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5 Best Plumbers Tool Box Review in 2021

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5 Best Plumbers Tool Box Review in 2021 1

CLC LeatherCraft 1539 Tool Bag


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Custom Leathercraft CLC 1530 43 Tool Carrier

Custom Leathercraft CLC 1530 43 Tool Carrier


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5 Best Plumbers Tool Box Review in 2021 2

Keter Masterloader Tool


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If you are a professional plumber, you should know the importance of a tool box in your work. As the work demands, a plumber needs to carry many essential tools to perform a task. A useful quality toolbox comes handy in this place as it provides enough space for taking every necessary tool. Now, choosing the best plumbers tool box is quite challenging, Given that all cheap products are available out in the market.

That is why we are here today with our independent plumbers tool box review to help you out to choose the best product. Our expert team conducted thorough research and analyzed the customer’s opinion to create this exclusive buying guide.

We believe this buying guide will provide you enough assistance when it comes to choosing the best option.

So, without further ado, let’s begin

Top 5 Best Plumbers Tool Box Review


CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Tool Bag

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Tool Bag

Wouldn’t this be awesome if your tool bag comes with 50 pockets, and you can quickly organize all of your tools and accessories? Yes, of course, it would be awesome. CLC custom leathercraft multi-compartment tool bag has everything to meet all of your expectations.

It comes with large outer compartments with 18 pockets, so you can get maximum flexibility while carrying your tools. On top of that, the main compartment has heavy-duty double pull zippers so that you can use this bag for real long time.

It also has seven exterior pockets, large carabiner so that you don’t have to miss any of your tools. Then again, the measuring tape clip comes handy to carry your essential measuring tool. Besides, it has a textured and padded shoulder strap, which is entirely adjustable, and you can take this superb tool bag conveniently.

The padded carrying handles will also add value when it comes to carrying the bag on your hand. The measurement of the bag is 18 by 7 by 14 inches, which is good enough to take all of your necessary tools in the workplace.

You can trust this great bag as the zippered side panels will prevent spillage of tools. Now, if you are conscious about the fabric quality of this bag, please don’t worry anymore. This bag comes with a substantial duty poly fabric body with poly ballistic trim and binding, which gives you nothing but extreme durability.

Key Features:


Brand                  Custom Leathercraft

Weight                6 Pounds

Dimensions      18 X 14 X 7 Inches


Custom Leathercraft CLC 1530 Tool Carrier

Custom Leathercraft CLC 1530 Tool Carrier

If you are a plumber and want a complete plumbers tool kit, you have landed at the right place. Custom Leathercraft CLC 1530 tool carrier has every exciting feature to meet all of your expectations. This first tool carrier comes with a 43 pocket tool carrier to provide you with maximum flexibility in your work.

It has separate pockets for drill bits and tips, cell phones, electrical tester, electrical trap strap, and other essential tools. Besides, it has two window pockets, and you can quickly see your pocket contents. The fun part is one window pocket is stationary, and another one is removable.

So, you can use it as per your requirement. The innovative box-shaped design is fantastic and prevents tipping of the tools. Besides, the tool carrier has a multi-compartment plastic tray, which will provide you more flexibility.

Whether it’s drill bits, screwdrivers, pliers, crimpers, or wire strippers, you can easily carry your every tool in this amazing bag. The empty weight of this tool carrier is only 3 pounds, so you can easily take the bag. With all these excellent features, this excellent value-packed tool carrier could be one of the best options.

Key Features:


Brand                      Custom Leathercraft

Weight                    3 Pounds

Dimensions           12 X 23 X 15 Inches


Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box

Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box

If you are a plumber and want the best plumbing organizer, it is the right place for you. Keter Materloader Resin rolling toolbox is an awesome bag or carrier for carrying all of your essential tools. This great tool carrier is made from an all-weather resin, and it comes with a total of 66-pound weight capacity.

Now, the weather-resistant feature of this product prevents it from rusting, peeling, and denting. The polypropylene construction makes this happen and brings extreme durability in this product so that you can use this for a long time. One of the exciting features of this tool bag is that it comes with dividers to organize the tools accurately.

On top of that, the heavy-duty frame can hold even the more massive tools, not only that the bottom divider will offer you deep storage space for more great tools. Now, you can carry a flashlight, hammer, or even the power drills in those compartments. This tool bag is a perfect one for the plumbers.

However, if you are into a DIY project, home improvements, and construction work, this tool carrier will come handy for its versatility. Besides, to give you maximum safety and security, this great tool bag has a central auto-locking mechanism.

Key Features:


Brand                      Keter

Weight                    13 Pounds

Dimensions           24.25 X 14.88 X 16.34 Inches


DEWALT (DWST17814) Tstak Tool Box

DEWALT (DWST17814) Tstak Tool Box

Wouldn’t this be awesome if your plumbing tool storage comes with extra-large volume, and you don’t have to miss any essential tool due to out of space? Of course, it would be awesome. Keeping that in mind, the DEWALT toolbox comes with so many exciting features to provide you with an optimum solution to store all of your necessary tools.

This great toolbox has the top organizer fixed dividers, and you can quickly organize all of your drills and bits. Besides, it comes with a bi-material handle on top of each unit to provide you with easy and comfortable lifting opportunities.

The heavy-duty rust-resistant metal latches will prevent this product from rust. On top of that, you’ll see the durable slide latches in this toolbox. These latches will allow the unit to be stacked to other modules, and you can use this product with maximum convenience.

The weight of this excellent tool box is 7.54 pounds, and you can easily carry it. Besides, the product dimension of this product is 17.25 x 12.63 x 13.25 inches, and it’s good enough to take all of your essential tools.

