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Makita Finishing Sander Review

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This Makita finishing sander review is for those who want perfection in their work and to save their money. Because the product runs with 120 volts and the grit rating is number one. Which means the power consumption bill is being reduced. To increase the grip, the handle is covered with rubber having an ergonomic design.

Also, the contact area consists of a torsional object that has a speed of 11000 orbits per minute. To reduce the extra vibration the counterbalance feature is pre-attached with the machine. For cleaning the surface after finishing the work, there is a pad dust collector to clean up the mess.

Makita Finishing Sander Review

Makita Sheet Finishing Sander, 1/3 In, 1.7 A, Teal (BO3710)

Makita Sheet Finishing Sander

Makita is one of the best brands that provide good quality finishing sander. Our mentioned product has a suitable market value with a positive impression nowadays. Several features of the product are be explained with a proper description that may help you whether you are thinking to buy it.

120 Volts Voltage Requirement

The electrical component is mainly running on voltage and it consumes the minimal required power to become functional. So it is quite equivalent that the increase in voltage will result in an increment in the consumed power. Makita finishing sander requires low voltage to become executable.

The manufacturing company has given the capability to use only 120 volts to run the motor inside the machine. The amount is quite enough to rotate the disk that is under the front part with the highest possible rotation.

12.8 x 6.89 x 5.31 Inches Dimension

The product has a fine dimension with perfection in every measurement. It must be perfect because the balance factor completely depends on it. The machine is operated by one hand and the total weight of the product needs to be balanced also. Dimension 12.8 x 6.89 x 5.31 was included to bring precision in balance.

Ergonomic Grip

The grip has the objective to increase the proper holding ability to the handle of the product. To increase the grip means to increase the fraction of the contact area between the hand and handle. The rubber material is used in the grip and the whole area of handle is also covered by it with a very eye catchy ergonomic design.

11000 Orbits Per Minutes

The front part of the machine consists of a cutting wheel made of hardened metal. The cutting wheel is also called the disk that is the main component where the target surface is being smoothened. So the rotation of the disk needs to be high enough to cut the surface perfectly.

Thanks to the developers for working hard to improve the addition of the rotational speed. The disk rotates 11000 orbits per minute. The speed is high enough to smooth any kind of wooden surface without consuming extra time.

Smoother & More Efficient Operation

Smoothness is the main target of this kind of product. Because the product was manufactured to smooth the cutting edges on the target surface. The disk speed is not the only factor that is responsible to make any surface smooth. The integrity of the surface is also responsible.

Here the term integrity refers to how plain the surface is. You know that the corrugated surface is less efficient than a plain surface. Also, the efficiency of the working capability depends on a plain surface. Overall, the action is pretty neat and the performance is up to the mark.

Vibration Reducing Feature

It is quite natural that a machine like this can cause a lot of vibration. Because the rotation of the disk inside the front panel is very high. As a result of the component around the disk, it also started to feel the particle acceleration and the whole thing starts to shake. To reduce the vibration as much as possible, the product is included with a counterbalanced function.

2-Finger Push Trigger & Lock Button

The push trigger is used to start the machine while holding it on one hand. This is created for safety purposes. It also becomes very helpful while the machine needs an emergency shut off. The lock button is used to fix any current speed of the disk to maintain a constant environment.

Built-In Pad Dust Collector

The dust collector plays a very important role here. Because after finishing the surface smoothing, the extra residue of the work is being stored by the pad dust collector. The mechanism is to suck the residue through the machine. It directly goes to the collector which is also connected at the back.

3.3 Pounds Item Weight

Portability is a big question here because such a machine needs to be carried to different places according to the purpose. So the net weight of the machine needs to be less enough to carry easily. The weight of the product is around 3.3 pounds and it can be carried anywhere without facing any problem.


You might be thinking of buying the Makita finishing sander for your daily finishing work. But you might not have proper knowledge about its application. We are here with some beneficial content to help you understand its importance.


Final Verdict

It becomes difficult to smooth any surface by the machines which have lacks of rotation. Because the rotation under the spherical disk is the main key to perfectly smooth the surface. Makita finishing sander has eleven thousand rotations per minute that are enough to plane any surface easily. Also, the dust collector helps a lot to put away the residue. Every feature is highlighted with proper explanation in this review and we hope you will find the perfect one.

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