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Best Tool Belt for Roofing Epic Review 2021

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ToughBuilt - Handyman Tool Belt Set

ToughBuilt - Handyman Tool Belt


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Bucket Boss Mullet Buster Tool Belt


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CLC Custom Leathercraft I427X Heavy Duty Contractor

Custom Leathercraft I427X Contractor


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While working, Proper arrangement of tools is a big concern. If the job is height related, you need to be determined about your required tool. In this situation, the tool belt is a perfect choice, as it allows you to carry a lot of tools at a time. We have come up with the best tool belt for roofing according to the rules of safety.

The major feature of the tool belt is, it has different types of pockets with different sizes. The included belts are flexible enough to cover up the ultimate range of fitness. Also, the product has a chest adjustable feature to ensure proper binding with the body.

Top 7 Best Tool Belt for Roofing Review


ToughBuilt TB-CT-150-3pc ClipTech Hubs Tool Belt

ToughBuilt TB-CT-150-3pc ClipTech Hubs Tool Belt

ToughBuilt is one of the most renowned brands in the market at the moment. Customer satisfaction is the main target of the developers and they are trying to develop the interface day by day. The product is highly preferable to be used as a roofing pouch.

Wall can be arranged with a little approach and the capacity of the pockets are beyond imagination. They are offering at least 15 pockets of each product. The color management is properly engaged to maintain proper identity. The pouches are also well organized according to customer requirements.

Key Features:


Brand                   ToughBuilt

Dimensions         16 X 16 X 16 Inches

Weight                 3.96 Pounds


Bucket Boss Mullet Buster 3 Bag Tool Belt

Bucket Boss Mullet Buster 3 Bag Tool Belt

If you are looking for a high fitness tool belt then you have the best brand recommendation for the tool belt. The Bucket Boss band has been producing good quality roofing tool bags nowadays. All the features have been properly optimized to work at a distance from the ground.

The bottom line is created with metal to ensure the proper load absorbing situation. In comparison with the other products available in the market, it seems to be consistent with higher capacity.

Key Features:


Brand                  Bucket Boss

Dimensions       31 X 6 X 14 Inches

Weight                5.55 Pounds


Custom Leathercraft I427X Heavy Duty Leather Work Apron

Custom Leathercraft I427X Heavy Duty Leather Work Apron

Are you looking for a leather roofing pouch for your full-time job? Well, you have made the right choice coming here. Custom Leathercraft is one of the best brands that has been manufacturing the product exactly as you want.

The waist capacity is higher than expected. It has a range of twenty-nine to forty-six inches in total. The proper combination of the pockets will help you to adjust the load of the tools.

Key Features:


Brand                Custom Leathercraft

Dimensions      22.75 X 3.75 X 10.25 Inches

Weight              1.9 Pounds


Dickies Work Gear Carpenter's Rig 57023 Tool Belt

Dickies Work Gear Carpenter's Rig 57023 Tool Belt

The cool environment is highly required for those who sweat a lot while working. The Dickies brand has been producing a product that can easily bring the cool condition by the cooling methodology.

The wetness may occur as an interruption and can hamper your work. It has a good mechanism to get rid of that problem. Wasit range is around thirty-two to fifty inches and included with washable features.

Key Features:


Brand                Dickies

Dimensions    14 X 14.5 X 4 Inches

Weight              3.64 Pounds


CustomToolbelt - CatManDo Adjuster Tool Belt

CustomToolbelt - CatManDo Adjuster Tool Belt

If you want to enjoy the nails as a part of some metal then this is the place for you. Say hello to the CustomToolbelt brand and their relentless work. The steel is mainly used as the metal.

The edge area of the handle is being covered with the steel to ensure proper tension taking capability. There are in total sixteen pockets, eight are in the inner section and the other eight are in the outer section.

Key Features:


Brand              CustomToolBelt LLC

Dimensions    16.5 X 15 X 5 Inches

Weight              3.75 Pounds


Bucket Boss - Builder’s Tool Belt

Bucket Boss - Builder’s Tool Belt

The zippers are not seen as every brand. The Bucket Boss comes with the zippers to ensure the tool from getting fallen. The zippers are made of high hardness alloy to maintain outstanding functionality. Practical life working capabilities are also included.

The clothing equipment has a high-density level. That is why the water absorption is quite smooth than the other material available in the market. Attachment hub is quite an important piece of equipment.

Key Features:


Brand               Bucket Boss

Dimensions   23 X 4 X 13 Inches 

Weight            2.15 Pounds


Gatorback Triple Combo Pro-Comfort Tool Belt

Gatorback Triple Combo Pro-Comfort Tool Belt

Would you like to prefer those products having rivet pockets? You don’t need to worry anymore, as we have come up with a discussion about the Gatorback brand. The brand also offers the tool holding features.

The wetness is highly reduced by the air real-time passing process. The sweat is unlikely to be seen on the waist. The stress point of each pocket has been elevated to the ultimate level.

