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How to Build a Deck Step by Step

James Kelly
James Kelly

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If you have enough space beyond your own address, why u would leave it rotten. Why not building a deck instead? And who on earth doesn’t want that place as pretty as a picture? Yet, preparing a deck is definitely not your cup of tea. Unless you get help from a professional or a guideline.

Without wasting your time, let me be your genie out of the lamp and teach you how to build a deck step by step. And I bet you won’t stop rubbing the lamp for more.

It will not only beautify your house but also gives your juniors a better place for fun and games. Merely found in the house within. In the same way, set a beach umbrella with two chairs and a tea-table. You are all set for your respite.

So, let’s not wait for something else. Start arranging.

A Descriptive Notes on the Making

We all know what a deck is, and there is nothing to add to that concept. Adopting from the ship, a plain wooden platform you will find. Up from the ground and coupled to the main premises. Some wooden pillar holds the plain surface, and a staircase is a way to reach upon.

Hence you can visualize how you should act. Let’s see then:

Before you start building your dream deck, complete all amenities related to it. Seek permission from local authorities and share your plan with them. If they don’t oppose, start your DIY project.

Tools and materials you may need:

how to build a deck step by step

6 Step of How to Build a Deck Step by Step

Step1: plan first:

You are likely to be a fish out of the water if you lack proper planning. Don’t make the same mistake I did. I wasted time, wood planks and energy all at a time only for an unplanned makeover.

Hence it is better if you are ready with a plan of the deck, about materials, sizes and layout of it. Don’t hesitate to add your imagination to it.

Step2: Mark the edges:

Rigid framing and a suitable footing assure you a long-lasting deck. And safety as well. To confirm this, Point the layout with batter board and string.

Now start using your wooden poles as the base post of your deck. Later secure them with nuts and washer to make the hold steady. When you finish all the edge posting, cut from the above at the height you want your deck.

Step3: Start attaching the lumbers:

Here comes the time to make the floor frame for the deck. I used pressure-treated lumber. I found these lumber very appealing in vision. Moreover, these chemical treated wood pieces will keep away the fungi and insects. As long as the frame is away from moisture.

But you can have your own choice as always. However, you start attaching the lumber to create the base. Place every rim joint to the beams. Drill holes and stick them together with deck screws. Now use the reinforcement’s brackets for a better hold.

Attach the other pieces one after another like this. To give it a heftier framing, I use small bracing boards between the parting pieces. It holds the pieces together and gives it a long-lasting shot.

Step4: Flooring and railing:

As you are ready with your posting and floor framing, next is decking. Make a temporary centering with parting boards. Attach them with screws. Therefore starting from the edge of the house. Use the straightest boards on the joist.

Now it’s time to drill holes until you reach the joist edge. Later secure it with screws. If you need to cut the lumber to label the notch, use a jigsaw for it.

Continue with the installation until you cover the whole floor. Secure it with screws as much as you need. Label the edge with the saw.

Step5: Railing the deck:

After all your hard work, the final stage is there—the railing. You could also think of an open deck. But your dream deck should be safe and secure for your kith and kin.

You can install the railing inside the floor frame. Also, there are options to attach it outside the edge of the rims. In this case, you must have a few inches extra to the planks.

Deck railing usually contains top and bottom rails with the back of the post. Try to clamp the bottom planks a few inches upper from the floor. Attach them to the post.

Now it’s time to secure the top rails. Top rails must be screwed to the top edge of the post. Allow yourself do the same adjustment with the rest of the rail plank and post.

For a clean look, use mitre joints at the corners. It will secure the caps over the posts and top rails. The last task related to this is to drill some pilot holes in baluster and secure top to bottom with screws.

Step6: Add staircase:

It’s time to complete the look with building staircases. At first mark the spot where you want to install the stairs. After that calculate total length where the run stops. Measure single steps as well.

Now use the planks you managed for stairs and add them to one other. I used off the shelf planks. I bought it from a timber store near my house. I had to fix them with screws only. You can also use it to ease the task. Just tell them the measurement you need.

Well, your deck is all set for you. Upgrade it according to your taste. Make it a comfortable corner to pass the time together with your family. Use soft lights for the darker nights and shades for the daylight. It will be a fairytale, I bet. These guidelines on how to build a deck step by step might become your favourite DIY project.

how to build a deck step by step

Safety Measures

You are not a professional, surely like me. Hence don’t forget to use the safety measures. Even professionals don’t avoid these:

Always remember doing thing by yourself is really apparent. But your safety should come first. Make your own security the prior one.

How to Build a Deck From Start to Finish

Final Verdict

I always love to pass the time behind my house. I love reading books sitting on a chair on the deck. Kids play around. I ornamented it step by step and give the deck a custom look. It reflects my personality. Hopefully, you will also love your deck engineered by your own. It’s always fun and adventurous to make something by yourself. Enjoy your new addition and stylize it day by day as you like it.

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