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Mobil 5000 Oil Review

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Get a combination of high-quality base oils and new age performance additives with the Mobil Super 120432-6PK 5W-30 Motor Oil. The product is one of the finest high-performing motor oils of Mobil super. In this Mobil 5000 oil review article, we will be reviewing this product.

Whether your SUV, car, or truck is a new or old version, the oil that goes in the engine matters the most. You must choose the motor oil that is capable of handling and protecting your engine. The Mobil Super has gained a name in the industry. You can trust their product.

However, if you are unsure whether you should choose the brand, don’t worry. We are going to make things easier for you. Let’s start with the Mobil Super motor oil.

Mobil 5000 Oil Review

Mobil Super (120432-6PK 5W-30 Motor Oil - 1 Quart

Mobil Super (120432-6PK 5W-30 Motor Oil - 1 Quart

Why Should You Consider Having the Mobil Super Motor Oil?

You should consider the Mobil Super family if you are looking for high-end motor oil. The Mobil Super line of premium motor oils protects your engine against wear and sludge and gives your engine a longer life. Also, the brand offers you their products at a reasonable price.

The products are ideal for any type of new-age gasoline-powered vehicles, including SUVs, high-performance supercharged, turbo-charged, fuel-injected, and multi-valve engines found in passenger cars, light trucks and light vans.

Let’s go through Mobil 5000 oil review!

Mobil 5000 Oil Review: Mobil Super 120432-6PK 5W-30 Motor Oil Explained!

The Mobil Super 120432-6PK 5W-30 Motor Oil gives your engine a longer life and protects the engine’s vital parts from different lubricant-related failures. This synthetic blend motor oil can serve up to 5000 miles, or the OEM recommended oil change interval of your vehicle, whichever is longer. The item comes with a 5000-mile protection guarantee.

In this product, Mobil Super offers higher quality base stocks than the conventional oils blended with performance additives. The Mobil Super line of premium motor oil protects your engine from any wear and deposits under a variety of operating conditions and ensures longer oil life of your engine.

This product comes with 15% extra cleaning additives in comparison to Mobil Special 5W-30. These additives protect your engine from damaging sludge and deposits. It has a viscosity index (VI) improver and pour point depressants that provide the most favorable viscosity and fluidity at a broad range of temperatures.

Mobil Super 5W-30 also contains additives for reducing friction. 5W-30 has been one of the common choices for viscosities over the last 20 years. The 5W-30 viscosity grade is classified as ‘Resource conserving’ lubricants of the engine (by the American Petroleum Institute (API)). It meets or exceeds the requirements of ILSAC GF-5 / API SN Plus.

This 1 Quart item comes as a set of 6. It is ideal for light-duty trucks and gasoline-filled automobiles. You get an easy cold starting than the Mobil basic conventional oil with the enhanced formulation as it helps to conserve oil viscosity.

The features for which the product stands out are its capability to protect your engine from wear and deposits. Let’s talk about these features.

Why do you need wear protection for the engine?

The moving parts in an engine are located very closely. The motor oils keep a separation between these essential parts. You might think about why it is so important. The metal frictions can cause the parts to wear down and gradually decrease the power and performance of your engine.

Moreover, in severe cases, it can cause engine failure. And it will be an expensive repair. As said, prevention is better than cure; you must opt for the product. This product will save your engine from any wear damage.

Why do you need to protect your engine from sludge?

Now let’s discuss why cleaning sludge is important. There are a variety of sources of deposits in the engine. These deposits coat and clog the vital components. And thus, it prevents the moving of the essential components. So, you need something to prevent deposits in your engine. And this product does that.



So, now you are clear about why you should consider this product. However, you must be wondering what exactly 5W-30 means, or you might be confused about it. Let’s clear your confusion.

What does 5W-30 mean? Why should you have the Mobil Super 5W-30 Motor Oil?

The numbers indicate the weight and thickness of the oil or the oil’s viscosity. The oil gets thicker when it gets cold and gets thinner when it’s heated up. The first number points out oil’s viscosity at a cold temperature (The W is for winter). And the second one refers to the operating temperature viscosity.

That is the thickness of the oil at the normal operating temperature of the engine. The lower the first number, the better the cold start performance of the oil.

Automakers recommend 5W-30 oil for use in many vehicle types – SUVs, passenger cars, light trucks, and vans. These include those with high-performance turbo-charged and supercharged and high performing turbo-charged engines.

It is widely used because it can flow at lower temperatures as it is thinner. Also, it is thick enough to operate satisfactorily at higher temperatures. Well, viscosity choice depends on the region you are living in.

Mobil Super offers a wide selection of 5W-30 viscosity oils. They are fortified with high-performance base stocks and a balanced additive constituent system. Hot or cold condition-they work satisfactorily. And you must know that they exceed or meet the latest performance standards of the industry.

Final Verdict

Mobil motor oils are trustworthy products. You can go a long way with them. When your choice comes down to 5000 motor oil with 5W-30 viscosity, this product is the best option.

With a reasonable price, you are getting a great service. Isn’t it cool? You are getting engine protection and a sludge prevention guarantee. These are the sureties your engine wants. To get the best performance, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in the manual of your vehicle’s owner.

The product is committed to proving longer oil life to your engine. It works great in difficult conditions. And you more advantages than conventional motor oil. Moreover, the item meets and exceeds the performance standards of the industry. This credential is enough to win any customer’s trust.

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