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Laguna Cyclone Dust Collector Review

James Kelly
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Power tools tend to produce lots of dust, resulting in a myriad of issues. In fact, a neat & clean working environment is always preferable regarding health, safety & productivity. That’s where a suitable dust collector can prove its worth. For this reason, we have Laguna Tools MDC0680 3 HP Cyclone Auto Clean for you. To get the plenary details, don’t miss our in-depth Laguna Cyclone Dust Collector Reviews.

The collecting system will help you to maintain a well-organized & healthy workshop. As it happens, MDC0680 Cyclone promises to clean every dust in its path, just like the name. Its powerful action triggers a superior efficiency, whether the shop is small or large. Representing the pinnacle of excellent fabrication, it meets the satisfaction of high-end users.

The Features of Laguna Tools MDC0680 3 HP Cyclone Auto Clean

Laguna Tools MDC0680 3 HP Cyclone Auto Clean

For over 36 years, Laguna Tools remains a reliable name when it comes to woodworking machinery. And their Cyclone Dust Collectors address the incessant dust build-up on internal filters. And its MDC0680 comes with reasonable upgrades in features & therefore, overall functionality. The advanced design combines useful technology to satisfy the ultimate demand.

Governing Design

Thanks to the premium design, the equipment will certainly add value to your shop. The metal structure withstands all common rigors to retain its efficiency for hundreds of hours. Meanwhile, it measures a moderately large 47” x 35” x 84.5” size, weighing an enormous 397 lbs.

Efficient Motor

Speaking of the integrated motor, Laguna Cyclone features a small one. In fact, the tool includes an industrial Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor. Despite the small size, it gives no compromise with the performance. The single-phase induction motor (1PH) is capable of delivering 3 HP output at 220V power input.

Powerful Suction

Obviously, the powerful motor generates reasonably high suction to clean off the dust. It offers an outstanding 2200 CFM (ft3/min) airflow through the built-in fan. Higher suction simply takes in every dirt & debris for sending to the dust bag. The 16.2” nozzle maintains a static pressure throughout to collect even the stubborn particles.

Advanced Mechanism

The rotational part offers advanced but simple functionality to catch the particles. In addition, the motor initiates a changeable rotation for aggregates. It encourages motor efficiency while providing optimum output. The cleaning dust goes through a 30-sec forward & 30-sec reverse rotation.

Separate Action

The Cyclone mechanism initiates an effective separation of dust & air. Separating takes place quickly following the suction, just before reaching the filter. The particles get collected without blocking the internal filtration system or jamming the outflow fan. Only the air stream is allowed to pass through the rotating fan.

Auto Filter Cleaning

One unique feature involves the self-cleaning ability of its integrated filter system. It triggers the cleaning of the filter by itself after every single session of dust collection. The pleated cartridge filter comes with high dirt holding capacity. A top-notch filtering performance prevails through an excellent 1-micron rating.

High Capacity Drum

For the large unit, the collecting bag is also quite enormous. The assembly includes a reasonable 60-gallon drum to store the collected dust particles. The metal drum allows easy disposal through lifting levers & separating wheels. Therefore, it remains incredibly easy to take out & reinstall the drum.

Larger Inlet Size

A standard size if inlet can collect a good amount of dust at once & save operating time. The tool has a considerably large 8” inlet along with additional splitters. It’s quite advantageous when you have a large space to cover. Not to mention, you’ll receive 3 splitters of a decent 4” size.

Supportive Frame

You’ll face no problem to remove the collection, thanks to its user-friendly assembly. The durable frame allows you to clean the surrounding space without any major distortion. It holds the disposable bags to stay in its designated place while collecting the dust.

Remote Control System

No more issue with setting the line of sight or running into unexpected laser interference. With High-Frequency Remote Control, you can skip all those. It lets you start/stop the machine from any position inside the workshop.

Further Improvement

To change the intake direction or splitter position, you may consider drilling holes in the system. In fact, drilled holes with stainless rivets nuts can allow you to rotate the top. Also, you can change the integrated casters to your preferred size for better movability.

Reasonable Sound

Likewise, dust collecting machines produce intense sound while operating. Of course, powerful action means a higher sound level here. Laguna Cyclone MDC0680 comes with a sound rating of 78 dB. Although it’s within an acceptable limit, many users may require to wear ear protection.

Simple Operation

The entire unit stands on highly supportive casters to ensure optimum portability. Not to mention, the swiveling casters let you move around the system to different workshop locations. And the maintenance is quite easy, without requiring any special expertise/extra hands.



Final Verdict Of Laguna Cyclone Dust Collector Reviews

A dust collector is one detrimental device to maintain a favorable workshop environment. And Laguna Cyclone can provide you the best cleanliness you can possibly attain. It comes with plenty of features to ensure maximum serviceability, despite the limitations.

Going through our review should help you to understand the quality & therefore, judge its suitability. This is one precious yet extremely effective investment for the shop. You won’t have to worry about the job site dust anymore when you have MDC0680 around.

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