.

For having this feature you will get a cleaner and safer working environment. If you want to do your work in a safe and clean environment, then this one will be your best choice.

Power Switch with Dust Cover

This product is made with advanced technology. So all the modern necessary facilities you will get from using this product. It has a power switch to get the performance easily. This switch will increase your using capability.

For having dust cover with power switch, it will provide long, trouble-free performance. So, you will get a comfortable feel while using this one. There is no need to take wrapping for its power switch while working and dealing with dust.

Weight is just 27.3 Pounds

It is difficult for everyone to carry a heavy-weight sander from here to there. To reduce their trouble we have come up with this light-weight spindle sander. Its weight is just 27.3 pounds. This is lighter than the other machines.

So, you can carry it easily when you need to travel from one place to another. You will get trouble-free performance while using it. You don’t need to face extra hassle or extra carrying coverage for its transportation purpose.


Each person wants to know what types of benefits they will get while using this spindle sander. You don’t need to be a professional for using this machine. Triton oscillating spindle sander is made for all sorts of users. So let’s see the benefits of this spindle sander.


Final Verdict

You will get different types of spindle sander available on the current market. To help you we have come up with this triton oscillation spindle sander. You will get excellent rotating and oscillation performance. It will provide 2000RPM and 58 OPM. Its 3.5A powerful motor finishes your job within a short time. Also, the maintenance of this machine is very simple and cost-efficient.

You will get extra stability for having a large cast iron table. It has a power switch to use it easily. In this review, already we have discussed all the necessary features to give you the exact idea. If you can’t understand, read the entire review, remove your hesitation, and buy this product without further thinking. We wish you will enjoy while working with this sander.

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