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Best Water Separator for Air Compressor Reviews

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THB 1/2" Particulate Air Compressor

THB 1/2" Particulate Air Compressor


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In LINE Desiccant AIR Dryer

In LINE Desiccant AIR


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Recommended Best Product
THB Heavy Duty Particulate Filter

THB Heavy Duty Particulate Filter


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The water consumption of an air compressor can be an intolerable interruption. Sometimes, the situation becomes so annoying. To solve this problem we have come up with the best water separator for air compressors. The product is made for one particular job.

There are two dedicated valves on the lateral sides of the water separator. One valve is used to allow the water inside the valve and the other one is used to let the water out. Generally, the device comes with a measurement panel to inspect the real-time water density. The water separator can be fitted with most of the air-compressors in the market.

Top 7 Best Water Separator for Air Compressor Review


THB Particulate Filter Water Trap Separator Moisture Compressed

THB Particulate Filter Water Trap Separator Moisture Compressed

THB is well-known for making high-quality products. They know how to keep customer satisfaction. This product is one of the best air compressor filter dryers available in the market. The outer side is completely protected by metal and has a less damage absorption feature.

The removal rate of water is a very important concern. Because the machine was made to do a dedicated job. The highest removal rate of this machine is ninety-five percent. The maximum pressure given in the input is around 175 psi.

Key Features:


Drainability:          Automatic

Dimension:           7.4 x 3.4 x 3.2 inches

Flow Rate:             106 CFM.

Measure:                1/2″ NPT


EDGE Industrial Desiccant Dryer Water Separator For Air Compressor

EDGE Industrial Desiccant Dryer Water Separator For Air Compressor

Are you looking for an air compressor water trap? Your searching ends here, as we have brought you one unique product. The product is pretty much portable and can be set easily on any air compressor.

There is also a water level measuring equipment that can be used to ensure the proper readings of the consumed water. The rules of safety have been applied properly. It also has a bolt-on the right-hand side for adjustability.

Key Features:


Dimensions:         7.24 x 3.35 x 3.15 inches.

Style:                       3/8″ NPT.

Weight:                   1.84 pounds.

Spray Booth:           Plasma.


THB Heavy Duty Industrial Rated High Flow Particulate Filter

THB Heavy Duty Industrial Rated High Flow Particulate Filter

The third compressed air filter that made it to our list is Heavy duty industrial rated high flow particulate filter by THB Company. Its heavy duty moisture trap, auto draining system, and other essential features dragged our attention towards it. If you are searching for a good quality air compressor water trap, then THB Company’s High flow particulate filter might be your type.

This high flow particulate filter can efficiently remove liquid and debris from your compressed air line. Along with the auto draining system, its 5-micron element standard filter assures you with maximum productivity. Besides, 140 CFM flow rate is quite enough to drain moisture or debris from any metal bowls. So, to extend the life of your tools and compressor accessories, this heavy duty filter is worth buying.

Key Features:


Connector Type:                    Npt female

Maximum Flow Rate:            140 CFM

Maximum Input Pressure:    175 PSI

Maximum Output Pressure:  175 PSI

Inlet Connection Size:             ¾ inches

Outlet Connection Size:          ¾ inches


Campbell Air Filter, 3/8" NPT wit Quick Release Bowl

Campbell Air Filter, 3/8

Campbell Hausfeld is undoubtedly a reliable name in the compressed air filter market. Campbell Hausfeld Air Filter is another excellent creation of this manufacturer. Special oil removal filter, desiccant system, and other eye-catchy features made it one of the best air compressor moisture filter. If you want to stop liquid and solid contaminants from entering your air compressor, Campbell Hausfeld air filter might be a great choice.

The Campbell Hausfeld air filter effectively removes dust and water, to extend your tools durability. It has a 5 micron element standard filter that catches almost all contaminants. A special oil removal filter traps 99.9 percent of all oil aerosols and water vapor. Besides, it has color changing desiccant beads that change color when it needs to be replaced. In fact, all the functional properties of an air filter are present in this Campbell Air filter.

