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Best Windshield for Road Glide Review

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Best Windshield for Road Glide Review in 2021 1

Klock Werks FLARE windshield


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Klock Werks Flare Windshield

Klock Werks Flare Windshield 12"


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Slip Streamer Windshield

Slip Streamer 16&Prime Windshield


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A windshield isn’t exactly a sensational accessory for any road glide, but still beneficial. It gives you the necessary protection whenever you hit an open road. But obviously, not all windshields work for every glide. Better take a look into our best windshield for road glide review. Apart from in-depth details, you’ll get the overall idea of road glide windshields here.

A completely open front can give a severe brunt of rain/wind/debris at any time. But with a windshield, you can simply avoid raindrops, extra-cold wind blasts & bug-splattered teeth on the ride. Using the right windshield, you have nothing to worry about adverse weather & flying objects. Eliminating all the distractions on the road, the ride becomes more pleasant & comfortable.

Top 5 Best Windshield for Road Glide Review


Klock Werks Patented Sport FLARE Windshield

Klock Werks Patented Sport FLARE Windshield

For a good time, Klock Werks brings in several outstanding windshields for conscious riders. And its Patented Sport Flare is arguably the best option around. Not to mention, it’s designed particularly for Harley Davidson road glides. The 14” shield offers extended protection for the riders all the way. Through a practical surface design, the long ride shield for road glide kicks the airflow up & back. Thanks to the custom frame, it easily fits into 2015 – 2019 FLTR without question.

The hard-coated polycarbonate simply offers enhanced durability. Its highly streamlined structure comes with supportive radical curves. The turbulent airflow barely gets any chance to comb on your or your passenger’s face. Improving the overall air management, the shield aids handling & stability. With a sporty stance, the dark smoked screen imparts great style & appeal. And the aggressive profile remains incredibly easy to install for anyone within seconds.

Key Features:


Brand                  Klock Werks

Dimensions        29 X 15 X 8.5 Inches

Weight                6  pounds


Klock Werks Flare 2310-0584 Windshield

Klock Werks Flare 2310-0584 Windshield

Manufacturing high-end products, Klock Werks again managed to make the list. Its 2310-0584 simply offers the protection you need on the trail. Not to mention, the Flare screen is more like the previously reviewed model. The basic difference lies with its height which measures a convenient 12” pro. Therefore, you can rely on this protective shield while riding the precious Harley Davidson. Of course, it remains compatible with the 2015 – 2019 FLTR models.

The Lexan polycarbonate frame features hard-coating on both sides to deliver unmatched serviceability. Also, the streamlined radical curves impart a sporty stance for the dark smoked appeal. The stylish screen seems excellent for hitting the town roads. With a patented hip design, the system redirects airflow from getting on your face. Offering full coverage, it improves overall air management. It initiates easy handling of your road glide with enhanced stability.

Key Features:


Brand                  Klock Werks

Dimensions        29.4 X 15.6 X 8.5 Inches

Weight                5 Pounds


Slip Streamer 16&Prime Windshield

Slip Streamer 16&Prime Windshield

Slip streamer comes with a custom shield for replacing the aged out screen. Coming from the ergonomic 130 series, it’s the ultimate choice for H-D baggers. In fact, S-134-16 is one excellent option to make custom replacements. The model itself is available is variable sizes & shapes. Not to mention, you can choose from three particular finishes to match your road glide. For different sizes, the best windshield for Harley Electra glide features either clear, smoke or tint surfaces.

Unlike the previous two, it features a tougher, sturdier acrylic frame. The commercial-grade 3/16 ici delivers encouraged durability. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about adverse weather conditions. Of course, the surface retains reasonable clarity to ensure safe visibility. It easily fits into several standard bikes, from 2006 to 2011 & newer glides. Installing the system for replacement is easy for anyone acknowledged of Harley Davidson’s front specs.

