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Makita MAC700 Air Compressor Review

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The Makita® Big Bore™ Air Compressor enables mechanical efficiency through a Big Bore cylinder. And there’s interior pump of steady cast iron frame. The combo assists with bettering the exhibition of the air blower and animate recuperation time. It flaunts a powerful engine to generate just 80 dB of noise, which is like the intensity delivered by waste disposal.

Working temperatures are kept lower on account of the oil-greased up pump inside the Makita Big Bore air compressor, decreasing wear and tear. Coordinated warm over-burden likewise shields the engine from wear brought about by generated heat during activities. The Makita compact air blower flaunts a move bar handle that makes transport simple yet also guards the blower against harm. To improve heat dissemination and cut off the measure of water in the tank, the blower utilizes copper finned release tubing too.

To unveil more of its brilliant features and advantages, keep reading the Makita mac700 air compressor review.

Makita MAC700 Air Compressor Review

Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor

Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor

Big Bore 2HP Engineering

As you know, Makita mac700 features Big Bore Pump to deliver stretched horsepower on output. Again, cast iron chamber integration for the pump initiates has a distinguished strike. Therefore, the pumped action leads to pressure enhancement following a faster refill. The cast iron body is built for enhancing toughness considerably under difficult undertaking site conditions.

The MAC700 pump itself includes a peculiar oil-greased up design. Additional furnish contains an automotive-style filter. Not to mention, the large-sized filter triggers the expansion of internal air admission towards higher output efficiency. Meanwhile, the built-in 2.6-gal tank can provide 130 PSI on output at its peak performance. But for the standard, you’re to get 3.8 & 3.3 CFM at 40 & 90 PSI respectively.

The mac700 runs cooler and at a lower RPM than similar air compressor units, bringing about a more prominent engine and pump life with reduced noise. AMP draw is comparatively low. So instances of tripped breakers and voltage drop that may cause untimely motor failure are well reduced.

Aside from others, integration of bar handle allows you to enjoy extra convenience. In fact, you can handle the machine without the slightest disruption in the garage. There are some bonus features to help you with its operation. There comes an oil channel along with sight glass to monitor the existing fuel condition. You’ll have one finned release tubing to dissipate the extreme heat coming from the inside. Besides, the tank channel valve puts out its featured petcock plan.

Cast-Iron Cylinders

The mac700 air compressor’s engine is infused with large cast-iron cylinders. They are designed to accelerate performance as they hold larger pistons and maintain the momentum for longer periods. Ideal for generating some heavy kicks and boosting performance.

Large Diameter Pistons

The Big Bore engine contains some large diameter pistons. These pistons run more slowly, produce more Cubic Feet every Minute (CFM), and have quicker recuperation times for preferred execution over standard compressors. They have excellent momentum conservation for steady outputs over longer periods. Reduced chance of sudden performance drops.

Horizontal Air Tank

The Makita mac700 is all about its Big Bore engine power. And to supply all that power, it has a 2.6-gallon horizontal storage tank below. The tank can maintain 130 psi pressure when full. Slightly lower than other competitive air compressors on the market. It’s able to deliver 3.8 CFM @ 40PSI and 3.3 CFM @ 90 PSI.

Efficient & Durable

The Makita Big Bore designed directly with cast iron chamber has more imperative action. Its encouraged the overall workability with extended weight & speedy recovery. The cast iron improvement is worked for extended durability a lot under troublesome undertaking site conditions. The mac700 has an oil-lubricated siphon.

It’s furnished with a huge vehicle style channel for extended air affirmation and more unmistakable viability. Increased air intake makes it more efficient and convenient.

Compared to conventional air compressors, the mac700 works at 1720 RPM, which is lower. But it’s work efficiency is all the same because of its large cylinder and pistons.

Furthermore, lower rpm leads to extended service periods. Ultimately lowering the maintenance hassle. Heat dissipation is pretty well co-ordinated with copper finned discharge tubings. Reduced water in the tank.

There are fewer chances of premature motor failure with this one as it draws relatively lower AMPs. Reduced chance of breakers tripping and voltage dropping.

Operation and Maintenance

The mac700 is easy to operate and maintain. It runs on electricity so just plug it in and switch it on. It has two regular pressure gauges to monitor and maintain performance. The high-performance regulator gives a gentle and steady output. Easy to use for anyone. It comes with two ¼ inch universal couplers. Attachable with most mechanisms.

Oil-sight glass lets you keep track of the oil level, increasing the efficiency of maintenance. But since it uses oil, there is a chance of dirt accumulation which may eventually create nasty stains. So keep an eye out for that.

Usage and Performance

The MAC700 is built for low commotion, high yield, and less support, and conveys modern force and results with improved toughness under difficult task site conditions. The MAC700 is simply one more case of Makita’s duty to creative innovation and top tier designing.

This compressor is exclusively for heavy-duty jobs. Greatly assists in DIY projects, professional workshop workers, crafters, contract workers, etc. Suitable for large volume industry works with adverse environmental exposure. Suitable for air machinery, carpeting, paint sprayers, airbrushing, roof nailing, bolting, framing nailingsanders, pneumatic nailers, abrasive sandblasters, and more.

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Final Verdict

As stated before, the mac700 is controlled by a 2.0 HP engine. The cast iron development is built for expanded strength much under difficult undertaking site conditions. An oil-greased up siphon and is outfitted with an enormous automotive channel for expanded air consumption and more noteworthy productivity. Runs cooler and at a lower RPM. The Makita Big Bore™ built-in pump with metal chamber has a remarkable bore and stroke for quick recuperation ahead of expanded pressure.

Overall, it’s a performance-driven air compressor suitable for a variety of jobs indoor and outdoor. Contract works, professional jobs, and DIY projects are greatly supported by its adaptability. Recommended for high-performance works.

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