Key Features:


Connector Type:                      Npt female

Maximum Flow Rate:              57 SCFM

Maximum Input Pressure:      150 PSI

Maximum Output Pressure:    90 PSI

Inlet Connection Size:               ⅜ inches

Outlet Connection Size:            ⅜ inches


Le Lematec AI303-2 Air Filter

Le Lematec AI303-2 Air Filter

This Le lematec Al303-2 Air filter is the ultimate value filter. If you have a tight budget and you need an air filter immediately, then this air filter is definitely for you. Imagine, you are getting a good quality air filter that fits a ¼ inches line, at less than 20 dollars. It’s a complete steal for anyone looking for a quick air filter.

Le lematec’s best air compressor water filter comes with a built-in push button drain valve. So you don’t need to replace blocked filters. Just press the button to release the valve, and it is as good as new. Besides, it is designed with a solid construction, which made it completely shock-proof. Moreover, you can use this filter in any kind of environment of varying temperatures.

Key Features:


Port Size:                                       ¼ inches

Standard Operating Pressure:    90 PSI

Draining Method:                           Manual

Material:                                           Brass


3/8 inches Compressed Air In Line Filter

3/8 inches Compressed Air In Line Filter

IEE (Industrial Equipment Expert) is another leading manufacturer of industrial equipments such as air compressors, motors, engines, filter systems, etc. Their recent product, Compressed Air In Line Filter, is another market dominator. With so many essential features like color changing beads, quick-release bowl, workability in any situation, it has dragged everyone’s attention. In fact, it has all the features of good quality compressed air filter.

This filter is capable of trapping water, oil, and humidity from compressed air so easily. It has unique desiccant beads that can be replaced or changed. The beads change color from blue to pink when they need to be changed. A quick-release bowl is also included for easy maintenance. So, when searching for the best air compressor, you should not miss on this product.

Key Features:


Connector Type:                       Npt female

Maximum Pressure:                150 PSI

Inlet Connection Size:              ⅜ inches

Outlet Connection Size:           ⅜ inches


Pneumatic Plus Air Filter

Pneumatic Plus Air Filter

Pneumatic plus company always provides stellar quality products. Their product, Pneumatic plus Air filter, is the recent conqueror of the market. Due to the use of die-cast aluminum, polyethylene filter, it has already been praised with many positive reviews from the customers. It offers an effective solution for trapping particulate and moisture that damages your airline. Besides, you can also combine it with SAR series regulators to form an FRL unit.

Pneumatic plus Air Filter gives you both a manual and an automatic draining system. So you can stop worrying about your filter’s draining method, at all. Both metal and polycarbonate bowl options are also included to provide maximum efficiency. The use of a 10-micron element filter just made it one of the best of its kind. In fact, this product is undoubtedly a frontrunner.

Key Features:


Connector Type:                              Npt female

Maximum Flow Rate:                      62 CFM

Maximum Pressure:                        250 PSI

Maximum Working Pressure:        150 PSI

Inlet Connection Size:                      ⅜ inches

Outlet Connection Size:                   ⅜ inches

Things to Consider Before Buying Water Separator for Air Compressor

A water separator is a very advanced technology that has no alternatives nowadays. Because the use of an air compressor is increasing day by day. The most alarming matter is, every compressor machine produces wetness during operation. We are going to discuss the best water separator for air compressors. The description can be found below,

Inlet & outlet valve

The water separator consists of two basic valves to be functional during the high air pressure. The mechanism is to let the high pressurized air into the valve and let out the air by the absorption process. The inlet valve is used to let the water inside by a pneumatic force.

The outlet pipe gets activated when the process of air reduction is completed entirely. The air pressure gets increased after passing through the inlet valve and sometimes becomes warmer. Your water separator may contain an external cooler to cool down the filter.


Product durability is the main key for customer satisfaction to be increased. In the air compressing situation, you won’t be able to find another choice. The air pressure of an air compressor is usually having a range between 6 to 9 bar. As a result, you are going to need a high hardness material.

