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Tips on Preparing Your Lawn for Summer

James Kelly
James Kelly

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The warmth of summer causes the whole bunch of grass to grow. It just keeps getting taller unless you plan to size down the greenish hue. All the problems remain an impediment to your target of achieving a beautiful lawn. Only preparing your lawn for summer at the right time can help the grasses to thrive.

You’re to attend caring tasks, particularly in spring ahead of the upcoming summer. And your lawn will certainly become loaded with patchy, unhealthy & sparse grass. Not to mention, you’ll have a weed or pest outbreak to worsen the condition. Therefore, you need a healthy system to ensure an appealing lush.

Time for Preparing Your Lawn for Summer

Tips on Preparing Your Lawn for Summer: Enjoy Beautiful Gassy Yards 1

You can consider the distinctive time following the last winter. Dividing the time of spring to summer will help you with the job really well.

Early Spring – It’s the time to gear up the equipment to cut down grasses. Of course, you’ll have to take out all the dead trash from the yard. Applying an early dose of seeds & fertilizers can cover the gaps.

Mid Spring – The best time comes here for patching & thickening your plants. Careful dosing of fertilization is essential to ensure consistent growth. Look out for any infestation of damaging plants or insects.

Early Summer – Watering & mowing cover the major part during the time. Check out the greenish hue, plant uniformity & growth rate for evaluation. Don’t forget to use release fertilizers if necessary.

Basic Steps to Keep the Backyard Perfect

Getting your lawn in perfect shape requires care & patience. But the tricks are rather easy to implement. You can accomplish a fabulous lawn this summer with the following steps.

Tuning Up the Lawn Mower

Spring is indeed the season for heated sunlight to dry up the ground. And it’s time for you to get the mower out of your storeroom. Check all the essential elements to make necessary changes or adjustments. Ensure a satisfactory number of cutting string in hand with the string trimmer.

Cleaning the Entire Yard

Winter has to leave an absolute mess for the lawn. Therefore, you’ll have to set out for an inspective walk in early spring. Take a good look at the grasses to locate twigs, acorns, branches, litters, stones, or dead leaves. Check for the soil condition according to the presence of moisture. Make an initial pile of trash to rack a larger-sized tarp for easy carriage.

Cutting Down the Grasses

The primary preparation starts with cutting the grass. Early spring treatment can induce faster growth for leaves. Frequency of grass trimming depends on lawn size, grass type, soil condition, actual growth & seasonal variations. It’s sufficient to make a weekly cut in spring for pristine yards. But you’ll have to trim twice a week during summer for avoiding time-consuming maintenance.

Aerating/Scarifying the Lawn

It’s one essential task to accomplish towards the healthy growth of grasses. Aeration simply allows the compulsory nutrients, water & oxygen to support the root growth. Meanwhile, scarifying seems more like an invasive task. You may think of using a spike roller or fork to make 20cm deep holes. Mechanical raking of soil through scarification thins out all the unnecessary thatches. You should pull off the job every 1 – 3 years in the least. But high traffic sides will require more attention every time.

Removing Excessive Thatch

All the lying thatches pose a potential risk of obstructing the sunlight. The accumulating plant matter decays over time to pile up solid garbage towards the grass. Aside from sunlight, it eventually starts to intrude on the uninterrupted penetration of water. Scarifying will help you to locate the thatches. You should take out all the thatches in conjunction with aeration to save time & effort.

Patching Up All the Gaps

Random, irregular bare spot on the lawn seems disgusting. Start panting grass seeds in early spring to fill the lawn by summer. You can choose from regular grass seeds or specially formulated ones to make faster growth. Utilize a garden rake to scratch the topmost layers for loosening the soil particles.

Feeding the Lawn Grasses

Active growth for the entire grass body takes place during spring & summer. It’s one integral part of preparing your lawn for summer. And the best way concerns with fertilization to retain enough nutrition & water. There are two primary options available for lawn grass – either L.A.N. or 2-3-2 fertilizers. The fertilizer develops a stronger root system to support all sorts of variations. Meanwhile, L.A.N. is more like a chemical mixture of Ammonium Nitrate with Limestone. Stimulating growth, it also helps with the greenish appeal.

Taking Care of Weeds/Moss

Weeds or moss will eventually grow within the grass at a time. Appropriate fertilization triggers the conceivable growth of grasses only, leaving the sycophants for dying. You may consider taking out the craps on an individual scale. But it’ll require specified treatment over a large coverage. You need to take weed killer chemicals into account to address overly weed growth.

Regulating Throughout Irrigation

Apply the necessary amount of water throughout the whole lawn. You better do it right for twice a week rather than random, irregular or uneven irrigation. Again, the regular application is likely to cause ‘Wet Feet’ to make the grasses prone to diseases.

Mowing at Certain Frequency

Trying to maintain a uniform surface calls for regular mowing. The process also makes the plants sturdy over strengthened roots. Mow the entire section using the equipment with a sharpened blade. Just keep at least 1/3rd of the grasses on the ground.

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Summer

Final Verdict

Your lawn can offer a pleasing view during the warmth of summer. But it won’t happen without care, you’ll have to work for it. And that’s why you better focus on preparing your lawn for summer. Early actions will bloom in the end to give you success & joy.

Tips on Preparing Your Lawn for Summer: Enjoy Beautiful Gassy Yards 2