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Bosch Demolition Hammer Review

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Breaking up hard surfaces seemed a very tedious & strenuous job unless jackhammers. And the heavy-duty kit has to remain tough for lasting like old boots. At the point, you can go for Bosch 11335K Jack Hammer Kit. You definitely want to have something effective from top to bottom in the field. Look into our in-depth Bosch Demolition Hammer review to make the judgment call.

Bosch is around for a good time to earn its current reputation. In fact, you can barely get any surpassing competitors in terms of power tools. And the company is ready to serve your purpose with optimum satisfaction. The featured 11335K Kit can meet your expectation in handling an extensive task. It’s indeed a favorite unit in the books of many smart & cautious contractors.

Bosch Demolition Hammer Review

Bosch 11335K 35-Pound 1-1/8-Inch Jack Hammer Kit

Features of Bosch 11335K Jack Hammer Kit

You’ll have to settle down for something convenient to meet the job requirements. Whether it’s asphalt, concrete, or other indoor foundation – you need sufficient force. And Bosch promises to deliver the necessary power for the intended gear. There are several other choices, even from Bosch itself.

But there are good reasons to keep it on top of your checklist. Good number of features make the system useful in different ways. Obviously, you’re to get solicited advantages to accomplish the desired output. You better explore all the features explained individually right below. The entire account is likely to give you a clearer picture in no time.

Practical In-Line Design

Overall structural built fulfills the basic requirements very well. It comes with a sleek, sturdy, reliable & enduring profile to accomplish the target. Design is incredibly solid to withstand the heavy impact load. Thoughtful placement of interior parts maintains a supportive action. Optimum tool balance enables an excellent user-friendly gear to handle. Again, it lets you enjoy further control over the mechanical output. Aside from the standard vertical position, you can go for horizontal as well as angled demolition.

Supportive 38-lbs Weight

There was the time to rate a jackhammer with its self-weight. But modern electric gears come with other specs towards rating. Still, self-weight plays a large part when it gets to handling & drilling efficiency. You’ll have to bear a moderate 38 pounds of weight right here. Considering all the modern gears, it lies in the middle of the preferred range. For the best part, it reduces the vibration by 40% on long-term works. Therefore, you can take down a good surface area of reasonable thickness.

Powerful 15.0 Amp Motor

Current versions of demolition hammers are basically corded-electric. An integrated motor powers up the system for functionality. Higher motor amp implies a better impact on the surface. And Bosch 11335K features a 15.0 Amp motor with a 120V rating. For the point, the system requires a 2700W generator to make it function on the site. It initiates a faster removal rate, taking the counterparts into account. Therefore, its mechanism lets you enjoy a maintained balance between consumption & transformation.

Standard 1300 BPM Rate

Number of strikes per certain time gives you an effective impact rate. IPM (Impacts Per Minute) or BPM (Blows/Beats per Minute) lets you know the rate. It indirectly reveals the hammer’s capability to break down the materials. You’ll get about 1300 BPM with our targeted jackhammer. Not to mention, the rate is pretty standard but not exactly going through the roof.

Built-in Vibration Control

Extreme impact energy from the inside delivers sheer blows on the surface. And it leads to a high amount of vibration throughout the hammer. As it happens, heavy shock eventually causes damage to its process. But you’re safe from the issue with our featured demolition kit. It includes advanced vibration control technology to reduce the shake. Of course, the vibration seems already low, thanks to the frame weight. The interior mechanism with an external handle gets to move less. Of course, you can control a lot better to make precise drilling.

High 22.0 ft-lb Impact

In the very end, impact force accounts to pronounce the ultimate usability. The force concerns the effective transmission of energy with every single blow. And Bosch offers a 22.0 ft-lb impact over a singular strike. It’s definitely not the best around to pull out the toughest jobs. But the provided amount is quite okay to tackle most of the on-site demolition tasks.

Dual-Way Bit Retention

Disclosed retention system for the bit helps with operational ease. The available sizes are different, based on functionality & application. And 11335K can accept two different types for its bit retention. In fact, you can use standard air steel or Bosch hex steel. Although the size remains the same – 118” for both. Its 2-way retention curtails bit loss at the lower section.

Convenient Startup Action

Accuracy & control are very much interdependent, specifically for surface demolition. Not to mention, high-quality hammers induce soft startup to attain the benefit. And there’s no reason to have any difference with Bosch products. The feature prevents self-inflicted walks or jumps over the surface. In fact, it lets the machine to drill one place following the accuracy of user control.

Versatile 360° Handle

We have the design & power, but it’s of no use without control. Supportive handling grip is essential to complete the task in the whole account. Bosch pays attention in this regard with an effective handle integration. Its auxiliary handle basically allows you to do the drilling at angled or horizontal positions. Besides, the comfortable grip manages to reduce the level if imposed shock on your body. Again, you’re to utilize the complete 360° articulating facility for better control.

Extra Metal Accessories

Superb sturdiness is essential to demolish the surface with any jackhammer. And you’ll need steady materials to support the functionality. Likewise, the mainframe includes all-metal tubes & housing to ensure durability. Even the carrying case has solid metal construction to encourage storage safety. It’s possible to introduce an extension cord for the built-in connection wire. You’ll need an additional purchase of 14-gauged 25’ or 12-gauged 50’ attachment.



Final Verdict

You can’t manage to have an absolute best demolition hammer from average garages. But Bosch certainly saves you the trouble with its 11335K kit. It’s undeniably one true marvel in the world of demolition drills. The whole job gets incredibly simple with the model by your side.

All the included features ensure maximized serviceability with minimal drawbacks. The price seems reasonable from every aspect. Not to mention, the brand promises to deliver a good price-to-quality ratio every time. You’re to receive a lot on the job site against your invested money.

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