The outer side of the product is produced by casting properly with a mixer of a different metal. The mixture is called an alloy. The mixture consists of lightweight material like aluminum, zinc, copper, etc. The tensile and compressive load of the alloy is high enough to take the high air pressure easily.

Moisture Drainer

Our mentioned water separators consist of a single drainer. The drainer is used to maintain the water absorption level while the air passes through the water separator. The drainer is attached to the middle of the air barrier and the included bucket. You can also attach it externally if there isn’t any included.

A drainer is included with the product according to your needed measurement. The general size differs for the outlet size of your air compressor machine. So be careful before buying this product.

Mounting Features

A water separator can be mounted in different places. It completely depends on the bowl that comes with the product. Before mounting, some of our mentioned products need to be attached to the bucket first. Then you can mount the bucket to the wall or any suitable place for the water separator.

Measuring Equipment

To measure the level of absorbed water, you will need a meter. The water separators consist of an inbuilt water level measurer. There is also an indicator that is used to indicate the water beyond the safety range. The measurer has three levels of indication. The red, yellow, and green indicators show the real-time water absorption measurement.

Bottom Adjustment

The bottom of every product that we have mentioned, consists of a screw. The screw has great importance, as it helps to adjust the pressure taking the level of the inserted air. The air compressor has high pressure creating ability. But that pressure will destroy the water separator. To protect the product from being destroyed, the pressure level is minimized by the screw.


It is the most important factor. Our described product possesses a logical cost based on the mechanism. If you want high air pressure taking ability then you may go for the pricey one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do the water separators consist of drains?

Answer: I don’t know why they wouldn’t consist of drains. The drain has a very unique purpose to do a particular job. The conducted water by the air compressors is directly gone through the water separator. The drain is the only component that absorbs the remaining water from the air. All of our mentioned products consist of this feature.

Can I use the machines to use as an oil separator?

Answer: No, it is not possible to separate oil from the air by the water separator. The oil has a greater density than water. So, the oil is heavier than the water. Also, the stickiness factor is a big issue, as is the inner surface of a water separator made of metal. So, the machines are made to do only water separation with a particular type of product.

What are the general fitting measurements of the water separators?

Answer: Usually, the machine can be fitted to the opening gate having 1/2″ and 3/8″ fittings. Although the device can be fitted to any kind of custom measurement. A particular measurement has a little flexibility error while setting up. 5/8” setting needs to be customized by the seller while you approach to buy.

Can I be able to mount those products with a wall?

Answer: Yes, the products can be mounted with the wall. To mount those products with a wall you need a bucket that needs to be attached to the wall first. However, some of the products need an external component for the attachment. You may need to buy an external filter that will help the bucket to attach with the wall and mount the device.

Can I empty the included bucket from the water with those water separators?

Answer: No, you cannot reduce the water from the bowl included with the product. The bowl is used to store the separated water from the air separator device. The differentiated water doesn’t have access to the main air compression line. As a result, the segregated water cannot be reduced by the air pressure unless you manually reduce them.

Do I need to change the blast beads often?

Answer: Yes, you may need to change the blast beads often of those products. It depends on the air compression machine. As the air compressors have different power product capabilities, the beads may not be compatible with your machine. The beads mainly take air pressure and help to separate water. So, ask the seller for the details about it before buying it.

Do the water separators work automatically?

Answer: Yes, the device itself is pretty much efficient with automatic action. But you have to manually set the device up. You have to connect the inlet pipe to the air compressor and the outlet pipe to the water separator. The water separator will do the rest. Also, the bucket under the device is not automated and needs to be cleaned up manually.

Final Verdict

The presence of water in any pneumatic job is too risky. Because it may become responsible for any kind of breakdown of the air compressor. In the entire post, we have tried to show you the potentiality of a water separator. As there are many brands available, finding the perfect seven products was pretty much challenging.

If you have read the whole post, you know the specific factors that can make a difference between the products. When you will go to the market, these factors will help you to choose the right one. Also, you can inspect the customer satisfaction level for each product to justify their offered features.

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