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How to Use a Digital Multimeter?

James Kelly
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A digital multimeter is manufactured with electricity-non-conducting material. So while using the device you need neither any additional protection nor advanced knowledge. We are going to negotiate how to use a digital multimeter with quick steps. Follow us till the end.

The device is generally used in any kind of electrical components. Even the application in an automobile engine is also observed. To save the device from intolerable electricity, you don’t need to do anything at all. The pre-installed fuse inside the device will automatically protect the device. Because it melts while having an overflow of electricity.

Component Of A Digital Multimeter

Not every multimeter is the same. The difference is observed based on the brands. But some basic components are seen in almost every device. We have described some of the common components


There are 2 types of battery. Most of the digital multimeters use a battery that produces DC-current flow. This type of battery is used only one time. After a certain time, you have to replace those with a new one.

The second type is the rechargeable battery. This type of battery needs to be changed from time to time. The battery component is Li-ion. The amount of energy after 10 to 12 hours of charge can give backup up to 2 days.


The display is generally very sharp. The light-emitting diode technology has been used to the display panel. The color of the digit is red on the screen. The intensity of the color is very high and can be observed vividly.

Spherical Selector

There is a spherical selector in the middle of the multimeter with a red arrow at the edge. The modes can be selected by this disc. There are several sections with defined measuring units. But the selector must be pointed to the desired mode to be able to use that.

Shift & Hold Button

These 2 unique buttons are not seen in every device. The shift button is used to activate the function with a yellow mark upward. Before activating any function related to this, you just need to push the button first.

The hold button is used to lock any of the measured values. Suppose you have measured resistivity by selecting a mode and got a numerical value. You can hold the result by pushing the hold button.


The fuse is used for the circuit-safety of the device. This component is situated on the right side of the battery. When a lot of intolerable electricity is consumed by the wire, the fuse instantly melts itself and saves the device.

Measuring The Fundamental Entities

Before learning how to use a digital multimeter, the knowledge about each component is necessary. So if you haven’t read the previous section, you might need to read it. The measurement of fundamental entities have been described with steps here,

Voltage Measuring

Voltage readings are generally the measurement of the velocity of the less electro-negative electrons. This measurement is captured by the positive readings of the electro-positive electrons. Here are the septs:

Resistivity Measuring

The boundness while in the flow of current is called the resistance. The entity is generally applied to the electrical mixed-wire to make either a parallel or a series circuit. Here are the steps:

Current Measuring

The negative flow of the electron is called electricity. The velocity of a negative electron is very high. So the measurement needs to be taken with proper safety. Here are the steps:

Regularity Measuring

Regularity refers to continuity. An electric wire sometimes gets damaged from the inside portion. But we can not identify it. So this continuity section will allow you to know that. Here are the steps:

Measurement Of Advanced Entities

Some advanced entities can be found in the advanced multimeters. Those multimers are used for the huge electrical jobs and the use in vehicles is also seen. Here are the advanced features:

Capacitance Measurement

The capacitance is very important if the component consists of a regulator. The measurement can determine whether the capacitor is functional or not. To activate the function there will be an additional push button on the upper surface of the device.

Temperature Measurement

This feature is generally seen in those kinds of multimer that is used for the automobile. Sometimes the heat of the engine needs to be determined. This function can tell the real-time temperature and can make proper statistics. There will also be an additional push-button for that.

How to Use a Digital Multimeter?

Final Verdict

By using a multimeter you can measure any electrical entities with proper safety. Also, you will get the values with great accuracy and negligible errors. So it is very important to learn how to use a digital multimeter. You may have seen that the device is also used in the vehicle to measure temperature and continuity usage. Everyone should be able to use this advanced device, that’s what this post is all about.

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