Key Features:


Brand                  Slip Streamer

Dimensions        22 X 3 X 18 Inches

Weight                3 Pounds


Motoparty Adjustable Clip On Windshield Extension

Motoparty Adjustable Clip On Windshield Extension

Compatibility is one major issue unless you have Mottoparty Windshield in hand. The peculiar extension simply fits any common motorcycles without causing issues. In fact, you can install the system above an existing screen easily. In simple words, it’s the universal solution to your road glide compatibility issues. The flexible shield itself features quality plastic to induce reasonable longevity. Therefore, you’ll have to handle an incredibly light frame with a mere 8.3-ounce weight.

Despite its transparent smoke finish, it barely shortens your vision. It includes multi-angle adjustment at +/- 4” range to ensure maximum visibility. The integrated folding mechanism undergoes simple removal regarding your safety. Also, the additional soft rubberized spacer eliminates any potential risk out there. The package contains the necessary accessories to let you install the shield at once.

Key Features:


Brand                  Motoparty

Dimensions      10.79 X 4.09 X 1.89 Inches

Weight              11.2 Ounces


Amazicha Black Wave Windshield Windscreen

Amazicha Black Wave Windshield Windscreen

When you want protection plus style at the same time, it’s definitely the right one. Amazicha introduces a fascinating shield satisfying all your protective needs. Ergonomic design deflects the coming windblasts. Having a smaller size, it’s not exactly the right standard for Road King or Glides. In fact, the 8” waved screen is more suitable for Trikes, Electra & Street glides.

With a black smoked finish, it’s difficult to see through the screen. Yet, the best windshield for street glide barely interrupts the overall visibility. The effective design redirects the coming wind to the sides. Deflecting any distracting objects, it promotes a safe, comforting & enjoyable ride. Thanks to its simple installation, you can easily make a direct replacement using the included accessories.

Key Features:


Brand                Amazicha

Dimensions      22.3 X 8 X 2.5 Inches

Weight            15.2 Ounces

Things to Consider Before Buying Windshield for Road Glide

Almost every motorcycle rider wishes to get a windshield at some point. On a long ride, this particular accessory can definitely help you to stay on the road glide comfortably. But choosing the right one is never easy, especially when you want something perfect.

Using the best windshield for road glide, you can induce a reasonable outlook without compromising its efficiency. That’s exactly where you’ll need to understand all the dependable factors. Knowing the key considerations, it’s rather easy to invest in a suitable windshield.

Windshield Size

The very first key determinant for getting the ultimate one concerns with its size. And for the size, it specifically means windshield height rather than width or thickness. You’ll find both tall & short heightened shields regarding different bike models.

Very tall ones can block your vision, ended up causing serious consequences. It may sound fine to avoid debris, bugs or rain; but you’ll barely get benefitted. Also, shorter models can’t provide reasonable protection on the road. Causing the slipstream effect, the wind/rain directly hits your face.

Getting the ideal windshield size, therefore, becomes a troublesome task. According to experts, the recommended height should reach your nose. You can enjoy good visibility without allowing distractions to comb right on the face.

Construction Material

At first glance, almost all windshields may seem similar. It’s obviously the outlook, not the color or style. But in reality, different models feature different materials from an array of suitable elements. Among others, two particular materials are popular among the riders – Acrylic/Lucite & Polycarbonate.

For casual riders, there’s no better option than acrylic/lucite windshields. Friendly price tags make it one preferable option. Not to mention, it’s the most popular & among materials of motorcycle windscreens. The shield retains its clarity for a long time over prolonged exposure. But the material itself is highly prone to easy scuffing/scratching issues. But buffing can restore the overall glory.

Despite being a costlier option, polycarbonate offers excellent durability. You’ll receive higher abrasion resistance & greater flexibility. In fact, the windshield barely experiences any shattering/chipping consequences. Unlike the lucite models, you can’t rub out any deep scratches or scuffs. Prolonged exposure also causes the surface to become yellowish over time.

Mounting System

Riders often get confused over the mounting options. In fact, it becomes slightly troublesome with windshield replacements. Considering the cases of road glide, modern mounting styles are categorized into two classes – Fixed & Quick Release.

