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Best Tool Chest Under 500 Dollar Reviews

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Portable TRIANGLE Toolbox

Portable Toolbox


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UltraHD 12-Drawer

UltraHD 12-Drawer


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Ultrahd Rolling Workbench

Rolling Workbench


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Needless you say, a tool chest not only keeps your tools safe but it also means finding your tools at the right place isn’t a lousy job anymore. What’s more? A tool chest comes with the mobility to carry your tools from one place to another.

So, whether you are a handyman, DIY enthusiast or run a repair business, you will appreciate the value of a tool chest to organize your tools (mostly the hand tools).

Well, if you ever believed that buying a tool chest requires shedding off a thousand dollars, that’s not true these days. In fact, spending $500 or less is quite handsome to get a decent tool chest now, provided that you know what are the best tool chest under 500 dollar.

But if you never own a tool chest before it is likely that you will be caught in two minds seeing too many options available.

So, to help you out we have come up with a list of top 10 best tool chests today. We have gone through hours of research and considered users’ feedback before we made our mind to select these affordable and best tool chests.

So, buying one of these will not break your bank account, while giving you a solution to your tool storage problem.

In this article, we will review their key features, and mention pros & cons before we end with a comprehensive buying guide.

Now, without wasting time let’s get into the business.

Top 10 Best Tool Chest Under 500 Dollar Review


Montezuma SM200B Portable TRIANGLE Toolbox

Montezuma SM200B Portable TRIANGLE Toolbox

The brand Montezuma is around for almost 30 years. They have always been committed to innovation and passion for helping the working person the best they can. Their Montezuma – SM200B triangle toolbox is durable as well as portable, you can use it on the go or from the shop as you see fit.

This awesome product is made from high-quality steel, assembled with precision and professionally welded seams. Which makes it a durable, reliable storage unit for your tools.

From the design perspective, this triangle toolbox has a simple design structure, which allows you to access tools easily, and keep them organized.

Another great feature of this product is it has a water-resistant seal. which will help protect your valuable tools against dust and moisture.

The triangular Lid design of this product has a gas spring. When you open the lid it also raises the socket tray so you can access underneath easily. On closing position, it uses a dual pin locking system to keep it shut securely.

Key Features:


Brand                   Montezuma

Dimensions         13 x 22.5 x 14.1 inches

Weight                 45 pounds


Seville Classics-UltraHD12-Drawer Rolling Workbench​

Seville Classics-UltraHD12-Drawer Rolling Workbench

Seville Classics is well known for its Shelving, workbench, airlift and or related parts. They believe in quality products that serve their customers.

All steel construction makes this product a heavy-duty storage unit for your equipment. On top of that maple wood gives it a nice appearance.

The door of this storage unit is made with stainless steel with two key locks. You don’t have to worry about the durability or security as far as the features go.

This beautiful tool box has 12 drawers for all sorts of tools. Every drawer has a 30-pound carrying capacity. So, it’s safe to say you will have ample space for your tools.

Most large toolboxes are meant to be heavy and they lack the option to move easily. But this product comes with 5-inch heavy-duty wheels for your easy navigation.

Another good feature is its balanced weight distribution. For your convenience, the total weight capacity is distributed evenly throughout the unit.

Key Features:


Brand                   Seville Classics

Dimensions        74.5 x 31 x 10 inches

Weight                 278 pounds


Seville Classics Ultrahd Rolling Workbench

Seville Classics Ultrahd Rolling Workbench

The Seville Classics Ultrahd Rolling Workbench (Granite) is another best budget tool chest from their workbench lineup. This product offers a variety of features in terms of low-price points.

This product comes with 2 cabinets with a full-width shelf and 4 adjustable height positions to our likings, which will provide you a wide range of options to manage your tools.

Anti-fingerprint material gives it a slick look day and night. Forget the moping chores you have to do now and then.

This workbench has 11 drawers and 2 cabinets for your equipment small or big. It will have space to accommodate all of it.

It’s a massive storage unit. If you are wondering, It can hold up to 500 lbs. of your tools and equipment.

It has a Stainless-steel push bar on each side. Therefore, when it’s time to move your workbench even when fully loaded with tools, you can rely on those bars for easy navigation.

All the drawers and cabinets are fully lockable for extra security. So, you can have peace of mind all the time knowing your equipment is nice and secure.

Key Features:


Brand                   Seville Classics

Dimensions         77 x 20 x 37.5 inches

Weight                 250 pounds


USAG 002 181 JM Toolbox with Maintenance Tool Kit

USAG 002 181 JM Toolbox with Maintenance Tool Kit

This is a great choice for a small garage or a shop. You can use it even on the move. Relatively small briefcase-like shape gives it a futuristic look. The good thing is it costs less than other similar products on the market.

