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Sangean Toughbox Review: Augmented Radio

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Are you looking for a radio with a digital tuning feature? Well, we can provide you the answer from our Sangean toughbox review including next-generation technological features. The Sangean radios consist of a plastic body. There are a digital tuning feature and a functional rechargeable battery. The radio also consists of a memory of 10 stations.

The radio is well synthesized with tough industrial grade. The product is dust resistive for being well-shaped. The sound system contains a strong magnetic field for a better sound experience. It also has an elite LED indicator and an LCD monitoring screen. There are 5 digit buttons, 1 power button, and 2 menu buttons.

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The Features of Sangean TB-100

Sangean TB-100

There are many brands available in the market with different products. Sangean is one of the best brands for manufacturing automated radios. The product has a variety of features. These features can provide you the feeling of a vintage environment. As there are so many products, it will be hard for you to choose a perfect one for your enjoyment. We have explained everything about the product all over the post. The provided information may be beneficial for you.

Tough Manufacturing Class

Several classes are used to produce different kinds of products. The tough classes are being used to develop any model with the highest approach. Our mentioned product is made with a tough manufacturing class. The developer of the Sangean company is working continuously with the class to improve stability and durability.

Functional Visibility

The product consists of a LED indicator and the color is red. The light can be observed from a long distance. The display consists of an LCD screen that will allow you to see the current state of the radio. The computing sensor of the radio is quite advanced. It can capture any radio signal easily and display the information to the screen with a numerical adjustment.

Tuning Features

Tuning ability is the main objective of devices like this. Tuning is specially used to change the frequency of the wavelength that is being captured by the antenna. The different frequencies will lead you to different channels. But for this activity, the tuning feature needs to be perfect to avoid any distractions while listening to channels. This product consists of a qualified tuning feature.

Rechargeable Battery

The device has a rechargeable battery that is attached to the back of the machine. The quality of the battery is the main concern here. A good quality battery can be charged fast. It will also lead to a long functional life. The Sangean tough-box radio consists of a high-quality lithium-ion battery. The included charger is well manufactured for passing voltage.

Sometimes you may notice that your battery becomes fat. It looks like it will explode anytime. This is because you have overcharge your battery and damaged it. You should be careful while charging the battery. Keep track of your battery percentage.

AM/FM Station

The radio device broadcast two types of stations. Usually, a product consists of the functionality of broadcasting one station. Both AM and FM stations are well optimized in the mentioned radio device and can be broadcasted easily. Different frequencies of each station are also well-optimized for the vivid experience of listening to the voice.

Record Placement

Record placement is a very important issue. The record means the broadcasted AM or FM signal’s frequency. The memory needs to be solid for processing huge amounts of data. The Sangean tough-box radio has fast memory to process real-time records and places them accordingly.

Potential Intensity of Sound

Sound is a wave that can be created by two energy sources. The first one is the magnetic field and the second one is the electric field. Electricity has few effects on sound quality. The magnetic field is the main responsible power source for varying sound quality. The mentioned device consists of a strong magnetic field that produces clear sound.

Stroke Preventive

The radio works with electricity. You might think that it may not be safe to use the device. But on the contrary, the device is made with pure plastic with no conductive material. We know that water can be responsible for making anything electro-conductive. But in this case, the product is also insulated inside and even water cannot affect the system.

The product also has some rubber protection on the edge of each corner. The rubber corner will prevent the device from being destroyed while it gets a free fall accidentally from hand.

Trash Resistive

Trash is the main cause of an electrical device going down early. Dust of air can be attached to the surface that is not smooth. Every device that is being put somewhere without covering, will be trashy. But Sangean radio has a smooth surface which can be easily cleaned. To get more development the developers have been trying to improve the surface quality and smoothness.


Not all people in the world are rich. But everybody deserves a good product. The price is determined by the machining, forging, deforming, casting, packaging, and other matters of the product. The mentioned device has various features as well as a little number of extra machining costs. So the price is pretty much reasonable for anyone.


The mentioned product comes with various features. All of them are well manufactured by the Sangean brand. The customer is grateful to the company for producing a vintage product with advanced technological properties.


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Final Verdict

Point to be noted that, satisfaction is the main reason for searching for a good quality product. But not all of them come at a reasonable price. You might not choose to buy our mentioned product for the issue of money. But we can assure you that the higher the price, the higher the product quality. You have to think before you leap. Take your time, read our review, and make a clear judgment.

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