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Husqvarna Carpenters Axe Review

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Do you wish to become a renowned carpenter? If yes, then at first you will be needing a multi-tasking carpentry axe. Several brands in the market produce this type of tools. So it is obvious to be confused about choosing an ideal item. This is why we have done the job for you. Husqvarna 20 inch wooden curved carpenter axe is the perfect option for you. We will briefly discuss it in our Husqvarna carpenters axe review.

This product is designed uniquely. You will have a luxury control over the body of the tool while working on a carpentry project. The head is of this apparatus is made of Swedish steel which is world-famous for its durability.

Husqvarna Carpenters Axe Review At a Glance

The Features of Husqvarna 20 inch Wooden Curved Carpenter Axe

Husqvarna 20 inch Wooden Curved Carpenter Axe

Husqvarna launches its 20-inch wooden curved carpenter axe with a variety of eye-catching characteristics. The Swedish steelhead is so sharp that it can carve the wood surface without any zigzag mark or scratches. The overall size is quite appropriate for evenly cutting down the woods. There is an inward curve to provide a comfortable gripping advantage. Stay with us for learning much more.

Eye-catching Classic Design

Appearance is one of the most important things that define the quality of a product. The developers of the Husqvarna have followed the classic structure of the Hudson Bay Axe. This tool is designed in a way that could produce a maximum strike with a minimum amount of stress for the users. The handle of this tool is made of hickory for long-lasting life-line.

For improving your cutting skill, you need a sharp headed axe. Considering this, the Husqvarna has provided a premium quality hand-forged Swedish steelhead. It is overall 20 inches long. This is an ideal amount of length for having utmost control over the chopping-edge.

Safety Measures

Most of the accidents in the wood carving sector cause due to the defects of the carpentry axe. This is why the safety parameter is the most important while choosing a carpentry axe. Husqvarna has taken care of this phenomenon by implementing some measures. User’s safety is always their top priority.

There is an edge cover made of leather that protects the sharp steelhead. The head is attached to the handle securely. A wooden and a steel wedge ensures the tight attachment of the handle and the head.

Accurate Cuts

The stunning design lets you superb durability and monitoring while cutting. There is a large straight cutting edge which is curved inward and featured with a thin blade. The world-famous Swedish steel is used as a head for the axe. You can use this tool for woodworking, roofing, cutting, etc.

The manual guideline offers people to hold the handle of the axe as close as possible to the head. By doing so, you will be able to have a precise cut along the wood surface. No matter how skillful you are, you will need a perfect fool for amazing finishing.

Multifunctional benefits

You can get several jobs done with just a single product, which is our Husqvarna carpenters axe. You don’t need to swap the tools for a specific purpose. This is a great feature for decorating your workspace. You don’t need to buy several tools anymore which will let you save your money.

Developers always consider the best options for your betterment. This is why they have implemented this multifunctional advantage. With this small product, you can chop wood, use it for felling trees, tear apart the firewood, and so many things. Let your skill flow with the help of this hatchet.

Lightweight and Portability

When you are considering to buy a carpentry axe, weight is the first thing you need to check for. Normally, professional workers and craftsmen recommend buying an axe with a heavy head. Heavy head generates more force than you apply. So it becomes easy to tear or cut the wood materials. But you need to be a professional for using this apparatus with a heavy head.

Husqvarna has made their wooden carpentry axe not too heavy nor too light and it is only about 220 grams. So the professionals, as well as the beginners, can use this accessory for their respective purposes.

Perfect Handle Length

This is an obvious option to think about the length of the carpentry axe handle. A carpenter’s cutting accuracy depends on the length of the axe. A long handle is capable of producing extra force using swing motion of users. But it is quite tuff to handle. Professional users choose this type of product.

Our Husqvarna axe is about 20 inch which is perfect for handling and cutting. With this handle, you can do heavy projects. The gripping capability is also outstanding. You don’t need to be a professional for using this carpentry tool.

Premium Quality Materials

This is a mandatory option while selecting an axe for carpentry or carving wood surface. The quality and durability of an axe depend on the construction material. To serve the premium quality, the handle of the Husqvarna axe is made of hickory. Hickory is the only material that provides the perfect gripping and durability.

The head of the tool is made of hand-forged Swedish steel. This is also stainless steel. To let the users know about the authorized, the steelhead comes with a marking at the edge of the steel. The steel is sharp as a razor blade. You can cut down a piece of wood by applying the optimal amount of force. These are the basic items that ensure the premium quality of the product.


You don’t need to beat around the bush to maintain this tool. It requires very simple steps to maintain. All you need to do is, clean this tool after every use. While you are done with working, take a dry towel to clear up the apparatus. If it gets soaked somehow, make sure to dry the wooden handle and steelhead for rust-free life.

Last but not least, never store the tool in a warm place than usual. If you do so, the handle might get shrink. These are the simple procedures you need to follow.

Sharpening the Steel

This is very important to have a sharp edge of steelhead while handling an axe. Right after unboxing, the steel bit of the tool shows razor-like sharpness. But after using it for several times, it becomes dull. But you don’t need to worry about it as you can sharp the steel again.

By using a multi-purpose knife sharpening stone, you can easily sharpen the steel bit. A specialized axe sharpening tool can also be used for sharpening this apparatus.

Grave Beard

The shape of the head of our Husqvarna carpenter axe is the most fascinating part of its users. The head of this tool has a deep beard. The beard means the deep notching under the portion of the head. This beard allows you to catch up on the grip of your tool.

The grave beard of our tool head is carved inward for providing ultimate comfort. The final purpose of this feature is to catch up with the grip to provide you precise and control over this product while working in a project.

Efficiency and Durability

This is one of the most user-friendly instruments for woodworking. All the features described above, make this product unique. Engineers of Husqvarna have developed these features for increasing its efficiency and durability.


If you are intending to start a project relating to wood, then you must need a Husqvarna 20 inch wooden carved carpenter axe. Here at a glance, we are going to overview the unique qualities of this product.


Final Verdict

After reviewing all the features and qualities, we can say that the Husqvarna carpenter axe will meet your demand. You can swiftly cut down splinter logs with a heavy swing by applying a minimum amount of force. Just read the whole review and clear up your hesitations by making a firm decision.

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