Last Update: 10 Jan 2021

How to Measure Current With a Multimeter?

James Kelly
James Kelly

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The current has a high velocity of the negative electron which is navigated to the reverse direction. For this, safety while measuring the current is very important. The best way to measure the current is a digital multimeter. So today we are here to teach you how to measure current with a multimeter.

The body material of a digital multimeter is completely plastic which is non-conducting material. The hardness of that plastic is also very high. There is a COM or ground terminal in the multimeter. It is used to get rid of the short circuit while taking real-time measurements.

Needed Equipment For Measuring The Current

For the measurement of the current, it is necessary to know the equipment that will be used during this operation. There are total 3 equipment that is pretty much common yet fundamental for this job,

Connectivity Cable

The connectivity cable is the only way to take the electrical signal to the multimeter. 2 connectivity cables will be required to do this job. One of them will go into the ground terminal and the others will go into the current terminal.


This is very important to know about the terminal. Because without choosing a terminal, it is impossible to take any readings. The current terminal will be highlighted in the below section of the multimeter.

Current Mode Option Selector

There will be a spherical disc with a red mark on the edge of the sphere. This disc is used as the selector of the modes. The current section is situated on the right side of the multimeter. The disc needs to be turned to that section.

Steps To Measure Current

In this section, you will know how to measure current with a multimeter. The steps are very simple for this kind of device. You don’t need to give extra effort for this job,

How To Measure Current With A Multimeter Video

Final Verdict

Not only current but also several electrical measurements can be taken with a digital multimeter. The technology is very advanced and shows almost accurate readings. So it is pretty much necessary to know about how to measure current with a multimeter. Remember the steps above to measure current with any type of multimeter because the rules are almost the same.

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