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How To Use A Corner Clamp In The Right Way

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Corner clamp is a handy tool for clamping corners of boxes, cabinets, cases, etc. The tool grit two materials perpendicularly to keep the joint intact. Despite variations in width and diameters, the tool will still keep the object corners in an exact 90-degree angle.

As a woodworker, corner clamp is your go-to option when fitting different wooden object’s corners. Based on your need, you will find various kinds of angle clamp available in the market.

For experts, using a corner clamp is not that much difficult. But as an amateur, it’s common to face some sorts of difficulties when using it.

So to move away from your problems, today I will share with you a concise instruction on how to use a corner clamp effectively. With that said, let get into the business and take a closer look at using corner clamps.

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Using A Corner Clamp

Using a corner clamp is not a difficult thing to do it at all if you can do it properly. There are two significant usages a corner clamp holds. They are pairing corner joints and T joints.

For your convenience, I will show both corner joints and T joints common usage separately.

Corner Joints

Corner Joints

To join the corners, align the two objects at a 90-degree angle. Now set the corner clamps on the object parts properly.

Now that you have set the clamp corner, it’s time to set up the locking brackets on your desired position. Make sure the locking is done correctly to stop moving the objects when screwing them.

Now screw the corners using a screwdriver or any other tools you wish. After finishing screwing, you are all done. Now pull out the angled clamp from the object.

If you find that some small portions didn’t paired perfectly then collect a small size hammer. Squeeze those parts lightly to bring them in the correct position. Avoid big size hammer or intense squeezing. It may break down the components.

T Joints

T Joints​ corner clamp

To use the corner clamp in T joints, firstly align the parts of stuff in T shape. Now set the corner clamp on the object parts and tighten up its brackets.

Make sure that you choose the right corner clamp for this type of work. Because every corner clamps available in the market will not suit to T shape joints.

Now connect the object parts using screws, glue, rivets, camps or any other instruments you wish. Finally, check for any shortfall in the joints. If you find some, then fix them up. And that’s how you end up joining stuff in T shapes using an angle clamp.

Corner clamp has other usages too. For example, you can assemble quadrangular kinds of stuff also using corner clamp. The steps are identical I mentioned above in the corner joint section.

Connect different corners of the quadrangular, and then tighten them up using angle clamp. After that, join them using screw, glue or any other elements you wish.

Another simple suggestion; when you are buying a corner clamp, buy them in pairs. It will make your job more comfortable at your workstation.

Sizes Of Clamp Corner

I talked a lot about different types of clam corner and variation in usages above. So it will be a good idea to share with you some insights about various types of clamp corners.

When it comes to size, there are two types of clam corners available for users. They are small sizes averages between 3-5 inch and large sizes fall between 10-25 inches. Both sides have their benefits.

If you are looking to clamp small size stuff like picture frames, mirror frames, drawers, etc., then a tiny size clamp corner will work best.

On the other hand, you need a bigger size clamp corner for pieces of stuff like shelves, boxes, cabinets, etc. Because if you use small size corner clamps to clamp these kinds of stuff, then you must face difficulties. You will fail to join and tighten up the parts of the objects correctly.

How To Use A Corner Clamp Video Guide

Final Verdict

Corner clamp is a high third hand at your workplace, especially if you are a woodworker. There are many ways you can use a corner clamp to make your job easier.

When joining picture frames, drawers, boxes, cases, and different wooden materials, corner clamps comes quite handy.

The only thing you need to be conscious about is purchasing the appropriate angle clamp for your work. Manufacturers produce different types of corner clamps for fulfilling various demands. So you should choose one which meets your need best.

I wish this article on how to use a corner clamp will help out to use the tool effectively to fulfil your needs. I tried to make it easy and short so that you get the best out of it.

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