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Bora Parallel Clamp Review | The 12" Parallel Clamp

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A parallel clamp is a tool that holds your wood secure and stable in a place with a firm grip. A craft-man or a woodworker never imagines curving a piece of wood without a parallel clamp. This is the article where we will provide you the bora parallel clamp review so that you can learn about the inside out of this tool.

The bora clamp comes with a wide padded jaw. Developers of the bora have designed these jaws in such a way that these stays without shaking at the time of winding. It provides a precise and equilibrium force of heavy load without damaging the wood. Each of the clamps weighed 5 lbs. This light-weight feature makes it a handy tool.

The Bora Brand

Bora is one of the most outstanding brands that always meets the expectations of the woodworkers. The bora has gained a special prize that is “best brand” at the Plus X awards. They have been honored with this title due to their rigorous delivery and outstanding performance. The bora brand always stays one step ahead of the other brands with the help of the elite team members.

The family handyman magazine has featured the bora tool clamp edge in 2012. To accelerate their productivity, bora has been merged with portamate, centipede tool, and HTC products. Affinity tool works, LLC is the parent company of bora. Collaborating with these brands, bora is leading the market by manufacturing unique tools.

Overall Bora Parallel Clamp Review

Bora 12" Parallel Clamp

Bora 12

The bore has developed its jaw clamp with a 3.5-inch wide jaw that is covered with a pad. To make your clamping requirements fulfill, the jaws provide force about 500 kg (1100 lbs.). This is the right amount of pressure for carpentering woods. With the help of this pressure and the padded jaws, goods will be free from any type of damages.

The bora clamp is suitable for almost all types of projects. There are versatile sizes of clamp about 12”, 24”, 31”, 40” and 50”. The throat of the jaw is about 89 mm. The clams are also made from light-weight materials which are only 5 lbs.

This apparatus has a wide jaw that can hold the wood in a fixed position with a tight grip. This helps the users to have a solid base. With a rock-solid base, a woodworker can implement his desired shape and design. The finishing depends on the rock-solid frame. To protect the wood base from extra pressure, there is a rubber pad to adjust the jaw.

The reinforced light-weight steel bar holds the entire frame of the clamp. You can use this jaw clamp with any type of project. There are versatile sizes that can co-up with any of your projects. The excellent adjustment of the goods and the clamp accelerates the working speed of the users.

There is an enormous handle that is simple to grip. This is designed according to the palm structure of the user. It can easily discharge and lift the jaw to slide along the bar. Now clamping has become easier than before with bore 12” clamp. The bottom of the jaw is featured with an anti-sliding feature which ensures rock-solid stability.


Structural Construction

The frame of this tool is reinforced with stainless steel. This is also light in weight. It ensures the free movement of the jaws without jamming the runway. The clamping force of this tool is so accurate that it delivers a not too tight nor too loose condition.

Contact Area Coverage

The jaws of this clamp are quite wide. This is about 3.5 inch which covers the maximum contact area of the goods and the tool. Thus, the renowned bora12” parallel clamp can make your wood finishing exact and smooth.

Padded Jaws

The jaws of this product are wrapped with rubber pad. At the time of clamping, these padded jaws provide safety of the woods. It also ensures a firm grip at the time of working. After your project, you can easily release your material from these padded jaws.

Slipping Proof Bottom

There is an anti-slide feature that is applied to the bottom of the jaws. It locks the jaws. As a result, the jaws never move while winding until manually changed. If you want the exact finishing result as you had anticipated, then you should use the bora clamp.

Ergonomic Handle

The handle of the clamp is upgraded with the easy gripping system. The handle is designed according to the structure of the palm. With this large handle, you can easily release and hold the jaws to adjust your wood for clamping.

Variation of sizes

To adjust to any type of project, versatile sizes have been introduced. You can now easily pick up your desired size of a clamp according to your project requirements. You don’t need to change your tool anymore according to your project because this clamp can adjust to the project requirement.

Safety of the Materials

The working materials will not be damaged or scratched due to the applying pressure of the jaws. The jaws are covered with a rubber pad that makes it damage proof. You can easily run your projects without thinking about the safety of the materials.

Perfect Pressure Application

You can apply a suitable amount of force over the material with the padded jaws. This is one of the best advantages of using a bora clamp. You can now clamp your material with an exact amount of pressure without making nor too tight nor too lose condition.


This product comes at an affordable price. Bora has adjusted its developed features with a reasonable amount for mass users. You can get these premium qualities without spending an extra penny compared to other products.

Advanced Features

This is a reliable product with advanced features that increases its working efficiency. Padded jaws, light-weight, ergonomic handle, swift-moving jaws, wide jaws, etc. are the main features of this product. All these features make this product reliable for regular use.


Final Verdict

After all the discussion, we can say that the parallel clamp has become the most efficient and demanding need for professional woodworkers. It has become the constant sidekick for the carpenters. While it comes to the topic of carpentry, you have to blindly depend on this tool. After going through our bora parallel clamp review, you will get the prime acumen about this premium quality product.

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