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Powermate Air Compressor Reviews 2021

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Are you finding a way to maximize your industrial productivity? Well, an air compressor with 60-gallon capacity is the ultimate solution for you. This is why we are going to represent PowerMate 60-Gallon Vertical Cast Iron Air Compressor in our PowerMate air compressor reviews. With the help of this apparatus, you can easily fill up big tires, run pneumatic tools, operate power tools, etc.

Our product is quite famous for small business owners and professional workers for its advanced features. It comes with a two-stage oiled air compressor. This is why it can be used for powering sanders, wrenches, pray guns, and many other pneumatic tools. There is a high psi built-in rate, so it compresses air with a very short period.

The Features of PowerMate 60 Gallon Air Compressor

PowerMate 60 Gallon Air Compressor

The PowerMate 60-gallon air compressor comes with a variety of game-changing features. Engineers of PowerMate have redesigned this model for moderately handling the business purposes. This device comes with cast iron shield, oil-lubricated motor, belt driven, oil level sight glass, etc. The powerful motor is balanced over a 12-inch cast-iron flywheel. These innovative features make this device the most rated product in the market.

Soothing Functionality

Engineers have installed a twin-cylinder motor. This is the quality that makes this product unique compared to others. The 3.7 horsepower motor generates fewer vibrations and less noise. As a result, the heat produced due to the operation always kept under control. With our Vx air compressor, you can work in a quiet environment.

The twin-cylinder motor is placed over a cast-iron flywheel. It maintains a well-balanced design. As a result, it is also capable of reducing noise and wear over time. You can now work in a silent mode. You don’t have to wear earbuds to keep the noise level at a moderate level.

Maximum Pressure of Air

This is one of the most important things of an air compressor. You can be assured of the level of performance of the machine by this feature. Our PowerMate has the capability of delivering an outstanding amount of power. To provide the maximum air pressure, engineers have installed a 3.7 horsepower motor.

With a motto of delivering industrial quality service, this machine is enriched with the capability of producing heavy air pressure. You will get a maximum limit of 155 PSI within a short period. This is why the 60-gallon tank can be refilled with compressed air with a maximum pressure of 155 PSI.

CFM Rating

CFM rating means cubic feet per minute that ensures you about the pressure of output of an air compressor. An air compressor is considered to be a powerful compressor if the apparatus has a CFM rating of 10 CFM or higher. Taking into consideration this phenomenon, our PowerMate compressor comes with an adjustable rating of CFM.

This is why this machine has the capability of running at a rate of 11.5 CFM @90 PSI. This is quite a decent amount of CFM rating to be considered as a powerful device. While attaching with the air accessories, the maximum CFM rate should be kept below 11 CFM for running the machine without any hindrance.


You will have to provide 208 to 240 V to run the compressor by the spread voltage motor. This procedure is done without changing the wiring. For providing the best performance, the motor is equipped with synthetic oil for the best performance over a year.

There is a pressure gauge that can be operated with an on/off switch. It is equipped with easy accessibility of oil with an oil level sight glass. You need to conscious of the dust and debris. With a very simple step, you can keep the dust and debris off your machine. Just attach a hose to the machine outlet and blow away these unwanted guests.

Outstanding Design

This machine has a medium sized vertical cylindrical body that stands firmly over a ball bearing. The crankcase is placed at the upper end of the cylinder. It is colored in black for an aesthetic look. The crankcase is built with one-piece cast iron. The cylindrical body is also constructed with thermally stable cast iron.

Heavy-Duty Assurance

The PowerMate Vx air compressor is an ideal machine for DIY at home and industry. 4 to 6 users can use this machine at the same time. The best part of this model is that it can store a heavy volume of air compared to its small body.

To withstand heavy use this apparatus is featured with cast iron twin cylinder pump, oil level sight glass, and easily accessible oil fill. All these advanced development has been made to overcome any obstacle in a workshop.

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Air compressors are the best quality machines in your workshop that will complete all kinds of jobs like a charm. It is difficult to buy a particular product out of numerous brands. This task will be easy if you take a quick look at the pros of this machine.


Features & Specifications

powermate air compressor Features & Specifications

Final Verdict Of Powermate Air Compressor Reviews

The PowerMate 60-gallon air compressor is the most advanced machine for its great customer service. This machine runs relatively quiet with a twin cylinder motor. Developers have always considered implementing the innovated features for ensuring heavy duty usage. We are hopeful that you would be able to acknowledge the things you need to know about 60 gallon air compressors.

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