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Husky 20 Gallon Air Compressor Review

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Heavy garage jobs often require a reliable, sturdy compressor machine. And Husky introduces several models to ease the whole task for you. But there are a few ones to match the efficiency of its vertical electric compressor. The high-performing & capable system is indeed one great addition to any garage. You better check out our Husky 20 Gallon Air Compressor review for further details.

Air compressor is undeniably one useful equipment to pull off a variety of jobs. Hobbyists, contractors, mechanics & even simple homeowners need it at some point. That’s why you’re going to need a reasonably powerful one in the least. And Husky comes with the right choice to keep it under the radar. From interior mechanism to customer satisfaction, you’ll get everything in one piece.

Husky 20 Gallon Air Compressor Review at a Glance

Husky 20 Gal. 175 PSI Portable Air Compressor

Husky 20 Gal. 175 PSI Portable Air Compressor

There are a good number of high-quality compressors in the market by Husky alone. And you have to know Husky through its commitment towards top-notch products. But there are good reasons to make our chosen one a worthwhile selection. Not to mention, it’s probably the best entry-level model you can afford. Convenient features from inside out initiate superb functionality on the job. Plenty of benefits throughout the application is ready to give a persistent output all along. The equipment definitely lives up to your basic expectations without delay.

Straight Vertical Design

Horizontal shapes pretty common & to some extent, aesthetically good. Unfortunately, the bulky size is not going to cut it sometimes. But vertical one can amaze you with its advantageous use after the job. The featured model has a rather slim profile with low sidewise measurement. It results in a smaller footprint through 17.35” depth against 17.78” width. Of course, the sleek compressor design saves your floor – even for garages, shops, or basement lacking space.

Durable Steel Frame

Quality mostly relies on material & Husky did a pretty good job of that. The materials are solid, sturdy & durable enough to support the system. Of course, the mainframe includes high-strength steel to hold immense pressure. There are other parts of standard materials to initiate support for the whole mechanical process. Excellent material combo leads to high service life against frequent & commercial uses. But you should not get it for some heavier jobs requiring hours of continuous operation.

Compact Construction

The assembled weight measures about 150 pounds or 68 kg. Although it sounds heavy, the structure is somewhat lightweight in comparison to others. In fact, we’re talking about 20-gal compressors available in the market. By the design specs, you already have its width & depth. Also, the height is 41.88” from the bottom to encourage excellent user maneuverability. An ergonomic design costs you pretty less, specifically in terms of space.

Powerful Built-in Motor

Without any second opinion, the intended machine certainly delivers excellent power on the output. And it all comes from the built-in motor with an interior pump. The electric motor requires about 15 Amps at 110V to function. Therefore, you’re ready to go with the compressor right out of its box. With a reasonable 1.3 HP on the exoteric side, you’ll get enough power for increased efficiency. Not to mention, the enormous power triggers a quick recovery to refill the tank.

Integrated Tank Support

The name already gave you tank size or volume for the compressor. It’s one high-quality, powerful & effective option among all other 20-gallon systems. It can produce a maximum of 175 psi pressure on the output. This much can provide up to 80% prolonged runtime than the competitors. Not to say, the standard output pressure is around 150 psi all the way. Refilling the tank to 125 psi takes about 5 minutes only. Again, you’re set to receive a beneficial 4.0 SCFM rate at 90 psi.

Oil-Free Mechanism

The world is getting warmer every year, calling for eco-friendly tools & gears. And Husky realizes the necessity from the beginning. The targeted equipment runs on electricity, not oil or gas. It means no polluting emission to counteract throughout the place. You won’t have to inhale any burnt fumes or smokes coming from the interior. Oil-free action means less concern over leakage, monitor, spillage, or sticky buildup.

Less Sound Generation

Sound generation is literally inevitable with gears like air compressors. Conventional gas or fueled ones tend to produce unbearable noise. Even electrical ones generate a considerable level of noise, but slightly lower than others. Laboratory tests reveal a moderate 80 dB noise on action. Meanwhile, practical applications tend to record the intensity of 83 dB. You can skip looking for any ear protection like headphones right there. It’s definitely not quiet but not enough to damage your hearing either.

Convenient Portability

Movability is somewhat limited here, no thanks to corded or wired electric connectivity. You’ll always need a secure power source nearby to operate the machine. But for the weight, you have nothing to worry. Large plastic wheels measuring 7” in diameter at the bottom takes the whole load. Therefore, you can easily move around the system wherever you want. Obviously, the cheap plastic body is a minus but you can still rely on it.

Extended Applicability

It’s indeed the ultimate multipurpose equipment you eagerly need for automotive jobs. The system remains compatible with a wide array of air-powered & pneumatic tools. Inflating, stapling, drilling, cutting, bolting, roofing – common usability you can attend. Again, you can impose spray & HVLP paints on intended surfaces with accuracy. You’ll just have to synchronize the functionality to get the peak performance.

Operational Maintenance

Easy operation is always necessary to concentrate on the task. And the air compressor did pay the attention there. Regulator dialing seems pretty simple to adjust in no time. Convenient gauge position leys you read the marks without trouble. You barely need to go through the maintenance process, it’s just simple cleanups. No oily mess saves you a lot of maintenance, cleanups in the first place.



Final Verdict

Reliability, sturdiness, efficiency – you need for every machine on DIY jobs. And the featured Husky Vertical Compressor is one unit to meet the demands every time. Despite the limitations, you’ll receive a convincing performance. The model delivers excellent power on the output to get the job done perfectly.

Unless you have long-term heavy jobs in hand, you can count on the high-end option. Obviously, its price may not seem like the best bang for your bucks. But the tag is still friendly in comparison to alternate counterparts. Taking all the things into account, you’ll have to admit it’s a deserving investment.

Husky 20 Gallon Air Compressor Review: Features Need on Job 1