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How to Hang a Door on Hinges?

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Hanging a door updates the looks of your room right away. However, it can sound like a complex task to do. But our step by step guidance of how to hang a door on hinges can help you to do the job quite easily.

Most importantly, you need to have patience and follow a systematic approach while hanging a door by yourself. The task will become simple as long as you understand the possible obstacle you may face.

Whether you are going to hang an internal door or external door, follow the below instructions carefully. We have given some tips with each step that may aid you in doing the job with ease.

Materials & Tools Required to Hang a Door.



Step by Step Working Process of How to Hang a Door on Hinges

Doors in older houses may not be in a standard size. So, you may need to trim a replacement door to match. Or you can buy a specially made one.

But always keep in mind that each side edge of a flush door should not be trimmed more than 10mm and 5mm for a panel door. Otherwise, you will decrease the strength of the structure.

If your old hinges are good to go then reuse them or buy a new pair of hinges the same size as the old ones.

No more talk. Let’s dive into the procedure.

Step: 1: Measure the New Door to Size.

Taking the Measurements from an Existing Door.

If you are going to replace an existing door then directly take the measurements of that door and write down the height, width, and thickness of that existing door. And then analyze your range and select a door that matches your door measurements.

It is very common that you may not find the exact door size you want. So, you have to round up to standard door size.

To illustrate, if your door measurements are 1980 mm (high) x 758 mm (wide) x 44 mm (thick), then the typical door measurements would be 1981 mm x 762 mm x 44 mm.

Then use the old door as a guide. Simply place the old one on top of the new one and mark with a pencil where you need to cut or trim the new door.

Taking the Measurements from the Frame.

If you have a frame without a door, then measure the height of the frame at 2 points (left and right) and width at 3 points (top, middle, and bottom).
Select the largest of both sizes to figure out what size door is required. And with the required door size, choose a standard door size you can buy.

In this situation, use the frame as guidance. With the pencil, mark the top of the door height and side of the door width on the new door edge.

Things to Keep in Mind While Measuring the New Door to Size.

Step: 2: Trim the Door According to Mark.

With the help of a workbench, hold the door securely in place. Then transfer the measurement to the base of the door and mark across.

And finally cut the door to the length using a saw and wearing goggles.

After that confirm that the hinge side of the door fits perfectly to the frame. If not mark the door to the frame width.

Next, with the help of a hand or powered plane, gently trim equal amounts from each side until you get the expected width.

Keep checking if the door fits in the frame or not. Use the abrasive paper to sharp the door edges smoothly.

Things to Keep in Mind While Trimming the Door.

Step: 3: Trace the Hinge Positions.

After finishing trimming the door, now it’s time to trace the hinge positions. With the help of wedges and penny, hold the new door against the frame and form an identical gap around it.

After that point the location of the hinges on both the frame and the door at the same time.

However, if you are replacing an old door in your house, then the job will become very simple. You can use the existing hinge recesses in the door frame and mark these hinge points on your door.

Step: 4: Placing and Fitting the Hinges.

At first use the previous step’s marks to position your new hinges, and then draw around each hinge with a sharp pencil.

Secondly, determine the thickness of the hinge plate, and point a line on the front side of the door to that depth.

After that use a 25mm chisel to cut around the pencil marks of the hinge recess. Then keep the chisel at 45° angle and make a series of cuts at about 5mm apart. These cuts should be made according to the depth you’ve pointed earlier.

And then applying the hinge as guidance, drill pilot holes for every screw in the hinge plates. This will aid to avoid the splitting of the wood.

Lastly, with the help of an appropriate screwdriver, tighten the screws in place.

Things to Keep in Mind While Placing and Fitting the Hinges.

Step: 5: Positioning the New Door into the Door Frame.

This is the last step of how to hang a door on hinges. In this step, you have to place the door at 90° to the frame and at the same time position two wedges beneath the door.

To start with, fix only one screw into the bottom of each hinge. And while the first screw is in place, confirm if the door closes and opens smoothly.

If you are happy with the movement of the door, then fix the rest of the screws in.

After finishing every step, again check if the door opens and closes easily. If the door is not hanging correctly and is sticking or resisting around the edges, then you can try loosening screws quite a little. Sometimes the tightness of screws can affect the smoothness movements of the door.

Sometimes you may find that in one area the door catches the frame. That means, at that particular area, it’s not evenly spaced in the frame.

In this situation, you may need to remove the door again, then plane or trim some wood from that particular area to remedy the problem.

If you want to purchase the right Tools (drill/screwdrivers, hammers) for the task, visit our Tools section.

Some Safety Measures to Take

How to Hinge and Hang a Door

Final Verdict

So, as you can see, hanging a door is quite an easy task to do if you follow the above instructions on how to hang a door on hinges completely.

However, if the floor is not level, then you may face some problem to fit the door.

For an uneven floor, you have to trim the jamb to compensate, otherwise, your door latch will be misaligned. This is the reason behind the importance of checking the floor and measuring everything correctly.

Most importantly, make sure you don’t over trim the door. Because you can always remove your door out of the frame to trim. But, you can’t put wood back onto the door if you trim too much wood than required.

So, try to be very conscious while trimming, cutting, and drilling.

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