From a design perspective, It’s a well-thought-out structure. It also comes with a lot of features like compact design, detachable panels, padded design. Appropriate for multi-scenario.

The whole unit is built with aluminium shell and metal reinforcements ensure longer service lifespan.

This product comes with a fairly spacious design and can hold lots of your maintenance tools. There are 3 panels inside, equipped with padded blocking system and elastics to hold your tools securely.

This awesome tool case has a double metal closing hinge with 2 reliable locks. Which ensures rough uses on the work and provides better security for your tools.

You can hold this tool case comfortably by its Handle which comes with plastic grip protection.

Key Features:


Brand                   USAG

Dimensions         21 x 8.4 x 17.6 inches

Weight                 28.7 pounds


Gerstner International GI-T24 Red Oak 11-Drawer Top Chest

Gerstner International GI-T24 Red Oak 11-Drawer Top Chest

This is a classic chest for toolmakers to store their precious tools. also suitable for all sorts of home use. This chest is perfect for multiple usages ranging from moisture free storage of precision hand tools to hobby storage.

This tool box is built on hardwood design. This classic American style chest is made of American red oak hardwood and red oak veneers.

Being a hardwood design, it gives a humid free environment for your valuable tools. This will ensure.

It comes with a green felt-lined interior that provides a proper cushioning for your tools. It also ensures protection from damages that can happen due to accidental slip.

All the exterior hardware is plated with chrome to maximize durability and it also looks classy.

The toolbox provides the most practical use of space, covering the eleven drawers containing 3 full widths, 2 narrows, 6 medium sizes of the compartment. Great for several compartmented storing of craft items like jewellery, watches, stamping and stencil tools. as well as various collectable knives and any other small items that need neat and organized storage.

Key Features:


Brand                  Gerstner

Dimensions        24 x 9.9 x 15.9 inches

Weight                33 pounds


Powerbuilt 26 Inch Portable Slant Front Toolbox

Powerbuilt 26 Inch Portable Slant Front Toolbox

Powerbuilt offers the customer the best of their innovation at the lowest possible price. That doesn’t mean the quality will be low or anything like that. They make sure to present us with the best cheap tool box money can buy.

This product is built on a simple design structure to provide users the best experience. The small form factor makes it portable for any indoor or outdoor jobs.

Powerbuilt offers strength, durability, and quality when you could spend more on other slant front tool boxes at the same or less price.

Built with 16-gauge powder coat steel ensures sturdiness, fully welded seams, and chrome-plated hardware provide you with a tough and attractive finishing touch.

It comes with a weather-resistant seal to protect your tools from getting damaged. You can stay carefree whether your toolbox on the road or in any unfavourable weather condition.

Store up to 154 of the tools you use every day along with fluids, gloves, and other gear. you can also stow your toolbox into your truck, bench, shop or trailer – anywhere you work.

Key Features:


Brand                Powerbuilt

Dimensions      27.8 x 18.5 x 19.2 inches

Weight              84.1 pounds


Sunex 8045BL Professional 5 Drawer Service Cart (Blue)

Sunex 8045BL Professional 5 Drawer Service Cart (Blue)

Sunex 8045 is a service cart type tool carrier. It comes with wheels and additional holders for pry tools and screwdrivers. This is a great option for your home use or a workshop.

This service cart is built with chrome-plated steel frames, ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting life span in mind. This will give you years of service offering storage solutions that accommodate all workplaces.

You will see It has 5 drawers with flip top locking lid for easy access to the tools. You can easily store your everyday equipment without a hassle for sure.

It has 500 pounds of total storage capacity to store all your important equipment in one place.

You will appreciate its full extension roller bearing drawer slides which are super easy to open and will save you some precious time.

Key Features:


Brand              Sunex Tools

Dimensions    31.5 x 19.7 x 31.1 inches

Weight            123.46 pounds


Husky HOUC3603B1QWK 36 in. Rolling Tool Cart

Husky HOUC3603B1QWK 36 in. Rolling Tool Cart

The Husky’s Tool Cart series is designed and built with the best materials and proficiency so that they will last longer.

The storage unit is built with heavy-duty steel and rust-resistant black paint. This extends the life of your unit substantially.

It also comes with solid parawood on top which makes a sturdy work surface that is both practical and stylish.

The large push bar handles and, high-performance 5 x 2 in. casters wheels allow this cart to be easily moved around your workshop or house.

