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Dewalt Tool Belt Review

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Dewalt is a well-known brand when it comes to construction, tools, safety gear, etc. The DG5617 brought by them is a well appreciated, 20 pocket pro framer’s tool belt. It’s a work apron with yoke-style suspenders. And its main purpose is to give you all the space you need to carry your work tools such as nails, pencils, hammer, pliers, etc for working mostly on elevated construction sites.

This work apron has adjustable padded suspenders for greater weight distribution. The 5” padded belt is designed to fit a wide range of waist variations. There’s also a zippered pocket for keeping valuables like cellphones, car keys, etc.

You can comfortably use the belt for other kinds of works as well. Keep reading the Dewalt tool belt review to find out more about this versatile and useful work apron.

Dewalt Tool Belt Review

DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Framer's Combo Apron Tool Belt

DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Framer's Combo Apron Tool Belt

Dewalt products are popular for their versatility and quality. In this pro framer’s combo apron, they’ve given maximum priority to its safety and usefulness. Keep reading to find out some of the most brilliant features this product has.

Large pockets, More space

In framing jobs and other elevated construction works, you may not be able to move around too much. So keeping your tools scattered around is never an option up there. For such works, you need something with great carrying capacity. That’s where the DG5617 comes in. It has 20 large gusset style pockets for carrying your tools in an organized fashion. The pockets are sturdy, deep, and easily accessible.

There are 7 main pockets alongside 13 small pockets and sleeves. These pockets are optimized for carrying pencils, nails, hammer, pliers, cellphones, etc in an orderly manner. Some of the pockets are on the suspenders for easy pencil or cellphone access. There’s a dedicated pocket for a speed square.

A little downside is that the nail/pencil pouch is loose and material may fall off while you move around.

Smart loop and clip

One of the most important tools while doing framing work is a hammer. In the Dewalt tool belt, aside from the pockets, there is a steel hammer loop at the very front. Maintain your hammer with minimum effort. Keep it secure so it doesn’t fall off and cause casualties. It won’t get in your way so expect no extra hindrance.

Also, there’s a tape measure clip at the left-back pouch. Easily keep your tape within reach. But a lot of users found it inconvenient to have tape clips at the back. They’d much prefer it at the front. Though It’s up to Dewalt whether they want to modify the design or not.

Zipped pocket for extra safety

When you’re working on such heights, you should keep your valuables out of harm’s way. Losing important keys or watching your cellphone fall face down and scatter into pieces is not a pleasant experience. That’s why the Dewalt Apron tool belt has a zipped pocket. Keep your car keys, cards and cellphone inside it and forget it. For the time being that is.
Although the valuables are safe inside, some may find the pocket space insufficient for larger cellphone models such as iPhone XS.

Yoke style adjustable suspenders

The apron body is made up of Yoke style padded suspenders with Dri-lex. While the padding boosts comfort, the suspenders are balanced to distribute weight evenly throughout the apron. So the fitting is great while maintaining a comfortable balance.

The suspenders are adjustable according to your height. They have extra pockets and a neoprene padded cell phone holder with hook and loop closure.

Breathable, padded belt

The belt is 5” wide and also padded with Dri-Lex. Its made with air mesh fabric to enhance breathability, minimize heat and sweat accumulation. So improved ventilation keeps you dry and comfortable.

The belt is equipped with a double-tongue roller buckle for improved comfort. The stability of the belt is also optimized. Patented pouch handles allow for simple belt adjustments and easy one-hand carrying, and convenient on-hook storage.

Skinny or chubby? Fits all!

The whole apron is so adjustable that it fits almost anyone despite their health. The belt closure circumference ranges from 29 inches to 46 inches. Also, the pouches are equipped with convenient one-hand handles for easy belt adjustments. So as you can see, fitting won’t be an issue with these on.

Dewalt durability

The DG5617 apron tool belt is fully padded and neoprene made. The whole body is held together with industrial-grade stitching. So it should be able to survive harsh work environments. Furthermore, Dewalt is offering 7 years of limited liability warranty on this product.

Features and Specs – Overview

Dewalt Tool Belt Review



Final Verdict

Dewalt has been making safety gear and tools for a long time. So they design their product based on the actual work environment, considering every situation that may arise. This tool belt is one of their premia picks for framers. It offers a good space with lots of pockets. Some of them tool oriented.

The whole apron is comfortably padded, durable, adjustable, and well ventilated. So to keep your tools close in an orderly fashion and get the jobs done, this apron tool belt will surely come in handy.

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