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Ridgid Pancake Compressor Review

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The right air compressor always comes down to your project requirements. And pancake compressors seem perfect for any lightweight jobs. That’s where you better get anything but Electric Portable Pancake Compressor by Ridgid. The company feels the necessity of arming your hand with one reliable machine right there. Stick with our comprehensive Ridgid Pancake Compressor review to get everything.

You’ll find lots of varieties in the market, considering the available types. Among others, consumers tend to prefer pancakes for numerous reasons. But not all the compressors in its class offers the same performance. Meanwhile, Ridgid provides a way to get you out of those unnecessary hassles with the featured model. From the very beginning until its end, you’re to receive guaranteed satisfaction till the end.

Ridgid Pancake Compressor Review

Ridgid 6 Gallon 150 PSI Maintenance Free Portable Electric Pancake Compressor

Ridgid 6 Gallon 150 PSI Maintenance Free Portable Electric Pancake Compressor

Pancake air compressors are quite popular for specific reasons. You don’t have to buy some colossal units to complete simple household tasks. Not to mention, you always want to save the pocket from redundant purchase. The particular type serves both ends really well to let you pull off the job. Of course, you can get peak performance through a rightful unit. Ridgid Pancake Compressor covers almost every basic need to meet the demand. The machine includes plenty of features to support the job with unsurpassed accuracy. Combined action leads to immense benefits to make the best of your investment right here.

Outstanding Construction

The entire design enables excellent functionality through every single internal part. Quality materials promise higher longevity to ensure uninterrupted, trouble-free action. Even the running motor & supporting pump remain functional over poor maintenance. Steel tank can withstand the immense pressure exerting from its inside. And the orange plus dark grey appeal imparts a pleasing aesthetics.

Compact Measurements

As you already know, pancake compressors are the smallest in the practical category. Likewise, the framework seems pretty compact from top to bottom. The measurements are about 17.13” for length, 17.1” for width & 19.7” for depth. It becomes incredibly easy for you to handle, store & transport the machine. The horizontal profile takes somewhat more space in comparison to vertical ones. But you definitely can rationalize the issue, thanks to its tiny construction.

Universal Motor Support

All the mechanical power basically comes from the integrated motor. And you can rely on the built-in 12 Amp system without a second thought. Internal rotation towards energy conversion delivers excellent performance all the way. The 120V rated mechanism ensures maximized output without sacrificing its consistency. Obviously, it retains the functionality over prolonged or intense use. You may not get it suitable for heavy jobs, but it goes well with normal tasks. Even the power consumption is reasonably low to save the pocket.

Reduced Cycle Frequency

The compact system includes a saucer-like orange tank. Its horizontal placement is somewhat a minus, but the design keeps it effective. Pancake compressors have tank volume within a 1 – 6-gallon range. And Ridgid comes with a maximum capacity of 6 gallons for the intended machine. The volume seems large in comparison to other small-sized options. It results in a reasonable reduction in cycle frequency. Therefore, greater intensity prevails inside the tank to induce extreme air compression.

High Output Pressure

Another peculiar feature concerns with air pressure on the exterior side. You can attend up to 150 psi within minutes. It’s quite high for a pancake compressor, designed for light automotive jobs. Of course, you’ll have to settle down for the standard pressure rather than the maximum one. And there, you can get 120 – 130 psi all the time to accomplish your objectives. Also, it offers 2.6 SCFM rated airflow at 90 psi to encourage job accuracy. Though it may not seem pretty suitable for outdoor uses, you can receive optimum satisfaction.

Dual Connecting Couplers

Compressor is the ultimate gear to perform nailing jobs with ease, comfort, accuracy & convenience. As it happens, most pancake systems include a singular coupler. Therefore, you can implant only one nail at a time. But you can get something better with Ridgid Pancake Compressor. It features a unique push-to-connect coupling facility. Not to mention, you’ll have a double universal nailing efficiency right there. It simply lets you place 2 nails at a time ahead of a time-saving operation. Aside from industrial plugs, it accepts standard ¼” automotive tools easily.

Superb Draining System

Drain valve plays a large part in the flawless action of your equipment. And you’re to get a standard ¼” sized turning valve system. The featured valve for draining remains under the tank rim. Thanks to the thoughtful placement, it literally precludes catching on any item. One single turn will trigger the draining of an integrated tank.

Additional Locking System

One common problem of conventional systems lies with the change in pressure. Of course, you’ll readjust the psi often according to your job requirements. But sometimes, powerful inner action causes the pressure to change automatically. Ridgid comes with a convenient solution to hold your preset pressure all along. Not to mention, the machine utilizes a locking regulator for its adjustment knob on the control panel. It prevents any distortion or displacement in the knob position to ensure pressure consistency.

Improvised Usability

It’s just one unit with fundamental features & the applicability is limited of course. But you have nothing to turn your back on this either. The single-staged trim compressor can pull off all the light tasks nice & easy. You just have to secure the ears to skip its distracting noise at 80 dBA level. You can perform precise nailing, roofing, framing & similar jobs.

Maintenance-Free Use

Pancake systems are pretty simple without anything to take the workability down. The design is ready to withstand years of use over minimal maintenance or cleanliness. But still, clean up once in a while can help you to retain the durability. Solid external panels let you clean all the deposit, dirt & other buildups with ease. The built-in pump requires no oil to mess your equipment, from inside out. It saves you a lot of effort concerning frequent or quick trash buildup.



Final Verdict

It’s not easy to make a solid purchase, especially with budget-friendly units. And the same goes for pancake compressors, no thanks to the overwhelming number of options. But the aforementioned words should prove its suitability right away. You can count on Ridgid promises to deliver job site satisfaction.

Power, performance, quality – all the essentials are there to serve your purpose. You don’t have to compromise with any major spec for the purchase. Even the combination triggers a convenient action to complete the job. The price is certainly low to consider, taking all the features & their relevant benefits.

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