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Husky Pass Through Socket Set Review

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Husky tools have been providing you with well made, affordable, and the most excellent products since the year 1924. You might be a mechanic or even a DIY lover who enjoys doing mechanical work; in anyways, you will love this pass-through socket set. We will be doing Husky pass through socket set review.

You might get confused as there are so many lookalike products in the market with only difference in the number of pieces. Having a closer look, you can see a difference in ratchet, case features, and socket.

Well, don’t worry, we are here for you. After going through this article, you will be able to separate the husky socket set from other products.

Let’s Go Through the Husky Pass through Socket Set Review!

Husky 3/8 in. Drive 100-Position Universal SAE and Metric Socket Wrench Set

Husky Pass Through Socket Set Review

The Husky 3/8 inch 100 positions (20 pieces) offers you a drive system linking sockets and tools. It is a speciality tool. The product is the best to reach the hard to access bolts and nuts.

This product is the ultimate socket set you can ask for. In this husky pass through socket set review, we will learn in details about the product.

What Are the Purposes That this Husky Product Serve?

18 Knurl Grip universal sockets can perform both 6 and 12 different styles of fasteners. They fit both 6 and 12 points. Now you might be wondering what difference 6 point or 12 point sockets makes. Well, both are great features.

Point numbers mean the no. of angles that cut into the socket. For household projects, 12 point sockets are a better option. Whereas for vehicles, motorcycle repairs, 6 point sockets are preferable. Their walls are thicker, and force is applied to the flat shoulder of nuts and bolts instead of the corners. In the case of modern fasteners, they have six sides.

For a 6 point socket, you will have to rotate the socket to 60 degrees maximum before slipping to the fastener. However, in the case of a 12 point socket, you have to rotate a maximum of 30 degrees. It’s a beneficial feature when working in locations that are hard to see or tight spaces. As you can see, this tool is beneficial.

When Do You Need this Product?

This set is perfect for any professional mechanic. It’s a handy tool for the tasks where it’s harder to reach fasteners like the DIY works around the home or in the garage. Anyone can use this tool as it is easier to use.

With this Husky 20-piece socket wrench set, you get access to the bolts and fasteners easily. This set does the work that other ratchets simply can’t do.

What Does the Set Offer You?

The set includes a 3/8 in. drive 100 positions long handle, low-profile ratchet (has an arch swing of 3.6 degrees), a wobble extension bar, and 18 Knurl Grip universal sockets. You can only use your fingertip to grip and spin the sockets as they come with a knurl ring and tapper design.

You can use the extension bar as a standard extension when you fully insert it into the socket. Also, you can use it as a wobble extension when it is partially inserted. The product comes with an industrial black finishing. For easy identification, there is an etched laser size marked on the black finish. The smooth finishing makes it easier to clean the tool. You can simply use a cloth to wipe the oils and dirt.

The Quick Release Button and Reverse Mechanism

One of the best features of the tool is the quick-release button. Pressing the button, the socket falls off. It also ensures that the socket is locked in place; it doesn’t stick to the bolt head and become a permanent engine’s part.

The tool has a reverse mechanism that helps it work in tight situations. The included sockets are wisely manufactured; they have a precise fit over bolts and nuts. The flex head ratchet allows you to get into any tight places.

You can Trust its Durability!

No need to doubt its strength and durability as they are produced from Chromium-vanadium steel. It can tackle the toughest and strongest bolts and nuts. The sockets come with a standard length. One of the biggest advantages of the Husky tools is they are lifetime guaranteed. If your tool ever fails, you can replace it for free.

Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of the product.



Final Verdict

Your toolbox is not a complete one if it doesn’t have any socket set. So get yourself the best socket set. Husky has been trustable for many years. You must consider its toolsets.

The Husky 3/8 inch 100 positions set comes with many advantages that you are bound to purchase. The set comes with 20 pieces of sockets. You must keep in mind that many sets include tools you might not use or rarely use. Instead of counting the total piece, you must consider the number of sockets and the range of sizes they are offering.

The tool comes in handy when working in tight places, especially the places you cannot see. The flex head ratchets with reverse mechanism helps you with it. And the plus point is you can get so many benefits at an affordable price!

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