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Best Tool Bag for Plumbers Review

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Custom LeatherCraft Tool Bag

Custom LeatherCraft Tool Bag


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Recommended Best Product
Top 7 Best Tool Bag for Plumbers | Updated Review in 2021 1

DEWALT DG5597 Tool Carrier


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Recommended Best Product
Top 7 Best Tool Bag for Plumbers | Updated Review in 2021 2

Leathercraft CLC Tool Carrier


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As a plumbing expert, you’ll have to keep all the essential tools close by. Using a suitable bag for the tools can save lots of working time & job site hassle. That’s where a carrier is one beneficial investment to have all the gears organized & secured. But before making the decision, don’t miss our in-depth best tool bag for plumbers guidelines.

Plumbing is more like a field job with lots of unpredictable challenges. Only the right accessory in hand can let you tackle the obstacles comfortably. And a convenient tool bag can ensure everything stays with you in an orderly manner. Through several advantageous features, it’s basically the ultimate all-in-one wallet to get the job done.

Top 7 Best Tool Bag for Plumbers Review


CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Tool Bag

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Tool Bag

Custom Leathercraft sets the standard when it comes to tool bags. Its CLC 1539 is the ultimate carrier for your tools & accessories. The multi-compartment plumbers tool bag offers ample storage for a wide array of gears. Using its all 50 pockets, the wallet holds everything in an orderly manner. Apart from the large inner compartment, 1539 contains vertical, carabiner & tape-measure exterior pockets. In fact, you’ll get a total of 18 outer compartments to enjoy quick accessibility. There, you can keep all your hand tools & power accessories without any second thought.

There comes sturdy polymer fabric with polymer ballistic trim & binding. Though the interior isn’t exactly waterproof, it provides sufficient resistance to moisture. It’s a one-in-one carrier for any tradesmen & installers including contractors, repair technicians. With a doubly zippered closure, all your instruments remain secure on the move. For the shoulder strap, it includes convenient textured padding. The frame features padded carrying handles to ensure easy carriage & portability.

Key Features:


Brand                  Custom Leathercraft

Dimensions        18 x 14 x 7 inches

Weight                 6 pounds


DEWALT DG5597 Open Top Tool Carrier

DEWALT DG5597 Open Top Tool Carrier

When it comes to the tool industry, only a few manufacturers can outrun Dewalt. And likewise, its DG5597 got it all to satisfy any passionate plumber. With durable polymer fabric, all your accessories receive secure storage. The 18” sized carrier includes an outstanding, highly effective segregation of tools. In fact, additional poly ballistic fabric imparts excellent resistance to outdoor weather. Its functional open-top design lets you check, access & keep the gears easily.

The construction features a supportive base pad to protect the bottom all along. Also, the built-in collapsible handle of a sturdy metal bar will surely get your attention. You’ll have a total of 33 pockets to perfectly organize your day-to-day instruments. Perhaps, the most unique feature is its quick clinching lever cradle pocket. Coming to the adjustable shoulder strap, it includes sufficient padding. Weighing a mere 3.8 lbs, even the fully loaded frame remains easy to lift & carry.

Key Features:


Brand                  Dewalt

Dimensions      15 x 11.5 x 17.8 inches

Weight                3.8 pounds


Custom Leathercraft CLC 1530 Tool Carrier

Custom Leathercraft CLC 1530 Tool Carrier

Another ergonomic carrier by Custom Leathercraft is here to satisfy the needs. The top-quality 1530 carrier is a great option for any plumber. Its advantageous design lets you hold & access frequently used gears. In fact, the plumbers tool pouches ensure secure & organized storage of tools. A total of 43 pockets are there to have all the instruments stand by. On the sides, you’ll have one stationary & one removable window pocket for encouraged visibility.

The box-shaped bag ensures maximum stability to prevent tipping. Thanks to its wide opening, even the bottom gears remain easy to find. For the assembly, it includes a multi-compartment plastic tray. Measuring 7” x 5.5”, the tray can store important/sensitive belongings. in addition, both the carrying handle & adjustable shoulder strap feature convenient padding. Without weighing you down, the system enables excellent portability on the job site.

Key Features:


Brand                  Custom Leathercraft

Dimensions        12 x 23 x 15 inches

Weight                 3 pounds


DEWALT (DWST17814) Tstak Tool Box

DEWALT (DWST17814) Tstak Tool Box

Dewalt proudly introduces another versatile carrier to manage all the gears at once. Although its DWST17814 is more like a toolbox rather than a bag. Still, it offers plenty of benefits to ease your hassle regarding your workplace accessories. It’s undeniably one of the most user-friendly additions to the TSTAK system. The box features a tough plastic body & therefore; all the sides remain rigid. With ample storage space, you can secure somewhat heavy & larger instruments easily.

