Last Update: 10 Jan 2021

Can An Impact Driver Be Used As A Drill?

James Kelly
James Kelly

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Many of us prefer pneumatic energy to force a lug nut into the target object. But it doesn’t seem always available because the device, related to this job, is quite expensive. So the question is can an impact driver be used as a drill, while there is no pneumatic tool available?

Yes, you can certainly use an impact driver to screw down or to make a drill hole. To do that you have to know the real mechanism of an impact driver first. It is almost similar to a drilling machine. The rotational speed can be adjusted according to the required depth of the cut.

Basic Components Of An Impact Driver

It is almost the same as the drilling machine. The shape is like a gun and the holding position is at the lower end. There is also a switch attached with the handle to trigger the work for being done. At the front end, it consists of a screw receiver to fit any screw measurement.

At the back of the receiver, there is a circle with RPM measurement. You can choose your preferred speed and adjust the speed while necessary. But you need to be careful while choosing the speed because more speed requires more holding capability.

This device can be used as a drilling machine if you change the receiver. The receiver consists of 3 jaws. By turning anti-clockwise, the receiver can be disclosed very easily. The drilling receiver consists of 4 jaws. By turning clockwise the receiver can be attached.

Using Criteria

Now that you know about the basic components, we will negotiate about how Can an impact driver be used as a drill. It doesn’t require any complicated steps. You don’t need to be a professional to replace the receiver also.

Final Verdict of Can An Impact Driver Be Used As A Drill

We have discussed the simplest way for you about how Can an impact driver be used as a drill. But an impact driver is mainly for lug nuts. It is not made for drilling jobs. The main drill machine is quite heavy for reducing the torque effect. So high hardness material should not be drilled by the impact-driller.

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