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Bora Straight Edge Clamp Reviews & Buying Guide

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Do you need a straight cut for making your kitchen cabinet? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Bora WTX Clamp Edge is the ultimate solution for you. After judging several brands and reviewing customer opinion, we have selected the bora straight edge clamp. In our bora straight edge clamp reviews, we have tried to capture everything about this tool.

As a carpenter or enthusiast, it is desirable to have a straight cut while using a saw to separate wood. To meet this demand, bora represents their straight edge clamp. It holds the material tightly in place to eliminate the movement at the point of application of inward pressure.

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The Features of Bora WTX Clamp Edge

Bora WTX Clamp Edge and Straight Cut Guide for Circular Saws

This is a very simple product but a mandatory option for your wood cutting projects. Bora has developed this tool with its outstanding features. You will need to apply the least effort to provide the greatest force. It is featured with an aluminum body for solid and sturdy finishing. The saw sled nicely attaches with the circular saw for making track saw. Professional users, as well as hobbyists, can use this product after maintaining just a few steps.

Size Adjustment

The bora clamp is about 50 inches long. This is quite sufficient for handling household or industrial materials. But in case if you need some extra inches, bora has provided an edge extension to get the job done. With the 50-inch extension bar, the bora delivers you up to 100 inches of the straight edge.

Construction Material

To make it compatible with the premium quality, designers have installed aircraft-grade aluminum. The perfect quality material ensures about the straight and rigid cuts. To make a firm and sturdy structure, the clamp is featured with 3.5-inch width.

It prevents the clamp from bending and makes it adjustable with the saw and saw plate. The aluminum makes the clamp capable of heavy-duty uses lasting for many years.

Ergonomic Handling

The smoothness of your work depends on the tools you are using. You cannot expect swift finishing from a vulnerable tool. This is why you should use a perfect clamp for your task. Expert craftsmen, carpenters usually recommend the beginners to use the bora clamp edge.

It provides a soft-grip non-marring rubberized clamping pad. The clamping pad helps you get a firm grip with the surface of your material without marring. There is a hanging loop at the edge of the clamp handles. Now you can conveniently store your clamp with the help of the integrated hanging loop after every use.

Increased Accuracy

This is one of the best features that bora has developed for its clamp. While cutting a piece of wood you need to adjust the dimension first. To help you in this sector, this clamp is developed in such a way that it can be adjusted with a saw plate quite easily.

This is why our bora clamp comes with an enriched saw plate that can be fitted with most of the circular saws (left or right-handed). You can now cut your object straight as a table saw confidently.

Saw Plate Maintenance

For fine adjustment, the saw plate is made with vulnerable materials. This is why it is a little bit finicky. While working with it, you need to handle the plate carefully for the unwanted intrusion. The pate is made of plastic material thus it needs to be adjusted perfectly with the clamp.

Versatile Adjustment

A good quality clamp comes with friendly-adjustment features. The developers of bora have developed the clamp with versatile adjustment advantage. This is why now you can use any type of power tool for cutting your object.

You can use circular saws, jigsaws, routers, etc. without any hassle. This feature will help you accelerate your working speed with a standard finishing.

Angled Cuts

You can now cut down the plywood or wood sheets in an angular shape. To do so, you will need to buy an additional sidekick for your clamps. This is known as WTX track clams. With the help of the track clamp, you can adjust your cutting saw for having a smooth textured surface.

This WTX track clam is not a mandatory apparatus for the beginners. This is recommended for industrial or professional purposes. You will be needing some previous experience for operating this apparatus. Considering the professionals’ usage, engineers have designed this tool.

Tilting Elimination

You cannot work on a rough or sudden tilting surface. It is a must category for smooth working. Aluminum ensures the rust-free working experience. Engineers of bora have tried their best to deliver the best quality product. Carpenters will have the best experience with this highly defined apparatus.

Bora has designed the clamp in such a way that it can also be used as a guide for a jigsaw or circular saw. Now, you don’t have to worry about twisting or drifting. You can now focus on your work without thinking about these unnecessary things.

Convenient Sliding

The channel of the clamp is made of pure aluminum. This premium material lets the bora rip guide slide very easily through the channel. You don’t need to spend an extra penny for an additional channel bar. The handles are featured with locking capability.

The locking handles can be used for holding the working surface properly. This is quite beneficial for using a jigsaw, circular saw, or router. Making straight cuts have become very convenient than before.


The bora WTX edge clamp is a sturdy and straight model that is redesigned with end clamps. The end clamps help the tool to get secured to all surfaces. The moderated design allows you to add additional accessories. You can upgrade your device according to your requirements. All the features described in the review, make this product very efficient and user friendly.


The bora has a huge experience of working with wood cutting or carving tools. They have always tried to stand one step ahead with their outstanding features. Designers have designed the bora WTX edge clamp with their immense game-changing features.


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So finally we can say that the Bora WTX Clamp Edge is capable of lessening your frustration by saving your time. It is highly suitable for fine woodworking, delicate assembling, wood separating, etc. But the first and foremost duty of an edge clamp is to assist a circular saw for a straight cut. We have tried to capture the overview of the bora straight edge clamp. Hope you will find it effective.

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