For the interior, it comes with 9 specific compartments to hold the tools. Organizing tools like drills/bits become simple & of course, easily accessible. Thanks to the fixed shape, you can stack several units to save job site space. Again, heavy-duty metal latches induce better durability resisting rust & corrosion. The deep box itself includes a sturdy bi-material handle for comfortable carriage. Despite the frame lacks shoulder strap, you’ll barely feel its absence or necessity.

Key Features:


Brand                  DEWALT

Dimensions        17.25 x 12.63 x 13.25 inches

Weight                 7.54 pounds


McGuire-Nicholas 22015 Collapsible Tote

McGuire-Nicholas 22015 Collapsible Tote

With a practical design, McGuire-Nicolas offers a functional solution to workplace issues. Its high-end 22015 tote promotes multifunctional performance for versatile uses. Not to mention, the collapsible system is one of its kind the market. Obviously, the frame is capable of meeting all your tool storage requirements. The frame is quite spacious for gears while remaining compact for storage. In fact, its unique tapered design for the pockets can perfectly hold your tools.

The wallet contains 14 exterior pockets of various sizes. Moreover, there comes 14 internal webbed loops to accommodate different-sized instruments. For the collapsible plumbers tool tote, the bottom remains removable for easy storage. The integrated handle is of heavy-duty tubular steel. Additional foam padding for the bar allows convenient & effortless carriage.

Key Features:


Brand                  McGuire-Nicholas

Dimensions      15x 7.5 x 10 Inches

Weight                2.2 lbs


Veto Pro Pac OT-XL Tool Bag

Veto Pro Pac OT-XL Tool Bag

The OT-XL by Veto simply comes with satisfactory design & excellent efficiency. With an ergonomic design, it ensures optimum storage & secure placement. The craftsmanship lets you carry all necessary tools without any troubling issue. In fact, the frame can easily hold 80+ assorted gears at once. Among the 44 holding pavilions, you’ll have 40 vertical pockets apart from 4 zippered ones. Meanwhile, it features 2 exterior bays to induce further storage space.

Its patented central panel structure provides easy & quick access. Nylon fabric ensures superior resistance against weather. Thanks to the polypropylene base, the thickened bottom ensures stable support. All the zippers & fastenings are incredibly tough to serve for long enough. There comes an extra-padded shoulder strap along with an over-molded grip. Despite its moderate weight, you’ll face no difficulty in carrying the fully loaded bag.

Key Features:


Brand              VETO PRO PAC

Dimensions    16.5 x 9.5 x 17 inches

Weight            7 pounds


CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1529 Tool Bag

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1529 Tool Bag

Custom Leathercraft happily made it once again on the list. The high-performing 1529 bag promises ultimate satisfaction, passing the test of time. Incredible craftsmanship results in unrivaled quality without compromising the capacity. Containing 16 pockets, the 16” custom wallet holds every single essential tool with utmost care. Through a rugged polyester construction, the structure offers a longer durability. In addition, the included plastic organizer clears all the wanted clutters.

Its reasonably compact size lets you lift, carry & transport the loaded frame with ease. And the open-top design allows quick access to the targeted accessory. On the sides, there are two large-sized pockets to store heavier instruments. You can securely keep valuables in the built-in zippered compartment. Apart from a steady handle, the plumbers tool box includes a padded shoulder strap. Not to mention, it’ll let you enjoy optimum portability for the 1.95-lbs construction.

Key Features:


Brand            Custom Leathercraft

Dimensions  16 x 9 x 9 inches

Weight          1.95 pounds

Things to Consider Before Buying Tool Bag for Plumbers

Accommodating all the job site tools at once, a plumbers’ tool bag has a lot to offer. But it comes true only when you have the right one in hand. You’ll have to find out a proper balance of serviceability, storage, portability & budget.

With an immense number of available options, making the choice is never easy. Therefore, you’ll have to acknowledge the key factors to get the best tool bag for plumbers. That’s where you can easily afford a successful purchase from all the models.

Exact Bag Type

Making the choice gets difficult in first hand, no thanks to its different designs. Every particular type comes with its own benefits from a user perspective. The most common ones are tote bags, rollup bags & backpacks.

With superb storage facility, plumbers backpack lets you carry lots of small & medium-sized tools. It’s quite beneficial when you have lots of smaller accessories.

