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How Does A Zero Turn Mower Work?

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A zero-turn mower is used to mow the ground with an automated blade which consists of high rotational speed. But the technology is very advanced and not identical to any other automobile. So we are here today about how-does a zero turn mower works. Every component and working method are being described here.

A zero-turn mower is run by an electrical spark pulse and the required voltage is around 12 volts. Also, the full ignition system runs by only one ignition key. The capacity of the fuel tank is around 15 to 20 gallons. The front wheels are comparatively smaller than the rear wheels for enhanced balance.

Parts & Attachments Of A Zero-Turn Mower

There are several parts and attachments for different objectives. The main source of knowledge is the user manual. The details about using the machine, starting the engine, etc are there. For your better understanding, we have sort out the component with a logical view,

Power Equipment

The power is generated by the motor and the motor runs with the help of the fuel from the fuel tank. The power production of the motor is around 25 to 40 horsepower.

Mower Deck

The mower deck is situated to the bottom of the Seatpost. The mode of the deck can be changed by selecting the transport position. It is needed while starting the mower.

Steering And Brake Controller

For steering and brake controlling, there are 2 longitudinal ladders situated at the front of the Seatpost. The ladders need to be pushed or pulled according to the targeted direction.

Tracking Controller

The tracking control switch is situated on the left side of the ignition switch. The supervised path can be tracked by the controller switch. Tracking is needed when light-intensity is low.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is situated to the backside of the mower’s Seatpost. There are 4 major components of the fuel tank. These should be maintained properly to get rid of any trouble,

Fuel Gauges:

The fuel level can be seen on the top of the screen where the ignition switch is situated. The gauges will allow you to measure the fuel level and display it.

Fuel Tank Caps:

To contain the fuel and cut every contact form the outside, the high tensile strength plastic caps are used. Generally, it is situated in the corner of the fuel tank.

Fuel Tank Selector:

There is a red-handled shaft that is connected to the intersection point of the fuel tank. It is used to select the desired tank to supply fuel.

Fuel Shut Off Valve:

Fuel shut-off valve is used to shut down the fuel supply from a particular cylinder. It is situated at the endpoint of the selector shaft and made with alloy.

Choke Controller

The choke controller switch is used to warm up the machine by pre-heating. The switch is situated on the right side of the ignition key. The choke function is activated by pulling up.


The fuses are used to give back up to any kind of short circuit. It can be caused by the electrical spark pulse and that can cause wire-damage. There are in total 4 active fuses.

Ignition Switch

This is the main switch by which the vehicle will start running. The running option can be selected by turning the ignition key to the anti-clockwise direction. There are a total of 3 options.

Throttle Control

Throttle control means velocity control. There is a shaft beside the ignition key to change the speed of the vehicle. If the parking brake is required, the shaft should be pushed in the bottom position.

Blade Switch

The red switch, at the top of the ignition switch, is called the blade activation switch. By pressing the switch, you will select the cutting mode for the blade. When work is done, push it down.

Seat Belt & Adjustment Ladder

The seat can be adjusted with the adjustment ladder. It is situated on the right side of the Seatpost. There is also a belt to give protection while driving the mower at a high speed.

Deck Paddles

There are 2 deck paddles on the right side of the vehicle. It is situated at the top of the mower deck. The deck release paddle will disengage the deck and the elevating paddle will lift the deck.

Roll Over Protection System(ROPS)

The high velocity can cause the whole vehicle to become upside down. To keep you protected while this situation occurs, a roll-over protection system is activated with high hardness metal.

how does a zero turn mower work

Fueling The Mower

Before starting any mechanical device it is highly recommended to check the fuel level in the tank. You also need to maintain some rules before fueling the zero-turn mower. By following the below steps, the fueling of the tank will be successful without any trouble,

Starting The Mower

If the fueling steps are properly done, it is time to start the vehicle. Several components need to be operated to start the motor. The sequence must be maintained to avoid any kind of damage or interruption while mowing. Here are the steps to start the machine,

Controlling Steering & Brake

As the steering and the brake system is completely different, this will need a week of practice before operating. The brake strategy is unique and the vehicle can also be run in the reverse direction. Here are some strategies to control the steering and the brake,

Stopping The Mower

The action needed to turn off the machine is very simple. The main components that are directly connected to the fuel tank need to be stopped first. Follow the steps below to create a safe stopping situation,

Mowing Strategy

If you have read the whole content until now, you have a clear idea about how-does a zero turn mower work. The automobile uses a unique technique to cut the grass in a very short time. The below steps will help you to understand how to mow with smooth approaches,

Safety Tips

Safety is necessary for this kind of vehicle because the mixture of fuel is highly flammable and explosive. Also, the speed of the vehicle can reach a higher value and create an opportunity for having an accident. So some safety steps should be kept while fueling and driving mower,

Final Verdict

Cutting the grass of the whole ground is quite impossible by bare hands, without spending extra time. So in this case, a zero turn mower can be the best choice for you. The customizing blade heigh will allow you to cut the weed or the grass at your desired measurement.

The steering control is a bit different than any other vehicle. But the training is not so hard and you can learn how-does a zero turn mower works properly within a week. The user manual is the only way to do every operation without making any flaws. Hope our content has all the answers you need.

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