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How To Refill CO2 Tank With Air Compressor?

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An air compressor has a wide range of applications. From those applications, one of the most interesting ones is our topic today. You are going to know how to refill the co2 tank with an air compressor. An air compressor can create the required pressure that is needed to fill up the co2 tank.

A co2 tank consists of a high-hardness metal body with an outstanding level of tensile and compressive strength. Because the gas inside the tank remains in high pressure. So the filling job with an air compressor needs to be done with proper caution. Follow us with the content to learn about the safety approaches.

Optimal Electrical & Mechanical Parameters For The Air Compressor

The air compressor will need a power source to be functional. As there are different types of air compressors available, the power range and production capacity are also different. For this job, there is an optimal value not only for current but also for the voltage as well.

Voltage Requirement

The voltage draws the negative electrons from an abundance node to a comparatively less conducting node. This situation completes the circuit and makes the flow of the current. The optimal voltage for this operation is 100 volts. Also, the range from 90 to 110 v can be applied.

Current Requirement

An air compressor can push up the air at a high velocity with the help of the flow of electricity. Because the electron conduction to the backward direction causes a mechanical operation. The maximum requirement of current is around 1 to 2 amp. Generally, a 100 v machine can produce 10 to 12 amp.

Pressure Requirement

The job is all about pressure because the main objective is to fill up the co2 tank. But this part is very risky. The unbalance in the pressure can cause the tank to explode. The requirement of pressure is around 1 to 2 pounds per square inch. This means the equivalent pressure of 760 to 1000 mm amalgam pressure.

Decompression Requirement

As the compressed air will go inside the tank, a decompression factor is activated as well. Cause this is the rule of air passing through any pipe. For safety purposes, the decompression factor should be at least 1.2 units.

how to refill co2 tank with air compressor

How To Refill CO2 Tank With Air Compressor Methods

Here we are at the main part of the content. In this part, you are going to learn how to refill the co2 tank with an air compressor. There are some definite and simple steps to approach the operation. This operation is also time-saving and the methods are pretty much simple.

1 Check The Fidelity Of Your CO2 Tank

Hydrotesting is very important to be checked to prevent any kind of explosion. Every co2 tank is examined with a frequency of 5 years because the fidelity doesn’t remain the same. If the tank fails in the test, it is not recommended to use again let alone filling it up anymore.

The outer surface of the tank contains the value of the last test occurrence and the definite date. The format of the date may look like “06C20”. If you are not sure what you are doing then you must contact an expert. This information is highly sensitive because the pressure from the air compressor may explode the tank.

2 Empty Your CO2 Tank

If we need to fill up something, that thing needs to be empty first. The co2 tank has a definite pressure and the parameter is controlled by the module situated outside. It is necessary to empty because if you don’t do this it will become impossible to place the muzzle and to create pressure.

The surface of the co2 tank is made with high hardness metal. So there is only one way for the air to be decompressed and get out of the co2 tank. But we also have to fill the tank up by using the same gateway. This is the reason we need to properly empty the whole co2 tank before filling it up.

3 Connect Your Air Compressor

Now that you have empty your co2 tank, it is time to connect the air compressor machine to the gateway of the co2 tank. The connector pipeline may be a metal fixed washer or a thin rubber-made washer. The washer is necessary to make the area, between the pipe and surface of the gateway, completely airtight.

Although the pressure creating pipeline may consist of different measurements. Because the eligible pipe for doing a filling job has an optimal range. The range is around 10 to 20 cm diameter is enough for this job. The matching of the washer with the diameter is a must to maintain constant pressure inside.

4 Set Values On Your Air Compressor

In this step, you need to enter some optimal value on the air compressor control panel. Also, some readings of the other components need to be inspected at the same time while the machine is active. The optimal value on the pressure option is 1 to 2 psi.

There are 2 measuring meters with a 35 mm diameter. These are the components that need to be inspected while turning the device on. One of the meters is called the clockwise forward measuring meter. The other one is called the backward anticlockwise measuring meter.

The forward meter is used to check the remaining co2 level inside the tank. The backward meter is used to check the level of the inserted co2 air compressor. Both work simultaneously. This section needs to be observed to avoid any kind of unbalanced situation on the inside.

5 Fill Up the Tank

If you have done all the instructions above, this step won’t be a trouble for you. The connected air compressor pipe needs to be double-checked this time. Then the anti-clock switch valve, on top of the tank, needs to be open. Now the air compressor needs to be powered by electricity.

As soon as the pressure level increases in the tank, the pressure level in the air compressor will decrease. You will be able to see all the ratings on the 2 measuring meters that we have talked about. Remember, don’t fill the whole tank to maintain a safe environment.

Final Verdict

Air-pressure tanks-related to any components are dangerous because there might be a slight chance to be exploded. That is why filling up the tank is not so easy. Also, a lot of time is consumed if our described method is not used. An Air compressor can create a proportional pressure inside the tank which is enough to fill it up.

But extra pressure minimization is the main objective that may need to be done perfectly with proper caution. The pressure level is the only variable that needs to be controlled from time to time while doing the process. If you haven’t read the whole content about how to refill the co2 tank with an air compressor, read it again. Remember, safety is the main thing that you need to adopt first.

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