Key Features:


Brand                  DEWALT

Weight                7.54 Pounds

Dimensions      17.25 X 12.63 X 13.25 Inches


McGuire-Nicholas 22015 15-Inch Collapsible Tote

McGuire-Nicholas 22015 15-Inch Collapsible Tote

If you want an innovative tool carrier to make your working moments more comfortable, you have come to the right place. Mcguire-Nicholas 22015 15-Inch Collapsible Tote has every necessary feature to fulfill all of your requirements.

With so many exclusive features, this excellent tool carrier could be one of the best options for you. You can consider it as the ultimate open tool tote. It comes with 14 exterior pockets in a variety of sizes. You can carry so many essential tools in these exterior pockets.

Besides, access to tools becomes more comfortable with this carrier. You can quickly get your required tools even from the bottom of the tote. The tapered pocket design will provide you with more rooms, and you don’t need to miss out on any of your essential tools just for limitation in space.

Because it has enough space to provide you with maximum flexibility, you don’t need to take any extra stress. It has 14 interior webbed loops to accommodate your tools quickly. Besides, it has a tubular steel and sturdy foam padded handle, which makes it easily portable with maximum comfort.

Key Features:


Brand                    McGuire-Nicholas

Weight                  2.2 pounds

Dimensions         14.96 X 7.48 X 9.84 Inches

Things to Consider Before Buying Plumbers Tool Box

If you are a plumber, you already know that carrying all essential tools is necessary for performing a plumbing job correctly. Excellent quality and innovatively designed toolbox can provide you with an optimum solution in this case.

But, it is not an easy task to choose the best product because so many cheap products are available in the market. That is why we are here to describe what essential factors you should consider carefully before buying a plumbers toolbox.


The material of the product is the first important thing you should consider because the element of the toolbox is related to product quality. An inferior quality product is generally made from poor materials. That is why you should check the material of the product.

Because only durable, aesthetically beautiful, and portable products are made from excellent quality materials. In most cases, tool bags or boxes are made from leather, nylon, canvas, or poly fabrics.

You should remember one thing, the tool bag should be thick enough to protect your tools. The thicker your tool bag is the safer your tool will be in that bag. That is why you should never choose a tool bag or tool box which is built with poor quality materials.


The next important thing is the padding or cushion, which should be applied at the bottom. If you want to save your tools from wear, you should check the filling at the bottom of the bag.

Besides, a pack without padding can’t properly take the weight of the tools. On top of that padding or cushion protects your essential tools and keeps them safe inside of the bag.


Now, it’s time to check the number of compartments in the tool bag. You should go for a tool bag which has enough compartments to carry all of your necessary tools. A bag with several compartments is useful as a variety of devices can be taken in the chambers.

Without any doubt, a tool bag or tool box with multiple compartments or pockets will provide you with an optimum solution and you can carry a maximum number of tools in your work.

If you choose a bag that comes with lower number pockets, it is highly likely that you might miss out some of your important tools. Therefore, it is a wise decision to choose a bag with a maximum number of compartments.


Another critical factor is the portability of the toolbox. You have to check all the portability options of the toolkit. You should go for a toolbox that comes in a lightweight, and you can carry it with maximum comfort. Check the quality of the strap and the handle of the bag carefully.

Now, you’ll find most of the tool bag available in the market comes with two major portability options. One is carried in the shoulder and another is carried by the hand. Some people like to carry the tool bag on their shoulder.

On the other hand, some people like to carry the bag by hand. But, the best product always comes with both of the options. Therefore, you should go for a tool bag which has both the strap and the handle to give you the best portability experience.


It is another essential option which you just can’t deny. You don’t get your tools wet, right? That is why you must check whether the toolbox or bag is waterproof or not. It is wise to choose a waterproof container so that your tools remain safe even in the rains.

Because, we know, you won’t like to ruin your important day just because of rain or water. That is why, buy a tool bag or tool box which will give you the best waterproofing experience.


Yes, of course, you heard it right. The brand name is equally important, especially when you are going to buy a plumbers toolbox. The Best plumbers tool box will come from a famous brand. Because a good brand always uses the right quality materials to maintain its reputation. Therefore, try to go for a good brand to get the best product.


The last but not the least important factor which you should consider with utmost care is the price of the product. There are different price ranges for different types of product. Knowing the price range will give you confidence when it comes to buying a tool box.

The best decision is making a budget and trying to choose a product which comes under your budget range. But, you should always go for the quality even if you have to increase your budget for a little bit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a tool bag and a toolbox?

Answer: Both of the tool bags and toolbox are used for carrying tools. But, the significant differences between them lie in flexibility. In a general sense, a tool bag is more flexible than a toolbox. Because rigid materials are used for the manufacturing toolbox. Another noticeable difference is you can carry them in the shoulder by using the strap. However, the only portability option for a toolkit is using the handle.

How Do I Clean a Tool Bag?

Answer: First of all, it is the best practice to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. However, in a general sense, you can use warm soapy water to wash the bag. In this case, you should avoid harsh chemicals. Otherwise, your tool bag can be damaged. After rinsing correctly, you should dry it out properly before using it again.

What’s in a Plumber’s Tool Bag?

Answer: A plumber has to carry many essential tools in his tool bag. However, there are some specific and common plumbing tools that a plumber should put in his tool bag. For example, pipe cutter, spanner, pliers, mole grips, tape measure, torch, hammers, etc. can be included in a plumber’s tool bag.

Final Verdict

For every plumber, a toolbox or tool bag is a must-have product. But you have to be careful enough to choose the best outcome. Now that you already know every important considerable factor for buying a plumbers toolbox, our belief is you will accept nothing but the best option for you. We tried to gather all the necessary information in one place for you. We believe this exclusive buying guide helped you in taking your ultimate buying decision.

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