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Jet DC 1100 Dust Collector in 2021

James Kelly
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Do you want to get relieved from disgusting dust at home? Well, we are here with the very recent automated technology. Jet DC 1100 Dust Collector is the tool that can easily suck all the dust from the floor. Nasal disorders like sinusitis can be cured by keeping the house away from rubbish.

Jet Dc consists of 1-1/2-HP and a CFM score of 1100. The single-phase motor with 115/230 V ensures more suction ability. There is an auxiliary feature that can acquire filtering ability. Also, there is a vertical bag of 7.36 cf which can collect the dust of 30 microns or above than that.

The Features of JET DC 1100 Dust Collector

JET DC 1100 Dust Collector

Jet 708639 DC-1100A Dust Collector has been made to clean dust from the house. The dust can be a severe problem for patients like having a sinusoidal disorder or nose bleeding. Many viruses yet dangerous for a human can be spread by the dust. But you can easily get relief from this problem by purchasing it. Here are some beneficial features to orient you in the right direction.

Advanced Power Source

The power source is the main feature that determines the sucking ability of the Jet 708639 DC-1100A Dust Collector. More power can create a higher capability of suction. Therefore, the power source can vary from product to product. This product has a power source of 1-1/2 horsepower.

Another factor to modify the power source with more power is the amount of generated voltage. The constant voltage supply can save a product from being destroyed by the overflow of current. The Jet DC dust collector consists of 115/230 volt featured motors to increase the power requirement at an optimum level. The house can be cleaned with fast motor action.

Product Body Surface

The body surface will ensure a comfortable situation by any means necessary. Because a product which doesn’t feel good while touching the surface, cannot make your mind satisfied. Jet 708639 DC-1100A Dust Collector consists of an evermore well-polished surface. This is also called a lubricated surface for better understanding. Moreover, the lubricant is just a layer over the metal body.

Application of Alloy

The metal body is made with the precious alloy. The alloy is a general mixture of high carbon steel and mild steel. Sometimes, it may consist of aluminum with hardened iron. The metal body has a high range of tolerance for taking any tensile or compressive load. Also, any kind of bearing load can be taken, as the product has an optimal score of ultimate yield strength.

Cooling Features

Jet 708639 DC-1100A Dust Collector has a powerful energy source and that is why a more amount of heat is generated by the motor. To keep the device functional and save it from getting melt, the cooling feature was included. The cooling mechanism is to get all the hot air outside from inside. The fans are made of high-quality plastic.

The fans have a high range of rotation per minute. Because, to get rid of the heat, generated by 1-1/2 horsepower, we need a good score of rotation per minute properties. The usual speed of the fan is one thousand rpm which is more than enough for a fancy machine.

Auxiliary Features

There is an auxiliary port that will allow you to access optional features like filtration. The filtration of the air is so much important, as the air inside may contain polluting substances. The breathable air can be affected by the contaminated air produced inside.

The filtration machine is attached to the auxiliary port with an airtight valve to maintain constant pressure. The filter uses a mechanism to consume all the available germs in the air and pass the fresh and cool air through ventilation.

Dust Collecting Bag

There is a dust collecting bag consisting of a significant area and manufactured surface to hold the rubbish. The bag is situated vertically to ensure the maximum entrance of the dust through the vacuum. The bag has an area of 7.36 cubic feet. The area can hold enough dust for one week perfectly. But the bag space is not unlimited. So, the bag should be cleaned every week.

Rate of Expenses

The price of the product is a very crucial factor for two-third of the people. The cost is prepared based on the manufacturing cost, product body surface, and long-lasting functionality. So the price is pretty much reasonable for the provided features of the machine.


Jet 708639 DC-1100A Dust Collector is a pretty much smart yet satisfactory machine. The main attraction of this product is the features that are made from advanced technology. Here are some cool advantages which should fit in your satisfaction list.


Final Verdict Of JET DC 1100 Dust Collector Reviews

The market has a lot of products to ensure customer requirements and satisfaction. But you will be confused by the description of the products and cannot decide to buy a proper one for you. We have tried to cover everything about the Jet 708639 DC-1100A Dust Collector for your better understanding. So, choose your product carefully with wit and tact.

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