Fixed mounting simply refers to the permanent installation of windshield on the bike. It’s suitable for riders, satisfied at the current position of the protective shield. Unless you have plans to change it anytime soon, a fixed shield definitely is worth it.

When you want to test different windshields, there comes quick release. When you really want to get it off for storage or haul, you’ll have to give up a few seconds only. In fact, the system lets you take off the shield easily without much mechanical process.

Style & Color Preference

As mentioned, a windshield may not seem very attractive on the road glides. But for sure, you can improve the condition. That’s where you’ll have to emphasize the shield color & style. With a perfect match, the bike can induce a glamorous appeal.

In the market, you’ll discover lots of creative styles covered in a wide array of colors. But first of all, you’ll have to narrow down the options based on the aforementioned facts. There, you should consider the perfect style that matches your road glide outlook.

Overall Adjustability

One underrated yet highly effective feature is height adjustability. It’s not exactly an essential factor but it offers superb serviceability, just like the windshield itself. Not to mention, most riders merely acknowledge its importance until getting over several miles.

If possible, it’s better to settle down for a windshield with height & angle adjusting facility. Adjusting the shield height, you can customize the airflow direction easily. Therefore, you can attain more/less flow in accordance with your needs.

Ease of Installation

While buying a new windshield, customers often report difficulty in installation. As it happens, it directly depends on the preferred mounting method. Custom shields for particular models are incredibly easy to install.

Replacing the shield is also simple, thanks to the previously drilled mounting holes. The problem arises when the road glide has no specific feature to hold windshield. You should consult mechanics if the system seems unfit for your gear.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can windshield really make any significant difference?

Answer: A road glide windshield certainly makes a difference. It optimizes your overall protection on the road. Eliminating the objects from getting on the face, it simply encourages an enjoyable ride.

What’s the best material for the windshield?

Answer: The material basically depends on your preference & budget. Acrylic ones are less durable, available in lower price tags. But polycarbonate ones seem somewhat costly with higher durability.

Should I look through or over the road glide windshield?

Answer: It completely concerns with your comfort & overall visibility. Of course, looking through the shield isn’t going to help in adverse weather conditions. Therefore, it’s recommended to look over the frame unless necessary.

What’s the difference between windshield & windscreen?

Answer: Although there’s some difference between shield & screen, not in this case. Both windshield & windscreen are the same, considering road glides. US standard is windshield whereas British standard prefers windscreen, that’s all.

Is it possible to tint the windshield?

Answer: Yes, you can tint the windshield if possible. Although it’s more suitable for other bikes rather than road glides. You’ll have to remain very careful while tinting the screen.

Can hard-coating improve windshield performance?

Answer: It basically restores the clarity, not exactly improves the performance. Hard-coating is a premium process of improving the clarity of polycarbonate shields.

How can I clean the road glide windshield?

Answer: For any product, the overall serviceability largely depends on your care. It’s the same for road glide shields. To protect the frame from stains or scuffs, you’ll have to clean the surface on a regular basis. You better take the following maintenance tips into account –

    1. Use soft cloths to prevent accidental scratching.
    2. Rub the entire surface with lots of normal water.
    3. Use special formula to take off stubborn particles.
    4. Avoid circular motion for cleaning all dirt/debris.
    5. Don’t wash the shield under direct, bright sunlight.

Can a windshield help in helmet buffeting?

Answer: Windshield basically forms an air directing funnel around the head. It diminishes the wind noise over high speed on open tracks. Thus, it helps to reduce helmet buffeting on the road.

Final Verdict

Traveling longer distances will get you fatigued over time, no thanks to the constant wind blasts. Installing the righteous shield can save your day from this hellish experience. Blocking all the distracting elements on the track, it ensures maximum facial protection.

And for the precious road glide, you’ll get choose from the best long ride shield for road glide right here. We covered A to Z of motorcycle shields that can satisfy your demands at once. Invest in a suitable one & you’re ready to enjoy a comfortable & less tiring ride all the way.

Best Windshield for Road Glide Review in 2021 2