Key Features:


Brand                Contractor Pro

Dimensions      5 X 5 X 0.7 Inches

Weight               5 Pounds

Things to Consider Before Buying Tool Belt for Roofing

There are some fixed reasons to buy this type of equipment. The reason will only occur if you want to increase your working speed. But it is very hard to choose one by one while you are working above the ground. You need to be sure about choosing your tool and for that, you need a tool belt. This is the primary reason but you may find an alternative to this situation. We have described the best tool belt for roofing to guide you in the right direction,

Expansion Tolerance

Stretch bearing ability is one of the main concerns, as the chosen tools may be heavy. The belt and every included pocket should be made hard enough to tolerate the continuous force. If you work above the ground, gravity is a big issue for the tools getting heavier than before.

The continuous force may result in a very bad situation. The worst-case scenario is that the pockets will get torn after tolerating heavy load. So, you need to inspect the quality of the product before buying it. See the feedback of every feature to ensure safe usage.

Belt Length & Capacity

Belt length and capacity are a big concerning issue, as the size is a very important factor. The belt size determines the load distribution capability so that the product may last longer.

The belt size must be adjustable to ensure proper tightness while working on the roof or higher from the ground. The length capacity should be large enough to fit in your waist easily.

Amount of Pouch

The pockets are the main parameter and the only reason to buy this type of equipment. If the tool belt has more pockets, the more tools can be stored easily during a difficult work.

Though a product may contain more than enough pockets, it may still cause a problem. The location of the installed pockets is very essential, as the load distribution is at a higher priority.

Air Refreshing Equipment

The waist will be covered with the tool belt and air circulation is a big issue here. The perfect air consumption may lead to cheerful working experience. The blockage of air may make your waist wet and smelly.

To avoid this situation the mesh structure is very helpful, as it can create a free air passing criterion.

Featured Bottom

The bottom of each pocket is the main part which takes most of the load of the kept tools. To hold perfectly and give additional support to the tools, the bottom has a metal piece. The metal is mostly mild steel or equivalent. It is lighter than iron and provides very good support.

Raw Material

The raw material will tell you how the product will look and how strong it can be. There is only one material which is widely used to manufacture the pockets of the product. Because leather can take extra pressure and load. The belts are mostly made of nylon. It is a very hard material and has high tensile strength.

Clog Distribution

The tool belt is covered around the whole waist. To feel comfortable while working in a difficult situation the load must be adjusted on both sides. It doesn’t matter if the tool is heavy or not, the pressure will be automatically optimized. The metal bar under the pockets also helps to balance the load.

Offered Price

Price is the most important for those who cannot exceed their budget amount. The products that we have mentioned are pretty much highly qualified. The developer is always working to improve the quality. So, think twice before buying any product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many pockets are included with the tool vest?

Answer: The tool belt is only preferred for the number of pockets. Generally, the product will contain at least 10 pockets to cover up the basic tool requirement. But the pocket number varies from brand to brand. The range of the included pockets is around 15 to 23. But higher pockets come with a higher price.

What is the maximum amount of size the tool belt can cover?

Answer: The waist size is the main reason that can influence you to ask this kind of question. Most of the bands produce the product with non-adjustable waist features. But our mentioned product can be adjusted according to your waist size. The range of the applied size is around 27 to 54 inches.

What type of equipment can I carry in the pockets of the tool belt?

Answer: There are types of pockets with different sizes. The sizes are created based on the usual tool measurements. Hammer, cultivator, rake, file, gloves, etc are the common types of tools that can be easily stored in the given pockets. Extraordinary tools like saw and reflective material can be stored also in the pricey products.

Does the tool belt come with a shoulder strap?

Answer: No, the product does not come with a shoulder strap. Let me clear to you that our mentioned product is a tool belt, not a tool vest. The shoulder strap is only included with the tool vest to ensure proper tightness with the chest. But for our product, you need to have tightness in the waist. So there is no relation to strap with a tool belt.

Are the products included with suspenders?

Answer: The maximum number of the product comes with a suspender. It is very essential equipment for those who need to adjust their waist after buying the wrong size of the waist. Some of the products are dedicated sized to maintain product stability. So, always remember this factor while buying.

Are the included pouches removable?

Answer: Yes, the pockets can be removed but according to a particular size. Because the removed pocket cannot be adjusted to the place holder with a different size. Before unmounting the pockets, make sure the place holder is optimized for storage as well as weight. Removable pouch feature is comparatively better than a static situation.

What is the amount of load that a particular pocket can take?

Answer: There is no definite information against this question. As the pockets need to be strong enough to carry a minimal level of load, the basic load can be taken around 2 pounds. But higher costly products offer more load capacity than the others. The maximum rage of load-bearing capacity is around 4.5 to 6.5 pounds.

Final Verdict

As the tool belt is a very important component, the selection of the right one is also essential. There are various brands available around you and it is hard to be determined to choose the perfect one. Because the services provided by the brands are pretty much close to each other.

In every section of our review, we have tried our best to describe the actual circumstances of each product. We had to work hard to find the best tool belt for anyone who usually works above the ground. The mentioned products are also offered at a low cost.

But at the end of the day, it is you who have to decide to choose the required one according to the need. So try to find out which of the features you need to acquire. Inspect the products having extra pockets, adjustable shoulders, flexible belts, etc. Now go, choose your product.

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