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Diamond Wedge Vs Splitting Wedge

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Diamond Wedge vs Splitting Wedge, which is the most suitable apparatus? If you are confused about it then you have made the right call coming here! Both wedges that we have mentioned are pretty much similar in concept. But the main difference is the design of the wedge’s edge which we place on the plank.

Both Splitting Wedge and Diamond Wedge are used in our everyday life. They are both capable of splitting any kind of wood perfectly. In this post, we are going to talk about the key differences between the highlighted products. Follow the description to know about the specifications and key differences.

Diamond Wedge vs Splitting Wedge

Diamond Wedge

Collins Wood Splitting Wedge, Diamond Shape

What is a Diamond Wedge?

The diamond wedge is unique at its design and the shape is the main parameter. One can tell the difference between a normal wedge and a diamond wedge by the shape of the bottom. It has a diamond-shaped edge to split the plank of wood with several strikes.

The weight of the product is 4 pounds. The pointy edge helps to give the proper force on the plank easily. Because the reduction of the area can cause a significant change in the pressure. The product is well manufactured to prevent any pop-up after the strike. Usually made of high carbon steel.

How to Use a Diamond Wedge?

The functionality of splitting a plank of wood is pretty much the same as the usual one. The main advantage of this kind of wedge is, it has a pointy edge instead of a blade-shaped edge. The pointy edge should be situated towards the surface of the plank before applying force.

The angle of the product has a great impact. For being a diamond shape at the edge, the product has a different angle. The force appliance becomes easier if you can apply it from the right angle. But you need to give the strike on the forged area of the wedge.

Accurate Placement

Usually, the application of the product is seen on wood or wooden material. But for a diamond edge, not only wood but also metal can be processed by this product. In this case, the wood can be split but the metal cannot be split by one or two strikes. Because the metal has a greater value of tensile strength than wood.

There are some special trees in the western area of the world that releases water from its surface. A hole needs to be made to let out the water. The Diamond Wedge can be used to easily make a hole on the surface of the tree. It can be easily used by an inexperienced person.

Angle Measurement

While using the diamond wedge, it needs to be retained perfectly. Otherwise, the wedge will slip from your hand and you will get hurt. The force should be applied to the forged area to maintain an equivalent pressure towards the target. Don’t give extra force so that later you can pull the wedge up easily.

The product is made of high carbon steel and properly heated. It increases the durability of the product. The product is durable enough to split a large circular plank of wood. Cylindrical shaped woods cannot be split easily, as the edge is not flat. For this situation, you may need to make several holes.

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Truper Garden Tool Diamond Wedge

Splitting Wedge

Estwing Sure Split Wedge

What is a Splitting Wedge?

A splitting wedge is a piece of metal that is used to split a plank of wood by a blade-shaped edge under it. The weight is usually 5 pounds. The splitting wedge has a bevel angle that is responsible to apply force on the plank.

The product has a 60-degree bevel angle that helps to maintain the proper balance on the target. The product has also gone through the process of heating treatment. This helps the product to be functional for a long time. This splitting wedge also has a forged head that helps to apply force easily.

How to Use a Splitting Wedge?

The knowledge about using a splitting wedge is not so complex. Even for beginners, using a splitting wedge is pretty much easy. First, you place the wedge into a pre-occurred crack of the plank if there is any. If a crack doesn’t exist, you can drive it into the log with a hammer.

The procedures to use the product are much easier but there is a problem. Though it is user friendly, you cannot use it for a long period. After a long period of use, you may feel tired. If you are not used to using it then the work should not be done by you.

Accurate placement

People widely use wood for burning. Especially, people of the United States, Canada use the wood for their traditional formalities. Also, some people use wood for keeping their houses warm. The plank of wood for burning is mostly used in the winter.

From personal experience, it can be told that large-diameter blocks are often very difficult to handle and they are heavy. While using the splitting wedge you need to place it steadily on the grain of the wooden piece. Then you can put pressure on the forged field of the wedge.

Angle Measurement

After splitting a little amount of area by the wedge, you can now use an ax to split the whole piece to make it smaller. It will be easier for you to cut the rest. You need to follow some important techniques. Do not swing the wedge for playing purposes. You need to adjust your swing for more accuracy.

The common and working technique is to give the force until the plank of wood splits properly. Sometimes it might happen that the wood has not been split by a single blow. In that case, you need to find another grain to accomplish the force on the forged area.

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Final Verdict

While buying a perfect wedge, first you need to determine the purpose of using the product. The Splitting Wedge and the Diamond Wedge have their different applications. As the concept of both products is the same, you can buy one according to your desired requirements. Now go, choose your product.

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