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Best Touring Seat for Street Glide Reviews

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Mustang 79538 Motorcycle Seat

Mustang 79538 Motorcycle Seat


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HTTMT MT500-002

HTTMT MT500-002 Motorcycle Seat


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Best Touring Seat for Street Glide | Top 7 Reviews 1

Mustang 76145 Motorcycle Seat


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Riding with a motorcycle is one of the favourite things for so many people. It is needless to say that you always want a comfortable journey with your street glide. However, sometimes it becomes uncomfortable due to the lack of cushion from your stock seat.

In this case, you need an aftermarket touring seat to bring the ultimate comfort in your journey. Now, choosing the best touring seat for street glide is quite challenging, given that all cheap options are available in the market.

Therefore, to assist you in choosing an excellent touring seat for street glide, we are here today with our exclusive review and buying guide. After conducting thorough research and product analysis, our expert team prepared this unique buying guide for you so that you can make your ultimate buying decision quickly.

So, stick with us throughout this guide to get everything you need to know when it comes to buying a touring seat for street glide. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Top 7 Best Touring Seat for Street Glide Review


Mustang 79538 Super Touring Motorcycle Seat

Mustang 79538 Super Touring Motorcycle Seat

Wouldn’t this be awesome if only a one-piece touring motorcycle seat provides the full comfort to both the rider and the passenger? Yes, of course, it is. Mustang 79538 serves us the most comfortable seat for Harley street glide for you and your bike touring will be uncompromised and enjoyable.

This excellent product comes with many exclusive features to make your journey comfortable. The seat is so wide that the driver will get the maximum comfort. The driver is allowed to seat at least 1.75″ further back than he used to do in the stock seat.

As this seat comes with many exclusive features, you can seat in alone or with your backrest in the driver seat. This fantastic package comes with a one-piece super touring seat which is black. It also comes with Philips screwdriver to provide you with maximum flexibility during the installation process.

Besides, the rear fender screw will assist you in the installation process. Another exciting feature of Mustang 79538 is it is highly compatible with Harley-Davidson models.

Therefore, now touring with street glide will be more exciting when you use this excellent seat in your motorcycle. The seat is 19″ front width, and the rear width is 14″ which is good enough for a comfortable ride.

Key Features:


Brand                    Mustang Motorcycle Seats

Weight                 16.8 pounds

Dimensions        36.5 x 19 x 11.5 inches


HTTMT MT500-002- Driver Passenger Black Seat

HTTMT MT500-010- Driver Passenger Black Seat

Wouldn’t this be awesome if you can feel comfortable while touring with your favourite motorcycle? Keeping all of your expectations in mind HTTMT serves us with an MT500-002 driver passenger black seat so that you feel comfortable in your every journey. The product is designed after conducting thorough market research and analysis by the manufacturer.

Therefore, you can expect that you are going to get everything you want from a touring seat when you buy this product. It will provide you with custom Harley seats for street glide. The seat comes in the black colour, which gives it an attractive look. This exclusive product includes one touring seat, which is pretty much easy to install.

The seat is made of Vinyl leather, and that is why you will feel extra comfort while sitting on it. We know, nobody likes to handle a messy situation during the installation of this product.

Thanks to the HTTMT driver passenger black seat as the installation has become easier than ever. Because this product comes with detailed installation guides to show you everything you need to do when it comes to attaching the seat to the bike. This touring seat is highly compatible with Harley Davidson Electra glide standard models.

Therefore, now with this excellent seat installed in your bike, touring will move to the next level. With all these unique features, this product could be an excellent choice for you.

Key Features:


Brand                    HTTMT

Colour                   Black

Material                Leather (Vinyl)


Mustang 76145 Fastback Motorcycle Seat

Mustang 76145 Fastback Motorcycle Seat

If you want a budget-friendly motorcycle seat which comes in a simple design to provide you with an exclusive experience of a comfortable ride, you have landed at the right place. This highly customized and low-cut riding stylish bike seat has some excellent features to give you some unique riding experience.

The installation process of this seat is quite easy and straightforward. Honestly, this seat has everything to give you long-term comfort. The seat comes with a little bit lower than the stock, and it also adjusted a little bit back to provide you with a maximum comfortable feel. Besides, it comes with a tapered passenger section, and you’ll get a streamlined look.

The exclusive design of the seat includes 11″ in the front, and the rear seat can be measured as 6″. As a rider, you always want the maximum comfort while sitting on the driver seat.

Thanks to Mustang Fastback, as this seat is made of nothing but the high-quality premium materials and you will get a stylish look especially when it comes down to the rear passenger seat.

However, adding a cushion for the passenger in a long drive will give him maximum comfort and both the driver and the passenger will be able to enjoy the beauty of a long ride. When it comes to Harley Davidson seat compatibility, this seat is highly suitable to most of the Harley-Davidson models.

