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Forest King Log Splitter Reviews

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YTL International is a very renowned brand for making log splitters. Their Forest King series have been modified by splitter specialists. This is why it is the right time you must take a look at this forest king log splitter. This tool is made of advanced technology. Its comfortable steel handle gives you the best grip to hold. As a result, you can control the entire process accurately. After reading this forest king log splitter reviews you can understand why this is the best one.

It has 2 nice wheels so that you can push it while traveling from one place to another. You can cut logs horizontally. It will split your logs up to 18” long and 8” in diameter. It will provide 8-5/16” ram stroke. To access it, you don’t need any fuel. Its quality material will provide you a long-time service without any damage.

Forest King Log Splitter Reviews

YTL International Forest King YTL23101 Manually Operated Log Splitter 10-Ton

YTL International Forest King YTL23101 Manually Operated Log Splitter, 10-Ton

This tool consists of various attractive features. But here we will discuss in detail some of its major features. After reading this review you will get a proper idea about this tool. And once you know its features, you will understand why it is the best. Let’s see what features it has.

2 Steel Handles

A machinery tool’s quality depends on the parts used in it. The handles are one of the major parts of a tool. Because to keep control of the entire process you would use the handles. It consists of 2 handles to pump the splitter. These handles are made from high carbon steel. For that, you can control this tool smoothly.

When you hold this handle you will get a comfortable feel. As a result, you can cut the logs perfectly. You will get a long-time service for its durable steel material. So, if you are searching for a log splitter that has a durable handle, then it may be one of the best choices for you.

2 Wheels for Easy Transportation

While working, you have to move from one place to another place. But it’s very annoying if it doesn’t have a wheel to push it. So we have come up with this tool to make your journey more enjoyable. It has 2 wheels for easy and comfortable transportation.

For this feature, you can go from here to there fast. As a result, you can split more logs within a short time. So if you have to go from one place to another frequently during work, then you should choose this.

Split Logs Up to 18” Long and 8” in Diameter

This is one of the major and interesting features of this machine. It surprises you when you need to split different sizes log. By using our product you can split logs up to 18” long. This can help you to fulfill your required goal. This will help a professional worker to split different sizes logs with minimum time.

You can also split logs up to 8” in diameter. As a result, you can get different sizes of logs according to your wish. This tool is a blessing for the professional peoples who need a log splitter regularly.

Operates Horizontally

Some people need such a splitter that operates vertically and someone needs a splitter that operates horizontally. But our mentioned product operates horizontally. A log splitter cut logs more accurately when it operates horizontally. So, you will get this advantage while using it.

You don’t need extra help or support while operating. So, you can access it easily. Sometimes it is seen that a beginner can’t cut logs easily. Sometimes it is difficult for handicapped people to cut logs. To help them this will be the best choice.

8-5/16” Ram Stroke

It is made with modern technology. So, all the modern facilities are included in this tool. It has 8-5/15” ram stroke for easy maneuverability. This feature made this splitter one of the best choices for the professional worker. So, if you are thinking to buy a log splitter that consists of ram stroke, then you should select this one.

Weight is Only 90.3 Pounds

Where the ordinary log splitters are very heavy, there our product is relatively light. Its weight is 90.3 pounds. This is not too heavy for carrying. After all, it includes 2 wheels to push. So you don’t have to think about taking it from one place to another place. So if you are bothered with an overweight log splitter, this may be your best companion.


Each person has a right to know what kind of benefits they will get while using this product. You will be glad to know that you will get almost all the necessary benefits from using this product. So let’s see the advantages of this log splitter.


Final Verdict

There are different types of log splitters available on the market. So, it is a great challenge for you to choose the right one. To help you we have come up with this forest king log splitter that helps you to cut logs consistently. You can hold it easily and can control the entire process comfortably for having 2 steel handles.

You can split logs up to 18” long and 8” in diameter. It consists of 2 wheels to push it while traveling. During work time, it will operate horizontally. In this article, we have discussed briefly all the characteristics to give you a perfect idea. So, read our review from first to last, cleans your idea, and come to the right decision. We wish you will be highly benefited while working with this product.

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