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Husky Tool Chest Review

James Kelly
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There are times when we look around and find many boxes and tools that don’t have a place to store. Well, not anymore! With the Husky 46″ 9 drawers mobile workbench, you can store any tool weighing up to 200 pounds. In this Husky tool chest review article, we will be discussing the tool, and it’s pros and cons.

If you are searching for a workbench with the perfect storage solution, don’t look further. Opt for the well-built Husky Extra Deep 46 in. 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench. Enjoy this versatile tool with more storage and workspace you can ask for.

You might be wondering what the different features of the tool are. Well, you must learn everything before buying an appliance. We will help you. We are going to discuss every part of the model. So let’s have a look!

Husky Tool Chest Review

Husky Extra Deep 46 in. 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench

Husky Extra Deep 46 in. 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench

The workbench comes with nine full extension drawers

This appliance comes with nine full extension drawers. You can understand what nine locking drawer means; you can store a lot of things you want!

More to the advantages, the drawers are long enough. If you want, you can store welding rods in it. With the nine drawers, you have more than 19,000 inches of space. Here, you can store all of your favorite tools!

Drawers are side by side instead of a full-width one, which is a good thing. It’s easier for you to use the drawers. At the top, you will have one full drawer. And at the bottom, you will see two large drawers with an extra set of slides. Here you can keep heavy items up to 200 pounds.

Well, in the other drawers, you can store components of weight up to 100 pounds. The tool can support more than four times its weight (in tools). The pre-cut drawer liners ensure your tool’s safety and stability. The feature secure latch retention system assures you that the drawers are fully closed and secured.

The locking mechanism

It’s a pretty standard toolbox. The carts feature a locking mechanism, so your tool is not easily stolen. The lock is not heavy duty. It’s a standard set up; it comes with two keys.

The versatile solid wood top

Let’s talk about how beautiful the 46 in. X 24 in. solid wood top is. The gorgeous solid wood top provides you with plenty of workspaces. It always feels proper working on something wood. It’s a perfectly sized body that comes with all-black finishing. You don’t have to worry about the rust because it is coated with rust-resistant powder. You can use the device as a work station where you can do your necessary works.

You don’t have to worry about the assembly!

It might be relaxing for you that the tool comes nearly fully assembled. You just have to install the caster, which an easy and convenient task. Well, in some cases, you might have to install the drawer liners only.

Assembly is not that hard. In case you want to attach the cabinet handle, you will see holes in the cabinet. You have to place the cabinet holder over those holes. Now, attach the bolts; then tighten it with a wrench. Remember that the holes are tapped, and they do not require any nut. The process is straightforward.

When you attach the casters, make sure that the drawers are locked. You need to assemble the swivel caster on the same side as the handle. Insert bolts through the washers, the swivel casters, and ultimately into the cabinet. Fasten it with a wrench. Remember not to tighten the bolt over.

Do the same process for the fixed casters that are on the opposite side of the cabinet. Put the cabinet to its original location. Following these simple processes, you can assemble the tool. This will not take much time.

The power strip is convenient at times.

The integrated power strip on the side of this mobile workbench provides access to two USB ports and four power outlets. This feature comes handy when you want to charge other electronic devices or batteries. You have an advantage of perfect cord length. The 5 ft. cord is not too much or too little.

Its easy mobility makes its usage more convenient for you!

You can trust its mobility. The tool comes with large casters that you have to assemble yourself. Don’t worry about the workbench being fully loaded up. You can quickly move the tool with the heavy-duty 5 x 2-inch casters. Two of the four casters can pivot (with brakes). You can quickly move the tool to different places in no time.

What about durability?

You don’t have to worry about its durability. It has a 21 gauge steel construction. It’s a great deal for the price.

The tool doesn’t need heavy maintenance.

Maintenance doesn’t need a lot of time. Use quality bearing grease to grease the casters. Do it annually. In the case of the drawer, you should lubricate the drawer slides two times a year.

See? No high maintenance required. Just spend one day or two a year for the maintenance.

Easy cleaning makes it more demanding.

You don’t have to clean every day. But you must clean periodically. Clean the drawer trim, drawer fronts, and other surfaces with water and a mild detergent. Apply wax the way you do on cars. You can use non-flammable cleaning fluid to remove oil and grease.

Things you should follow while using the workbench:

Now that you have learned about the husky 46″ chest tool, you can decide whether you want to purchase it. But to make it easier for you, we will point out the pros and cons of this tool. Let’s have a look



Final Verdict

Why wouldn’t anyone want the Husky 46″ 9 drawers mobile workbench? You must agree with our husky tool chest review. There is no hard work needed to assemble the tool. You can easily attach the caster and handles reading the manual. You don’t have to look after it every day. It spares you from cleaning. You have to clean it occasionally.

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