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How to Use a Sliding Miter Saw?

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Sliding miter saws can be in different sizes, shapes, and colors. 7.25 inches to 12 inches is their range. These values mainly indicate the sizes of blades.

Larger sizes of sliding miter saw can easily cut wider workpieces. Sliding miter saws are great for making simple cross cuts, angle cuts, bevel cuts, and compound cuts.

Knowing all the details of your sliding miter saw is good. But to make every cut correctly, you need the right guidance to follow.

In this article, we’ve mentioned complete step by step guidance regarding how to use a sliding miter saw with some essential tips.

We hope this writing may help you with your sliding miter saw cutting.

Simple Description of Sliding Miter Saw

sliding miter saw is a kind of miter saw used to make precise crosscuts, miter cuts, and bevel cuts through a material by attaching a blade onto a workpiece.

Most importantly, a sliding miter saw includes all the characteristics of a compound miter saw. Moreover, it has an additional feature to move the blade back and forth using a sliding arm.

This sliding arm feature allows you to cut wider than the blade’s diameter. But, a sliding miter saw is quite expensive. To cut broader materials, you may not find any other option but buying a sliding miter saw.

You will find a trigger and safety button fixed into the handle. To make a regular crosscut, you need to press the safety button first, and then press the trigger to start the miter saw.

When the blade reaches its maximum rotational speed, lower the blade onto the cutting material. While it cuts, push the blade downwards.

Manu sliding miter saw consists of a clap, which is another useful safety feature. This feature is used to make the board steady while cutting.

Complete Instructions on How to Use a Sliding Miter Saw

First, check the blade if it is square to the table and the french. If not, then make adjustments to make it correct. And before checking, make sure you unplug your machine.

If your sliding miter saw has a port where you can hook an extraction unit, then do it properly. It will remove the majority of sawdust while you are cutting.

To Make a Standard Crosscut

To Make a Miter Cut

To Make a Bevel Cut

To Make a Compound Cut

10 Sliding Miter Saw Tips

Below we’ve mentioned 10 different sliding miters saw tips. These tips will undoubtedly allow your sliding miter saw to perform more functionally and efficiently.

1. With the help of a stop, block try to make repeated cuts.

Experienced woodworkers always follow this tip. For doing repetitive cuts, you need to set measurement on your sliding miter saw, fix a stop block at a precise length you need to cut over and over again.

2. Set up a laser

Many modern models come with a built-in laser system. The laser mechanism allows you to cut even faster as you don’t need to align the blade to the line you’ve marked to cut.

If you own an old model of sliding miter saw, then you might not get a built-in laser system. Don’t worry; you don’t have to sell it. Instead, buy a laser guard and attach it to the blade in the place of the washer.

3. Wait until the blade rotates at its maximum speed.

Woodworkers consider this tip as the first thing to consider while cutting. The blade only needs a few seconds to reach its maximum speed.

This allows you to cut through your material without any bit of trouble.

4. Upgrade your sliding miter saw blade.

Upgrading your sliding miter to a better quality blade supports smooth and flush cutting. Without the right quality blade, your high-quality slide, motor, and the bevel are relatively ineffective.

5. Include an additional fence to your sliding miter saw

This tip is handy for cutting small workpieces. It is tough to avoid danger while cutting small pieces of materials.

Installing an additional fence, avoid the small pieces of material to fall back into the sliding blade.

6. Don’t slam down the blade.

While making any cut, don’t slam the blade down into the material. It will damage the blade. To prevent the blade’s damages, follow the cutting process given above on how to use a sliding miter saw.

7. Mark danger zone with a red marker

Mark red lines on the fence and bed of your sliding miter saw. This will always remind you not to touch those areas while cutting.

For 10 inch miter saw, mark the lines approximately 7 inches from both sides of the sliding miter saw, and for the 12-inch miter saw, mark 8 inches in.

8. Own a double tilting saw.

Tilting saw allows us to make bevel cuts. Most of the sliding miter saw come in one side tilt. If you don’t own a sliding miter saw yet, we recommend buying a double tilting saw.

You can make bevel cuts in both directions with a double tilting saw. You don’t need to flip your workpiece to make a bevel cut from the opposite direction.

9. Clamp the workpiece

Clamping the workpiece is very crucial as the workpiece can move while cutting. Before making any cut, clamping the cutting material allows you to hold that position and make the cut perfect.

10. Buy a sliding miter saw with a transparent blade guard.

The blade guard is one of the most critical safety characteristics of any sliding miter saw.

Some miter saws do not include transparent blade guards. That’s why you are required to lift the blade guard to see if the blade lines up with the workpiece. This is quite dangerous.

You can easily remedy this by owning a sliding miter saw that has a transparent blade guard.

6 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Final Verdict

Using a sliding miter saw can be dangerous if you don’t follow the right way of using it.

There are four cuts that you can make with your sliding miter saw; regular cross cuts, angular cuts/miter cuts, bevel cuts, and compound cuts.

Above, we’ve demonstrated a step by step procedure on how to use a sliding miter saw, including making these cuts individually.

Just follow the instructions, consider the sliding miter saw tips and safety tips as much as possible, and get your job done comfortably.

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