Last Update: 10 Jan 2021

How to Use a Finish Nailer?

James Kelly
James Kelly

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The nailing job is now very easy for the latest technology finish-nailer. Highly pressurized air is used to kick the nail from the storage to make a perfect hole. So we are here today about how to use a finish nailer. The nailer has a gauge value of 18 inches.

Moreover, the exterior shape is made with high hardness metal which is not so heavy. The compression valve is situated at the front of the nailer which is used to initiate pressure on the nail. There is also an auxiliary section by which an additional air compressor can be added to pressurize with more pressure.

Components Of A Finish Nailer

A finish nailer consists of some fundamental components without which the device is impossible to run. We are not going to talk about the quality here because quality may vary from brand to brand. Here are some basic stuff,

Compression Valve

This valve is situated on the front side of the nailer. This is the main key to initiate the nailing job. The valve can be compressed towards the target. Before nailing the wood the compression valve is pressed forward to initiate the pressure.

Nail Gauge

The nail gauge is the main component that makes the nailer different from the others. The gauge value of the finish nailer is around 15 to 16 inches. Before nailing, it is important to load the gauge properly with the desired nails.

Pressure Input Zone

This zone is used to connect the air pressure line to the backside of the nailer. The pressure is completely done by air. The additional air can also be inserted with the help of the air compressor machine.

Using Criteria Of A Finish Nailer

If you don’t know how to use a finish nailer, it is time to learn. Because we are going to discuss the using criteria in this section. The methods are very simple and you don’t need additional knowledge to master the criterion.

Safety Concerns

Some safety concerns must be kept to maintain a secure environment. As it is a machine, it needs to be treated with great care. Because the chance of getting hurt is significantly higher.

Eye Protection:

Eye protection is necessary because the high pressurized air can create a high reaction force. This force can accidentally target your eye and can damage it. So eye protective glasses should be worn.

Disconnect The Air Before Loading:

While loading the gauge with the desired nails, it is recommended to shut down the air supply into the machine. It is done to reduce the probability of the accident.

Hand Protection:

The hands will be always operating the device. So it is likely to be injured. This will create a hole in your hand instead of creating a hole on the target wood.

How To Use A Finish Nailer Video Tips

Final Verdict

A finish nailer can be used in many nailing jobs. The main objectives are roofing, furniture nailing, floor nailing, jointing wood, etc. So it is important to know about how to use a finish nailer. Because with this you can do the nailing job without heavy effort and wasting less time.

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