But tote bags are more like wooden toolboxes with lots of smaller pockets surrounding a large central compartment. Meanwhile, rollup bags are suitable for carrying a set of specific tools like different sized wrenches.

Product Material

One unfortunate fact about tool bag lies with its poor care & negligence. It eventually leads to the deterioration of overall quality. That’s where you need to choose something sturdy & durable. Stronger seams with tough inner lining can impart further endurance.

Common materials include polymer fabric, nylon & canvas. Canvas is incredibly tough with its thick composition. Polyester or nylon offers good serviceability but lacks in waterproofness. In fact, a combo of canvas & polyester is yet to deliver the best performance.

Total Compartments

Using a tool bag means the organized storage of all your accessories. And it becomes effective with a good number of compartments. Not to mention, every tool type requires its specific pouch. It enables easy accessibility & secure placement of your gears.

Depending on your necessary tool numbers & sizes, you’ll have to make the choice. obviously, you may require lots of small pouches & you may require some large pockets only. In fact, different models feature a variable number & size for the compartments.

Overall Capacity

Plumbers often tend to carry lots of heavy instruments aside from the suitable ones. It simply damages the quality & may result in sudden failure. The bag can serve for a satisfactory time only when you carry the recommended/perceptible accessories. Of course, there are certain models designed for heavier tools. That’s why you should know the weighing capacity while making the decision.

Bottom Padding

Considering most cases, the first part to wear out is the bottom surface. In fact, the lower portion has to tolerate the majority of abuse which ends up spilling out the gears. But reinforced or rubberized feet can retain the lifespan without falling apart.

Sufficient Portability

As plumbing is mostly a field job, you’ll have to take its overall portability into account. The size itself has to remain reasonable for carriage, neither bulky nor compact. Meanwhile, the loaded weight should not exceed your capacity to cause strain/fatigue.

Also, you should emphasize its wearability in accordance with your preference & comfort. Padded & wide handles will allow a sticky but comforting grip. Textured & cushioned/padded straps can help you to hold the weight safely.

Intact Interior

Of course, moving outside means its consistent exposure to the outdoor environment. The wallet merely possesses any value if it can’t protect your gears from weathering agents. You can barely attend anything that is fully waterproof. In the least, the entire frame should stay intact against moderate rain, moisture & humidity.

Secure Closure

It’s obviously important that our precious gears stay safe & sound inside the pouches. Almost all top-quality bags feature a zippered enclosure for multiple compartments. What users mostly miss is the smoothness of built-in zippers, particularly on outer pockets. If you want to keep some pricey belongings, you better judge its locking facility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which one should I get – tool bag or toolbox?

Answer: Without any doubt, you can skip the toolbox. In fact, a bag/carrier is rather flexible in comparison to boxes. Boxes do offer lots of storage but lack sufficient portability. But tool bags barely have issues regarding carriage, handling & portability.

Do I really need additional light for quick access?

Answer: Built-in light/additional light integration is a matter of perspective. You’ll require nothing if you have adequate light to take a look at the gears. But certainly, there are job sites where light is inadequate. Right there, you may consider bags with a built-in light or additional integration.

What’s the right size of bag for my use?

Answer: The preferable size entirely depends on user specs & demands. You’ll have to sort out the necessary tools in accordance with the job. Of course, you’ll have to take your weight carrying ease & personal comfort into account.

How can I take care of the tool bag?

Answer: Careful handling is the very first thing you should attend. Abusing the carrier will do no good to its serviceability. Don’t forget to wash the entire frame with a soft brush using a mild detergent. For the zippers, you can apply some lubricating agents once in a while.

What are the accessories I can organize using a tool bag?

Answer: Actually, there’s no strict recommendation of tools without certain specifications. In simple words, you can organize almost all common plumbing gears there. Unless the instrument is absurdly large or heavy, you have nothing to worry at all.

Should I prefer reputed brands only?

Answer: The answer is yes & no. With lots of choices, the options are limitless. Among all the brands – Custom Leathercraft (CLC), Dewalt, McGuire-Nicholas, Veto & ToughBuilt are quite trustworthy. But regarding special requirements, you may have to rely on some other lesser-known brands.

Final Verdict

No matter whether you’re a beginner or professional, you’ll have to take care of the accessories. Meanwhile, you obviously want to skip a troublesome search while working on a project. Right there, you’ll get no better option than to invest in a rightful plumbers tool bag.

It’s exactly our target to let you make a successful purchase, knowing all the details. In fact, a suitable carrier is the first thing to keep your gears secure. With an organized & safe depository, it surely encourages your overall workplace productivity.

Top 7 Best Tool Bag for Plumbers | Updated Review in 2021 3