It has 3 50 lbs. capacity drawers with heavy-duty ball-bearing slides. This is a nice addition to your unit and definitely will serve you for a longer period.

Husky made this tool cart to be assembled in minutes with the included bolts and pre-mounted speed nuts.

Key Features:


Brand              Husky

Dimensions   17.2 x 35.7 x 20 inches

Weight            87 pounds


Husky Extra Deep 46 in. 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench

Husky Extra Deep 46 in. 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench

Husky Mobile workbench series offers many flexible options for people like us to get the most out of it. Their product consists of a lot of features that matter and costs far less. Considering all the features, it might be the best tool chest under 500 dollars.

The Build of this awesome workbench is all steel and welded to perfection. This ensures a longer period of service to you.

It comes with 48 in. x 24 in. wood panel on the top which provides an extra work surface for you.

You will have rust protection in this workbench as it has rust-resistant black paint finish.

This storage unit comes with 4 small, 2 medium and 2 large drawers. These also feature a ball-bearing drawer slides system for easy access and convenience.

You can always lock the drawer with a provided key locking system to make sure your drawers are completely closed and secured.

For easy navigation around your workspace, it has 4 wheels 2 of them are stationary.

Key Features:


Brand                   HuskyTools

Dimensions        46 .x 24 inches

Weight                 209 pounds


Goplus 6-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest (Black)

Goplus 6-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest (Black)

This is a 2 piece storage unit with roller cabinet which is ideal for workspaces, garages or anywhere tool management is needed.

Built with high-quality cold-rolled steel to increase durability and longer service time. It also comes with rust protective paint which will make sure you can use it outdoors and keep it clean easily.

This product has a lot of compartments to suit your requirements for different size tools.

The design of this product is innovative. The whole storage cabinet could be separated into 2 boxes, which allows you to use them separately or together according to your needs.

The top drawers are protected via an external locking system to keep your tools from being stolen and ensure your tool safety.

It comes with 4 wheels with brakes and handlebar on the side, that allows you to take quick control. As well as, help keep your unit in place.

Key Features:


Brand                   Goplus

Dimensions         13 x 24.5 x 43.5 inches

Weight                  58.5 pounds

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Tool Chest Under $500

If you never bought a toolbox before, it could be overwhelming at first. However, some guidelines can help you choose the best budget tool box in the market. You should always check these facts before buying.


Steel and Wood are the common build materials of a tool box. If your work consists of heavy equipment and expects to get rough while on the work, always go for heavy materials as in steel structure. Wood is best for storing delicate equipment as well as other equipment.


Remember to consider the size or dimension of a toolbox according to your needs. This could be a small portable for your outside project or you just want it to fit in your truck. Bigger the size the more you will have storage capacity. So yes, size does matter!


Different tool boxes come with different locking mechanisms. which one do you want? It is up to you. If you are carrying valuable equipment and you don’t want them to be stolen. It would be a smart choice to go for the most secure one.

Weather Protection:

Some brands offer outstanding weather through anti-rust coating or simply through better sealing. A great way to keep your tools rust-free. If you regularly work outside, weather protection is a must-have for you.


Bigger toolbox tends to be heavy. If you ever need to move it and if it doesn’t have wheels It would be difficult to navigate. So, for your convenience have good wheels with brakes.

Other Features:

Some box comes with an electric outlet, USB charger, wood top, and various sliding mechanisms. It can also come with anti-slip coating, cushioning for delicate tools, and a detachable compartment. These are all valuable features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which model should I choose?

Answer: That totally depends on your work requirements. Some people choose a small tool storage unit for portability and convenience. Others may choose a bigger one for great storage capacity.

Can the tool chest become rusted?

Answer: Yes, as most of them are made of steel. and steels are more likely to be rusted in humid weather conditions. But Many brands offer various kinds of hybrid steel or anti-rust coating for protection.

Does it come with wheels?

Answer: Yes, large toolboxes have wheels for easy navigation around your workshop.

Final Verdict

A toolbox is a great way to keep all your hardware in one place. Whether it is for your home, garage or workshop, convenience is the key here.

Not every one of us has expertise in these products. It takes time and effort to acquire product knowledge and be confident enough to know that that’s the product you want. Sometimes it’s no easy task. Therefore, throughout my research, I took the time to educate myself with a sceptic mind and found many products that are good and affordable.

Then, I decided to make a list for easy reference and share it with you. So, you can find what you are looking for in this one-stop solution.

Hope this list will be useful in your decision making.

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