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Porter Cable C2002 Review: Advanced Air Compressor Machine

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Are you finding a portable compressor for powering your brad nailers? Well, in that case, Porter Cable c2002 oil-free UMC pancake compressor is the ideal option for you. This compressor is suitable for small business and household personal use. We are going to present a brief discussion about the porter cable compressor in our Porter Cable C2002 review. So, hold your breath and stay tuned with us.

Homeowners, DIYers, professional users prefer this pancake air compressor for its stability, power, and portability. This is why it serves the purposes of inflation of tires, running finish nailers, and small air tools. This air compressor has been the best seller for many years. It consumes enough power to run a variety of household tasks.

Porter Cable C2002 Review

PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor, 6-Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free (C2002)

Porter Cable C2002

The Porter Cable C2002 pancake compressor is designed with some unique features. These features have been developed by the expert technicians of the Porter Cable brand. The construction material of this device is imported quality. There is a water drain valve, rubber feet, 6-gallon pancake tank, a maximum of 150 psi pressure allows storing more compressed air in the tank and so many features. All these features make this product highly durable and quite easy for regular use.

Versatile Usage

This product is made for doing household chores and small business DIY works. You can adjust several types of attachments for your purpose. Each of the working application has been written in detail in the manual guidebook. You can use it for tire inflators, brad nailers, handheld blowgun, etc.

It has been found that you can also use it for airbrush work and bigger flaming and floor molding jobs. Though it’s a small compressor it has a powerful motor. With the help of this motor, the compressor can replace air faster than other related devices. For bursting rapid-fire nailing, 150 psi is quite moderate.

Ergonomic Design

The porter cable pancake compressor is designed by an elite group of engineers. Compact adjustments made this machine portable. This product comes in a small size with a wide range of applications. This is why you can take this machine anywhere. No matter you are a professional or a beginner, you can use it without making a hassle.

Because of its user-friendly design, you can take it for camping on the RV or you can keep it on your boat for pumping inflatables. Pumping vehicle tires is much easier now with the help of this machine. It also provides an excellent outcome for household projects and DIY.

Generation of Power

This machine doesn’t require that much energy to boot up. It only requires 120 V to start up with a low amount of amperage. This is why you don’t have to suffer that much for starting this machine even in the cold region. Critical weather is not a matter of fact for this apparatus. It is not a big deal to boot this machine up even in the -20 degree weather.

It comes with an extension cable. You don’t have to worry about power up this machine as long as you have a socket nearby. But there is a precaution for booting up the machine. This device should not be one the same circuit with other household devices like oven, TV, refrigerators, etc.

Capabilities of the Compressor

This compressor can compress the air at a maximum of 150 psi. There is a cut-in pressure at the beginning of compressing the air. Because of the attachments of the external tools, there is a drop in pressure at the beginning.

The compressor can run at a rate of 2.6 CFM @90 psi. 2.6 CFM is a standard rate of pressure that is enough for running regular household attachments. You should not use any accessories that exceed the limit of 2.6 CFM. It is the expert’s opinion that 2.5 CFM is the maximum output rate you should demand from this machine.


Generally, the usual pancake compressors face difficulties inflating the tires of vehicles. But, out porter cable pancake compressor has a large air reserving capacity. It can inflate 4 tires at a range of 20 psi.

It is a child’s play for this machine to run pneumatic nailers and staplers. You can attach anything up to 18 gauge nailers. The motor is capable of kicking and restoring air pressure for near-continuous use of any workspace air hose or airbrush.

Dual Outlet Facility

This is one of the best features that make this machine ideal for household chores and small businesses. Two users can use this product at the same time. You don’t need to buy two compressors for accelerating your project work. With the help of a dual-outlet feature, you can use it for the double purpose at the same time.

There is an integrated covered power cord with an installed dual factory air couplings. It allows quick connection to operate two air nailers at the same time. With the help of a 6-gallon pancake tank, this machine serves both of the users very smoothly.

