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Sangean LB 100 Review: Melts Away Your Boringness

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What could be more fun than some in-tent music on a camping trip, right? If your answer matches with ours, then Sangean LB 100 portable radio will meet your demand. A simple portable radio not only entertains you but also informs you about the latest news, breaking news, forecasts weather, etc. However, it is not easy to find out the best portable radio. In this case, the Sangean LB 100 review will help you out.

Sangean has always considered the adventure-loving people. This is why they have brought the LB 100 ultra-rugged compact AM/FM radio. There are 5 AM and 5 FM station memory presets with extreme loudness. With Sangean radio beach traveling, fishing, camping is now way more than before.

The Features of Sangean LB 100 Ultra Rugged Compact AM/FM Radio

Sangean LB-100 Ultra Rugged Compact AM / FM Radio

This outdoor Sangean LB 100 radio has been upgraded with several features. The main feature of this product is that it is waterproof. The size is quite compacted for easy portability. It ensures superb performance even in the critical condition. It comes with a long rubber cable that can be rolled up for comfortable movement. The rolled-up cable is being kept at the back of the unit. To learn more, hang on with us.

Durable Construction

This portable radio is constructed with ABS plastic materials. ABS plastic is a type of material that is impact-resistant. This is why this little machine is suitable for use at a building site. One more interesting feature of this plastic material is that it is waterproof and dustproof.

Now you don’t have to worry about the radio anymore. The built-in material is quite tough for the worst condition. Water and dust are the main enemies of the electric devices. To make this product tuff and rugged, the Sangean has constructed the radio with premium quality ABS plastic.

Enriched Speaker

This is one of the fundamental parts of this radio. This radio is equipped with a 5-inch water-resistant high-quality speaker. This speaker is capable of producing full-range sound. Usually, the working sites are noisier than the residential areas. Keeping this in mind, the Sangean has made the speaker capable of producing adequate sound quality.

The highly redefined built-in materials are now offering you to be ready for your next adventurous trip. Make your trip more exciting with the help of our exotic quality rugged device.

Stereotype Sound-Box

To ensure the best sound quality, the lunchbox has installed a stereo speaker. With the help of two channels, the speaker is capable of producing clearer and better sound quality. Sangean knows what attracts the customer. People in a general search for a good quality speaker on radio. To gain their trust, stereotype speaker has been installed for better sound quality.

Clear Display Visibility

To understand the function of the radio, you will be needing a digital display for easy operational purposes. Our Sangean LB 100 radio comes with a large LCD. It shows the station number with date and time. For comfortable visibility, the screen is featured with a 2.24” x 0.98” segment-style LCD.

The LCD comes with a backlit advantage. Now you can read the display even in a dark condition. Especially those with the eye-vision problem, can easily now visualize the LCD screen.

Touch of the Conventional

To make the reception capable of capturing fade-free radio frequencies, our device comes with PLL synthesized tuning. There are about 6 AM and 6 PM stations which organize 12 memory presets. All the memory presets are displayable at the large backlit LCD. Now you can hear any radio channel without any noise and humming sound.

There are 5 memory preset buttons. These buttons help you to access quickly and easily to your desirable AM/FM channel. If you want a hassle-free life with the touch of proper entertainment then this portable radio is a must option for you.

Redefined Cable Knuckle

The portable radio is capable of running both on electricity and battery. The battery is powerful enough to run the radio for several hours. But while running on batteries, what will you do with the long power cable? Well, to solve this situation, the lunchbox has developed a feature.

You can roll up the 2.7-meter long power cable easily on the back of the device while running on batteries. It will ensure a tripping-free job sector. All the safety measures have been taken care of by the lunchbox authority.

Ergonomic Combination

Developers of the lunchbox have made a firm combination among the enriched features. The superior sound quality of this device provides sufficient convenience to its users. It comes with an additional flexible antenna for the reception to make sure of humming-free broadcasting. With the PLL synthesized tuner and the additional antenna, you can hear any of the AM/FM channels.

The leading edge features make this product water dust and shock-resistant. There are volume control knobs with a firm rotary tuner for comfortably operating this machine. With only 4 C batteries, you can run the radio for several hours.

Double Power Management

Most of the portable radios run purely of battery power. But our LB 100 radio runs by both AC/DC power source and 4 c batteries. This is why it comes with a 2.7-meter long power cable. Now you don’t need to run the radio over battery at home. You can simply use the electrical power source at home for running the radio.

You don’t need to worry about the power chord while you are going on a trip or fishing or hiking etc. You can simply roll up the cable on the backside of the radio. Make your journey easier and comfortable with our innovative product.

Resistant Standards

This radio is made of ABS plastic for firm structure. As a result, it is rain resistant that is the JIS4 standard. The rubber shock blocks make this device dust and shock-resistant. A compact roll-cage resists the device from impacts and drops.


This is one of the best portable radios along with versatile innovated features. Lunchbox has made it durable enough for using a crucial environment.


Sangean LB 100 Review Overview

Final Verdict

The Sangean LB 100 rugged radio is an ultra advanced tech compared to the other related products. Sangean has installed user friendly features for taking the leading position in the market. We have tried to describe both the benefits and downsides of this product in our review. After overviewing this review, you will be able to acknowledge this product completely. Hope our review comes helpful for your further exploration.

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