Therefore, whether you are a sportsperson or a street glider, this excellent motorcycle seat will give your bike a stylish look, and you can enjoy a comfortable ride on the road.

Key Features:


Brand                         Mustang Motorcycle Seats

Weight                       8.5 pounds

Dimensions              32.2 x 12.5 x 10.3 inches


XMT-MOTO Desert Rider Passenger Seat

If you are so passionate about street glide, we believe XMT-MOTO Desert Rider could be an excellent option for you. This extraordinary touring seat comes with many beautiful and exclusive features to make your bike touring enjoyable.

If you have anything in mind for Harley Electra street glide, the Desert rider will give you the maximum comfort and you’ll have a pleasant ride in the road. If you’re somehow in a tight budget situation and worrying about the expense of buying a new touring seat for your favourite motorcycle, please don’t worry anymore.

This product got you covered. This product is directly imported from China to provide you with the maximum benefit at an affordable rate. This seat is wonderfully designed, and it is built with synthetic leathers, and the internal part was made of foam.

Besides, the iron with PP plastic frame which comes under the main seat will provide you with maximum strength so that you don’t need to take any extra stress while being on the road. We know a motorcycle ride is a pleasant journey in many ways. However, any harsh road incident can change the entire scenario.

Therefore to give you and the back passenger the maximum protection this product comes with the bucket seat features, and you’ll feel safer than ever. This seat is highly compatible with ’14-later touring and Tri-Glide models.

However, to install the ’14 later Tri Glide models you may need to remove the grab rail. We believe this classic and budget-friendly seat which also comes with an easy installation feature could be an excellent option for you when it comes to choosing an excellent touring place for street glide.

Key Features:


Brand                 XMT-MOTO Motorcycle Parts

Material             Synthetic leather

Exterior              Smooth


Mustang 76036 Standard Touring Motorcycle Seat

Mustang 76036 Standard Touring Motorcycle Seat

From years of experience and industry expertise, Mustang served us with many unique and exclusive products. Especially when it comes to touring seats, Mustang is one of the best brands which you can put your trust in.

Now, Mustang 76036 standard touring motorcycle seat comes with so many exclusive features so that you can get maximum comfort in the time of touring with the street glide. This seat comes with a contoured bucket which will provide you with support in the lower back.

Besides, you’ll find the nose narrower than the stock, and you can reach the ground easily when you need to stop the bike. This product has regal style features which will give you something like soft pillow comfort to provide you with the maximum flexibility when it comes to riding your favourite motorcycle.

Moreover, you’ll see that it has vinyl-covered buttons which are tufted with your hand to give you a classic and stylish look. This excellent product is designed carefully to keep the baseplate open in the middle so that it can accept H-D. On the other hand, this feature will allow the seat to receive Mustang driver backrest kits.

However, you need to buy these kits separately as they are not included in this package. This exclusive product is exclusively compatible with Harley-Davidson models. So, now you can go out to the road and tour with street glides without taking any extra stress. With so many exclusive features, this excellent product could be an excellent option for you.

Key Features:


Brand                         Mustang Motorcycle Seats

Weight                       6 pounds

Dimensions              31 x 15.5 x 10 inches


Mustang One-Piece Wide Vintage Touring Seat

Mustang One-Piece Wide Vintage Touring Seat

If you want a wide driver’s seat which is capable of providing you with enough back support, you are at the right place. Mustang one-piece wide vintage touring seat is an excellent product with many beautiful features to give you the best touring experience.

If you want a trustworthy brand in the entire aftermarket world, one thing for sure you’ll find Mustang in the top of the list. You already know that Mustang has so many unique designs. But when it comes to the Mustang 75535 one-piece wide vintage seat, it is one of the best products which you should put your trust on.

This deeply pocketed driver seat will provide you with the maximum support in the road. The rear bench is 12.5″ wide which extends forward so that the driver can get some additional supports. We bet you will surely love the design of this excellent touring seat.

The seat comes with wide and original no-frills style with a 16.5” front bucket. You’ll be amazed to know that it has a full skirt with braided edge trim. The most exciting part of this seat is it has multiple layers of leathers, clothes and foam.

All of the layers are stitched together, and the seat becomes highly durable so that you can use it for a long time.

Key Features:


Brand                  Mustang Motorcycle Seats

Weight               12.2 pounds

Dimensions       31 x 15.5 x 10 inches


SKWOOSH Classic Saddle Motorcycle Gel Seat

SKWOOSH Classic Saddle Motorcycle Gel Seat

SKWOOSH Classic saddle motorcycle gel seat cushion comes with all of the exclusive features to provide you with a comfortable journey in the road. The shape and thickness of this seat are specially designed for stock, and the seat is entirely reduced to give it a stylish look.

Another exciting feature of this product is the pad won’t change the distance to pegs and lower controls. That is why you will get extra flexibility when it comes to performing a street glide. It is needless to say; the seat is ergonomically designed so that you can boost up your confidence in your every single ride.

