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How to Use Fencing Pliers

James Kelly
James Kelly

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Fencing plier is an excellent tool with its multiple utilities. This single tool will come handy in your day to day work and work station frequently.

The device is made of quality steel. Its handgrip has rubbery material, which makes it very convenient to hold. As the materials used in this tool is fantastic, it lasts for an extended period.

For an expert, it is a popular tool, and he knows well how to use it. But someone who purchased the machine for the first time, it can be a bit difficult to understand all the usages of the tool.

For that reason, today, I am going to give you a complete overview of how to use fencing pliers. With that said, let’s get into the detailed discussion.

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Using a Fencing Plier

As I mentioned above that a fencing pliers could be used in many ways, I will share all the significant usages for your convenience.

Cutting Wire

Cutting Wire

In projects for the electric repair, you need to deal with wires frequently. Whether you are setting up a new device or getting rid of an old machine.

You will find a wire cutter inside the Jaws of your plier. You need to insert the wire you want to cut off inside the jaws of the plier.

After placing it correctly inside the jaws, now squeeze the handle to put pressure on the wire. After that, you will find your wire cut off entirely.

While wire cutting from the fence, fencing plier is one of the best choices. The fence wire is quite strong and difficult to cut off. Thanks to the fencing plier for its fantastic build quality, which makes it easy to cut off thick cord.

Getting Rid Of Unusual Staples

For various reasons, you may need to pull out staples from objects. There is a spike on the head of the plier. Gently place it under the staples.

After settling the peak properly, now put pressure on the opposite side of the plier’s hand. The staple should come out soon quickly from the hole.

Another way you can pull off staples is by using its claws. To do this, grip the upper side of the stuff using the plier clause. Now pull out the staples.

It might take more energy compared to pulling off using plier’s spike. I suggest you apply this when staples are loose against objects.

Using As A Hammer

Using As A Hammer

The upper left side of the plier’s head can be used as an alternative to hammer.

With the hammerhead, you can insert screws and staples inside the whole conveniently. You need to whack the screw staples head using the plier.

Of course, you will not be able to use this in all cases like a real hammer. But when you don’t have any ram close to your hand, it’s not a bad idea to use it as a replacement.


Fencing pliers can be used when you are looking to twist something. Especially if the stuff is hard to spin.

To wrap wire or similar material, what you have to do is putting them in in the jaws of the plier. Then turn the plier over and over again around the wire or any other objects for twisting them together.


Fencing pliers have the advantage over regular pliers when it comes to gripping something. You can grip stuff like screws, wires, staples, etc. using its pincers situated in its top of the head.

To grasp something, you need to use the pincers on its head. Open the pincers and grip the stuff. It can be cables, screws, staples, etc. Now pull the objects out or do other things you wish to do for completing your works.

How to Use Fencing Pliers Tutorial

Getting The Best Fencing Plier

I think some partial suggestions on choosing the best fencing plier will be beneficial for you. Because all the fencing piers available in the market won’t satisfy your demand. While purchasing a fencing plier, follow these tips:

Final Verdict

After the above discussion, it’s pretty much clear how vital a fence plier is in our daily works. Those who have found out its necessity would make it their 3rd hand for many activities.

Every tool has excellent utility if you can find it out. And a fencing plier is no different.

I understand it very well that we don’t know every tool available. A fencing plier’s utilities can be unknown to many of us.

And that’s what this article is all about. I just wanted to give you a general idea of how to use fencing pliers. I hope it will help you out!

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