Premium Quality Construction

First of all, the tank is made of steel. This is why it is quite durable. But due to the steel construction, there is a chance of internal corrosion if not maintained properly. This is why regular basis drainage is quite important. If it is maintained properly, the tank could last for years.

The release valve (bleeder) is the fragile part of the machine. For using this in extreme conditions, you need to be very careful about this valve. There is also a connector that is made of premium quality plastic material. The porter cable brand doesn’t compromise with the quality of its products.

Noise level

The Porter Cable C2002 pancake compressor uses the ISO3744 standard to produce 82 dBA. This is quite louder compared to the other models. If you don’t have previous experience then it might be a subject for you. After all, this model is not a silent machine.

But you don’t have to worry about it. This model is not that louder as you are thinking. The noise level is under the tolerable limit. The sound emits by this machine is louder than a vacuum cleaner but quieter than a lawnmower. You may consider this downside as a trade-off with the cost-efficient advantage.

Easy Maintenance

This machine comes with an easy maintenance advantage. To lessen the stress of people, engineers have installed oil-free supervision. You don’t need to use oil to take care of the motor of the compressor. The only thing you need to care about is dust and debris.

This requires the least amount of maintenance. You will have to attach a hose to blow away these unwanted hindrances. After finishing each project, a careful clean up from dust and debris is the only maintenance requisition for this machine.

Break-in (draining) Procedure

This is a very simple procedure. You have to turn on the device after opening the bleeder valve at the bottom of the tank. The machine should be run for 20 minutes without producing any air. Then simply turn off the machine and close the valve.

To drain the compressed air, you need to set the unit to 20 psi. Then you will have to open the release valve. After this, move the unit towards the valve to release the stored air. To lead a sound lifeline with your compressor, you should avoid releasing the valve at high pressure. Afterward, this will cause leakage.

Easy to Carry

The C2002 pancake compressor characterized by a corpulent design with shrouding coverage. It protects the vital parts of the machine while maintaining perfect portability weighing only 30 lbs. The weight of the machine is very light to carry around the workspace.

Due to its lightweight, it is easy to tag it along with while moving around a home, workshop, job site, in a vehicle, etc. Though it is light in weight, it stores a decent amount of compressed air per unit of the tank.

Working Guideline

If you want to use it for a long lifetime, then you have to avoid running this machine all day long. Any device of this dimension is not constructed to be run all day. This is an alternate machine which links the gap between the hobbyist and the professionals.

If you have no option rather than running it for a whole day, then you have to provide it a 15 minutes cool down after every 45 minutes of using. This will help you to avoid technical issues.

Fast Recovery

With the capability of 2.6 CFM @90 psi, quick compressor recovery is now a piece of cake for Porter Cable C2002 pancake compressor. Almost all the pancake compressors come with this feature but the basic difference is in the recovery time. But after using several times, most of them take quite a while to recover.

To lead a hassle-free life, professional users highly recommend beginners to use this product. You will get the same amount of recovery time after using it for years. You don’t need to worry about losing air pressure anymore.


There is an enormous 6-gallon pancake style tank that reserves a good amount of compressed air. This product comes with rubber feet to ensure the stability of the compressor. No matter how much pressure you are applying to the compressor, it will not move from its place.

There is a water drain valve to extract some pressure if you want to. All these features make this product quite reliable for day to day use.

Efficient Runtimes

There is a powerful 0.8 HP motor that stores a decent amount of compressed air in the tank. The tank is designed thus designed as a pancake. The motor produces a maximum of 150 psi which allows for longer usage periods within every compressor cycle.


Porter Cable always thinks about customer demand. Analyzing the customer reviews, they have designed the Porter Cable C2002 oil-free UMC pancake compressor. Several integrated features have been installed to achieve this goal.


Final Verdict

The Porter Cable C2002 oil-free UMC Pancake Compressor is going to impress all the users with its moderated features. If you are looking for something that is up to the standard level, then this is the perfect compressor to suit your choice. Despite some downsides, we can say that it is a very trending product with modified features. This product is a perfect match, especially for the newcomers. Before buying a product, you need to overview the details of that product.

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