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How To Replace Trimmer Line?

James Kelly
James Kelly

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Weed cleaning jobs are done in almost every house but it isn’t done by hands anymore. Weed trimmer has been saving a lot of time by cutting weed at a fast rate. The most replaceable component of the weed trimmer is the trimmer line. So today we are here with the guideline about how to replace the trimmer line.

First of all, there are 3 types of trimmer available in the market. All of them have different objectives based on design. For that, the methods to replace the line are also different. Here are the 3 types,

1. Single Line Trimmer

The single-line trimmer consists of three major parts. The first one is the retainer cap situated on the top. The second one is the suspension spring to hold off the retainer and the third one is the cable holder.

Steps To Replace The Single Line:-


Turn Off The Machine:

First and foremost job is to turn the power off the machine. It is needed because the electrical component can cause harm if touched while connecting to a power source.

Detach the retainer cap:

The retainer cap at the top of the trimmer line needs to be detached by turning it to the anti-clockwise direction. You will feel a force due to suspension while detaching the retainer.

Insert The Line Into Spool Hole:

After detaching the retainer you will find a spool made with plastic.

On the surface of the spherical spool, there is a single hole and the wire needs to be inserted through there.

Turn The Spool Into The Mentioned Direction:

Now it is time to turn the spool to make a solenoidal situation. The direction will be indicated on top of the spool. Generally, the direction is clockwise.

Line Up With The Longitudinal Section:

There is a longitudinal section of the lateral side of the spool cover. This section is needed to hold the solenoidal line permanently.

2. Double Line Trimmer

If you are completely unaware of how to replace the trimmer line, it might be hard to replace a dual-line. Because this method is not exactly like a single line. Some integrated concepts need to be in knowledge first.

Steps To Replace The Double Line:-


Cool-down The Machine:

While doing the job the machine cannot be at a warm state. So the first objective is to turn the machine off and leave it to cool down for a certain amount of time.

Disengage The Sanction Cap:

The sanction cap is situated at the above position which is longitudinal to the sphere. Turning the sanction to the direction of counter-clockwise, the sanction will disengage.

Cover With Line In Dual-Sections Spool:

As the machine dual line trimmer, the number of the spool is 2. So there are 2 holes in each spool as well. 2 wires need to be inserted at a time. Then tuning the dual sphere in the clockwise direction to cover with the lines.

Adjustment To Both Of The End Point:

To hold both cover spool permanently, there are 2 longitudinal access points and the depth is .08 inches. Adjust the wires in those depth-endpoints.

Pressure Back And Ready To Go:

Now one last job remaining. The sanction cap needs to be pressured to its original position and turn the cap to clockwise. You are then ready to use the new wire.

3. Speed Feed Trimmer

This trimmer is the latest technology. There is a certain advantage of the trimmer. You don’t need to disassemble any of the components before replacing the wire of the trimmer.

Steps To Replace The Speed Feed Line:-


Align The Cap Eyelet With The Arrow At The Back:

The backside of the device will indicate an arrow. You just need to turn the automated spool to the exact position of the arrow and place the eyelet with it.

Insert Cable Into The Hole Through The Eyelet:

Now that the eyelet is in the right place, it is time to insert the cable. You need to insert the cable by measuring the same amount on both sides of the eyelet.

Rotate The Eyelet And Adjust Your Cable:

The whole eyelet attachment is rotatable. After inserting the same amount of wire, you need to rotate the attachment until your required measurement is acquired.

How To Replace Trimmer Line Video Guide!

Final Verdict

The wire that we are trying to replace has a precise diameter. The measurement of the wire is .065 inches. So it needs to be replaced at a certain amount of time also. After reading the whole content you should now be clear about how to replace the trimmer line. If you have any complications while setting the line, you may go through the content again to clear your doubts.

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