Besides, breathable Airflow mesh fabric of this seat will ensure that you get a more relaxed ride every time. Moreover, the smart air channel design will help in the airflow to give you maximum comfort. Besides, the lightweight gel is perfect for relieving pressure, and you’ll always be comfortable on the seat.

Moreover, this excellent product comes with a cutaway tailbone relief feature, which is also helpful during the ride. If you are worried about the storage of the seat, don’t worry anymore. This seat is foldable so that you can store it easily. The seat is so easy to install on the bike.

The comfortable elastic attachment feature will surely help you in the installation process. The fabrics are highly durable, so you can become stress-free when you have this excellent touring seat for street glide. With all these cool features, SKWOOSH classic can become an excellent option for you.

Key Features:


Brand                      Skwoosh

Weight                    9 ounces

Dimensions           14.25 x 11.75 x 1 inches

Things to Consider Before Buying Touring Seat for Street Glide

Now, choosing the top touring seat for a street guide is not an easy task because you need some industry expertise and overall knowledge of the product to distinguish the wrong seat from the right one.

Therefore, we are here to tell you what you should look for before buying a touring seat for street glide. For instance, you must consider the following things when it comes down to making your ultimate buying decision for a touring seat.


If you own a bike or motorcycle, surely you want a comfortable seat when you go out on the road with your bike. If you are so passionate about touring with street glide, the driver’s seat is crucial for you. No one will want an uncomfortable touring seat, especially when it comes to bike riding.

However, the stock seat which comes from the bike manufacturer’s end will not provide you with the required comfort because they focus on the overall speed and other quality of the bike. In this case, a good quality aftermarket cushion is the best possible option for you to give you maximum comfort.

You should check whether the seat is comfortable or not. Because, if you don’t feel comfortable, there is no point in buying an aftermarket touring seat. Here comes the necessity of the aftermarket manufacturers.

They make the seat comfortable with foam, gel or other materials. SO, check how the seat is made of and in most of the cases, you will see that the cushion is made of foam or gel or maybe combining both of them.

It is a wise decision to check the comfortability of the seat carefully. And, no matter what you should not compromise with the comfort, especially when it comes to buying the best touring seat for street glide.


The next thing is the quality of the material. Because a poor quality touring seat is a complete waste of your money. Now, many manufacturers use plastic, especially in the base, which will, in turn, degrade quickly.

Therefore, your seat will not be durable. An inferior quality driving seat can’t give you a comfortable journey. You should look for superior material so that your touring seat sustains for a long time. Sometimes steel with powder-coated on its outside can make a tremendous touring seat.

Another important thing is the seat cover. You should go for a leather cover to get the maximum benefit from the seat. However, using leather will ensure the maximum durability of the seat, but you should also note that leather is a little bit expensive compared to other kinds of materials.

If you are on a tight budget, you can quickly go for a vinyl cover which will surely give you a comfortable feel, and you can get it at an affordable price. You should always check whether the cover is waterproof or not. A waterproof seat cover will surely protect it from rain and water. Therefore, you should always consider this factor carefully.

Width Dimensions

You should also consider the width dimensions of the touring seat. You already know that stock seats come in a standard size. But, you may want to have a little bit of customization depending on your body shape, size and riding style.

Now, you will find a touring seat for street glide which comes in different width dimensions. You have to choose the most suitable seat with the perfect width dimensions that go with your riding style.

Back Rest

Another essential factor which you should consider carefully is the back rest. You’ll see many models of touring seats come with a back rest which is necessary for you as a driver of the street glide to support your back. You have to check for the essential back rest options in your touring seat carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Install The Back Rest?

Answer: Should you attach the back rest or not, it depends on your choice. However, a back rest will give you excellent back support in your long-distance street journey. Many riders don’t want a back rest to be installed. It depends on your riding style and personal choice.

Why Is the Rear Seat of Speedy Bikes higher than the front seat?

Answer: Yes, it is a common phenomenon in most of the speedy bikes or motorcycles. Of course, there are some scientific reasons behind this. The driver’s seat is low because it will keep the centre of mass low and reduce any kind of an aerodynamic drag. Besides, this unique design will help the driver to shift their weight from side to side.

How Can I make the stock seat of my street glide comfortable?

Answer: The most suitable solution to this question is you have to install an aftermarket touring seat which will make the stock seat more comfortable during your bike ride. However, you have to choose an excellent touring seat to get maximum comfort.

Final Verdict

In this independent review and buying guide, we tried to gather all the necessary information in one place just for you. We believe, now you can choose the best option for you when it comes to buying a touring seat for street glide.

Mainly, you have to consider the factors which I mentioned in this article while buying a touring seat because no matter what you should never compromise with the comfort to get a pleasant bike journey.

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Best Touring Seat for Street Glide | Top 7 Reviews 2